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Mob Idea - Komodo Dragon

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Finals are done! W00t! So now that I have time for my own shit, I might as well put up some more ideas for various things. For now I have a few Minecraft ideas in mind that I've posted on the forums. This was originally another of dirtminer6's ideas, but he remove it from the original suggestion so I decided to take up and expand the idea. So here, have a giant, carnivorous, venomous lizard. :D

Komodo Dragon
:bulletred: Alignment: Neutral
:bulletred: Health: 16 (8x :heart:)
:bulletred: Damage: Poison Bite - 2 HP+1 sec. Poison (easy), 3 HP+3 sec. Poison (normal), 4 HP+5 sec. Poison (hard)*
:bulletred: Spawn: Forest, Swamp, Jungle
:bulletred: Drops: 1-2 Reptile Skin
:bulletred: Experience: 10

The world's largest lizard makes a formidable addition to the list of Minecraft mobs. While not a true dragon, it's nonetheless a deadly predator with a venomous bite and a nasty temper. It won't bother you if you move as slowly as possible while in a 16-block radius of it (you can actually use the Shift key to sneak past it without much trouble), but if you make a sudden movement, the lizard will react, much like an ocelot - only instead of moving AWAY from you, it will barrel TOWARDS you... mouth-first, of course. As if its venomous bite wasn't enough, it also attacks with alarming speed, biting once per second and generally tearing you to pieces as you flail your sword at it helplessly.
When not devouring players, the Komodo Dragon will attack pigs, sheep, and cows. Its carnivorous tendencies can actually be used to your advantage - if you throw aside a piece of any kind of meat, even Rotten Flesh, the beast will head for the meat instead of you and take 2-3 seconds to eat it, giving you enough time to flee or mount an assault. The Komodo Dragon sometimes makes a hissing sound in its neutral state, which changes to a guttural, gurgling snarl as it charges its prey.

*NOTE: Like Zombies, Komodo Dragons inflict increased damage as their health decreases. Damage increases by 1 HP+1 sec. Poison for every 5 HP lost on all modes except Hard mode, where it increases by 2 HP+2 sec. Poison for every 5 HP lost.

MC Forums post: [link]

Minecraft (c) Mojang
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Could ya give me this for a mod i am making?I also wanted the basilisk too ;)
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Do you know MoCreatures Mod ?
The komodo model used there is pretty good.
You can even ride them.
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I would not like to meet one of these guys XD
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nno3060Hobbyist Digital Artist
..just ike the one from skyfall *flasc back*
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Blueheart101Hobbyist Artist
Loved that movie (and that part).
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nno3060Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe. its my favorite ^^'
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