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Welcome, friend, to the home of Fawnlings! Here you will find everything you need to know about the unique creatures and how you can get one! To get started, read these resources:

| Rules |
| About Fawnlings |
| How to Get a Fawnling |
| Breeding Fawnlings |
| Retired Playable Characters |
| Colours and Patterns |
| Gallery Submissions |
| Bacon Points |
| Tokens |
| Glossary |
| FAQ |

Read all of those? Great! Now, check out each of the three different areas where fawnlings can be used: The Western Isles, Horse Art RPG, and as Original Characters! You'll find the info in the next widgets bellow!

• TWI •

Do you like fictional worlds with in depth history and deeply rooted cultures? Do you enjoy role-playing with new people? Does the idea of fire tossing, water soaking, or fabulous windy haired creatures intrigue you? Then The Western Isles might be the place for you!

| About the Western Isles |
| TWI Map |
| Herds of TWI |
| Renegades |
| Height Chart |
| Creating a Character |
| NPCs |
| Breeding in TWI|
| Skill System |
| Magic |
| Squiffy Magic |
| Special Positions |
| Quests |
| Divine Blessings & Curses |

Check out the boxes below for information on each of the herds featured in TWI! All herds are OPEN, however some herds may have limited creation for certain ranks or character types.

*Blackwood does are closed for free creation.

**Glenmore Royals, Lesser Royals & Princesses are closed for free creation.

• OTYs •

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Each year we celebrate the characters, members and stories that make Fawnlings the incredible group that it is!

Garnet | Doe | Queen by Ettid

Runners Up:

Ava|Doe| Stormbringer by Houdinz Riddick | Stag| Glenmore Crown Prince by templarknight94
Ava & Riddick

MASS RP: Quid Pro QuoFeaturing Dubhán, Drustan, Fenella, King Rafe
Cameos by Dornröschen & Scarlet, mentioning most of Haven & Glenmore

Late Winter, Year 767
Glenmore, Outside Haven


This was it. A year of planning and it culminated in this one moment. King Rafe had chosen his best warriors, and it was a sight to behold as the army marched into the rocky mountain foothills. Dubhán himself, a speck of white in a sea of browns, followed his King at a respectful distance. He was no soldier - he was much too refined for that sort of savag

Haven vs. Glenmore War

Runners Up:

Mature Content

An Unfortunate Encounter by orengel
The Pilgrimage: Mass RP Part 1Linna stood on the surface of the Moonpool, gazing out intently at the gathered fawnlings before her. Her heart was fluttering and her mouth felt dry with the excitement of it all - she could see her daughter, the Moonseer Ravn, her pupil Enne, herd members she did not recognise, more guards and shamans than she had thought possible, and they were all here to join her on the pilgrimage which she had so desired.
Slightly away from the main group were friends and families of the pilgrims, come to see their loved ones off. This would be the last time they saw each other for a season, and Linna could well understand the tears on the faces of some of the parents and children. To go out, above the ground, was almost unheard of for shamans and herd members in these times and there were many who would never have been on the surface themselves. They need not worry. The pilgrims would not come to any harm. Gealach should not allow it, for they were on a pilgrimage to see the god’s light, b

An Unfortunate Encounter and The Oakfern Pilgrimage

Sackcloth and Ashes | LitFeaturing Donnaghán

Autumn, Year 765 of the New Age | Glenmore, Somewhere in the Glenmore Mountains
“You, Kian, you disappoint me the most, for you would have been my chosen heir.”
Rage, pure and simple, flowed.  Gone were the restrictions that he had placed on himself, gone were the rules that the herd had forced upon him.  Here, only emotion ruled and the red exile wore a crown of hurt carved from the twisted thorns of betrayal.  He lunged at the son that he should have taken pride from - the son that, in another life, would have been the Crown Prince of Glenmore.
Donnaghán swung hard and he swung fast, frustration long buried rising in his chest, fully intending to find purchase in the chocolate coat of Nuala’s son.  If he could not take his rage out on her, it would find another victim.  Instead, they found contact from an unexpected direction; his left

Sackcloth and Ashes

Runners Up:

Serendipity - Part IFeaturing Princess Helena and Guardsman Aldrin (NPC)

Mentions of Princess Serenity, Princess Usagi, Lord Dunstan, Rigel, Lord Pietro, Scáth, Odessa,
Oh Captain, my CaptainFeaturing Captain Theon, Captain Aytan, Esmae and Elysia
Late Winter, Year 767 of the New Age
Glenmore, Outside Haven

Theon couldn’t help but let a wicked laugh escape from his mouth, the white of his eyes flashing the cruelty that was happened in front of him. He had been waiting for this day ever since the bastard had run away, fleeing with the does he had wrongfully claimed over the years he had deserved the herd - making everything think he was the one true king of Glenmore. Well, he was wrong… the one true king of Glenmore had just slain the doe coated stag. It was over - Haven had lost their leader, and now they were going to lose their freedom. Order after order the captain barked as he watched the large stone golem charge towards them, throwing whoever or whatever was in his way to the side. The king charged forwards as the light, glowing pelt of one of the princesses came charging forwards, before she too was slain. Sham

Serendipity and Oh Captain, My Captain

Ace | Male | Windborne Nomad by Nix-Tempesedo Flower | Stag | Windborne by Okami-Haru
Ace and Flower

Runners Up:

Alberich | Stag | Glenmore | Lord by DodgerMD Adele | Doe | Glenmore | Princess by rosiegato
Alberich and Adele

Zess l Stag l Silverthorne l Firefighter by Tomaleck Eethna | Doe | Aspiring Firebringer by Rodwendess
Zess and Eethna

Elodi | Stag | Wandering Boy-Proncess by orengel

General Reichenbach The Nefarious | Stag | BW by SmexyHajiSan

Princess Wendigo / Hind / Glenmore / Princess by halloweendonkey

Virtute | Saddle Type Doe | Ultimate Champion by bovidaeloony

Runners Up:

Fire the fly | Stag | HARPG | Champion by Houdinz StEE Endellion - Ultimate Champion by DatNachtmaehre
Fire the Fly & Endellion

Weatherbroke Stables run by BrokenFawnHill
Sidra Tal Ekshor Estate run by @datanachtmaehre

Runners Up:

Stone Hollow Stables run by purpleshadowbooster
Glendon Stables run by SilveringOak

:iconhayleyrpg: & :iconkiller-kame:
HayleyRPG & Killer-Kame

Runners Up:

:iconapplecinna: & :iconbadvibesgenerator:


Rhoda | Doe | Cursed Renegade by Frostwalker

• Resources •

Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLark Autumn Fall leaf - F2U by GentleLark
Year 771 of the New Age
Breeding: Yes
Birthing: No
Antlers: In Antler
Antler by bovidaeloony

Featuring (Link character names of all involved!)
Season, Year ___ of the New Age
Territory, Specific Location on the Map

When submitting anything to the role-play folders, art or text, we ask that you include this form. To back-date images, the current date on the main page corresponds to the current age of your Fawnling:

Have any questions? If you need any clarification, feel free to send a note to the group or comment on a related journal! When sending a note, be sure that your title includes what area the question pertains to. The piggies behind the scenes are always ready to help!

If your question is of a more sensitive sort or you have a matter you want brought up but do not feel comfortable sending it to the whole admin team, we do have some Senior Admins available on rotation for you to message!

Current Rotation:
User & User

• HARPG & OC •

Does the thrill of having a deer-unicorn in your stable draw you? Or maybe it's the fancy tack and elegant shows! If you like life in the spot light, you might enjoy Horse Art Roleplaying Game Fawnlings! These Fawnlings are a little different from TWI Fawnlings. Check out these links!

| HARPG Fawnlings |
| The Championship System |
| HARPG Fawnling Shows |
| Breed Characteristics |
| Classic Type / Saddle Type |

Or, perhaps neither of these drew your interest. Never fear! Fawnlings can also be your own original characters, able to adapt to any environment to suit your role-playing needs! Ready to start your own story? Read up on OCs here!

| OC Fawnlings |
| OC Fawnling Worlds |

• OTMs •

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Every month we open votes to the members to choose who they believe deserves to be featured for that next month! After the votes are tallied, we feature those lovely characters, roleplays and members here!

Vote for your SEPTEMBER OTMs here!

King Sigrunn | Doe | King of Oakfern by BrokenFawnHill

Entr'acte by Killer-Kame

Sound of Silence
Sound of Silence|Filly|HAPRG by SilverEnvy09

Springtime Halter
Springtime Halter by bovidaeloony



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