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Mountain motel

Small-ish thing i made for some reason. It's ok i guess, but it feels kind of empty.
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Hi! I saw that this gif was minted and sold as an NFT today 2021-05-23 on hic et nunc on the tezos blockchain. I wanted to make sure that it is legit and minted by the real artist, that would I guess would be you.

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absolutely gorgeous! how do you pick colors that work so well together?
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Friggin amazing :heart:
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I always have trouble giving depth to buildings like this. Looks great.
This short article posted only at the web site is truly good.
hotel reservation sites
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nice! beautiful work !Love 
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beautiful... and som any Spiders,... cute^^
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I like it! Reminds me of the artstyle of Relic Hunters Zero and Broforce mashed together with a dark and gritty almost postapocalyptic feel. Nice work!
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this is awesome
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Creepy but still sleepy 10/10 haha
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Haha that's amazingly well said :D
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Somehow I like the emptiness.
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That's deep :0

Thanks I'm going to say I that i made it empty on purpose now :p
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Buys hotel in the mountains. Fills it with chubby black cats.
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Haha. Yeah that's a pretty good plan ^_^
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i love the contrast of city and nature and they both seem to have the same mysterious feel  that combines them 
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