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Running late

commission work i did a long time ago for this:…. I hope you like it  ^_^

it's 600 frames and 256 colours cuz i dont care as long as it looks good

Edit: the picture is supposed to be twice the size, but my computer cant render it :/. 
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man this is amazing!! I wish I had the concentration to do this..
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wow this looks great, greetings, here's your watch
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all the colors of lapis lazuli 
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You could have the clouds be more regular so you can safe a lot of frames. The layer for the cloud does not have to actually go the full length from left to right. You could draw one cloud but only 4th the length and perfectly fitting left and right (so it loops perfectly). Then you only need 4th of the frames and maybe your PC can render the size you want to have it =)

But even thought, I really like it. Maybe we should make a collaboration. I would really like that <3
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I love all your pixel art. Its so cute.
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*pixelgasming intensifies*
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really pretty! :D 
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Awesome! Love it! :D
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Thank you :happybounce: 
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this is amazing
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Thank you Heart 
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If you want me to give rendering a shot I wouldn't mind...
I'm pretty sure my PC can handle xD
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Nah it's fine, it looks okay this way ^^. Thanks for the offer though, it's very nice of you.
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