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Mob Idea - Phorus

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And here's the other tameable mob I came up with. I noticed that with some of my other ideas implemented, there will be a tameable mob for each of the main biomes (Wolves for forest, Ocelots for jungles, Dragonflies for swamps). I plan to make a tameable desert mob soon, but for the plains there's this guy. Someone made a post about Terror Birds on the MC forums, and I was inspired; I used some of my own ideas to keep my take on the concept at least somewhat different.
And yes, the color scheme is based on the Phorusracos from WWD, as is the name ;)

:bulletblue: Alignment: Neutral (tameable)
:bulletblue: Health: 8 (4x :heart:, wild); 20 (10x :heart:, tamed)
:bulletblue: Damage: 5 (2.5x :heart:, wild on all difficulties); 10 (5x :heart:, tamed on all difficulties)
:bulletblue: Spawn: On Grass, in Plains and Extreme Hills biomes
:bulletblue: Drops: 2-4 Feathers
:bulletblue: Experience: 2-4
Faster and fiercer than its canine arch-rival, the Phorus evolved in a distant land, but has since found its way, somehow, to the land of Minecraftia. In contrast to wolves, however, it is generally solitary. Taming a Phorus requires Rotten Flesh, which the birds can digest without ill effects. Wild Phoruses will attack wolves and vice versa; a single wolf will go down quickly, but if a Phorus provokes one wolf amongst a pack, the whole pack will gang up on and easily kill the bird (tamed Phoruses and tamed wolves will keep at least 5 blocks away from each other). Phoruses will also attack any passive mob (with the exception of Villagers).
If you tame a Phorus, it will attack other mobs for you, but better still, you can ride the bird with a saddle, like a pig or a horse. Like a pig, however, you cannot control the bird unless you hold raw beef or raw porkchops on hand. Should that be the case, you can control the bird as though you're walking, including sprinting by double-tapping and jumping with the space bar (by default). A rider on a bird isn't helpless, though - instead of sprinting, right-clicking with the meat causes the bird to strike forward with its beak, like a player's fist, perfect for pecking zombies to death. You can only do this about 16 times before the bird "eats" the meat, though, so be sure to stock up before you fetch that saddle!
A Phorus's health is gauged by the angle of its neck and head. At full health the neck will remain at 60 degrees to the horizontal. For each HP lost, the neck begins to drop by 2 degrees (the neck always swings down 90 degrees when striking). Additionally, the crests of feathers on its head indicate its mode of movement (Free-Roam, Stay, or Follow, represented by partly open, fully folded close to the neck, or fully opened, respectively); they're red when tamed by default, but you can customize them by right-clicking with a dye, like with wolf collars.

Minecraft (c) Mojang
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TheProgrammingHuskyHobbyist Digital Artist
May I add this into my mod?
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SnakeAndDogStudent Traditional Artist
TAMEABLE?? I love it. UwU
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phonophobieHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice one, I would really like to see them ingame and ride them ... and aferwards eat them, they look delicious :D
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
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FawkesTheSkarmoryHobbyist Digital Artist
Funny, I don't remember Chocobos being predatory. I was thinking of the Phorusracos from WWD, actually :XD:
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chocobos are the kings of large birds. Moas and Phorus step away. And yes, they are known to eat smaller animals and attack humans if provoked :D
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FawkesTheSkarmoryHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I see :XD:
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EnderBeast2000Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, Yes you do
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Another excellent idea! And the design is brilliant as well. Though I think that the legs could have a better texture design
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