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Mob Idea - Hurtler

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There's a bunch of stuff in my Sta.sh that needs cleaning up, so I figured it was about time I did that.

I've decided to populate a bunch of different environments with mobs corresponding to the basic types of mob in the default vanilla environment. Naturally, I figured I'd start with the basic hostiles - small, weak, but fast-moving mook (Spider), standard long-range and short-range mooks (Skeleton and Zombie, respectively), and suicidal mook (Creeper). So here's an End answer to the Creeper that isn't an "Ender-something." Hope you like it :)

:bulletpurple: Alignment: Hostile
:bulletpurple: Health: 8 (4x :heart:)
:bulletpurple: Damage: 49 HP (Normal explosion on all difficulties); 97 HP (Charged explosion on all difficulties)
:bulletpurple: Spawn: The End (20 blocks above ground)
:bulletpurple: Drops: 0-2 Gunpowder
:bulletpurple: Experience: 5
Creepers are annoying. That's an undeniable truth. But now they have a cousin from The End - a flying head of destruction that literally dive-bombs you from above.
The Hurtler is about twice as big as a player's head. Like the Ghast and Enderstare, it floats about aimlessly, at least until it spots you. It doesn't "creep" up towards you, however, it turns and hurtles at you like TNT out of a launcher, using gravity and inertia to its advantage. As soon as it hits anything - the ground, another mob, or you - it will explode violently. Its dark coloration makes it hard to spot, but its eyes and mouth glow a bright purple, allowing you a chance of spotting it and shooting it down with your bow before it goes flying. If you're caught in its crosshairs, you also have a moment's warning, a 1- to 2-second bomb whistle (the firework launch sound slowed by half), giving you just enough time to get out of the way.
Infuriating as they are, however, Hurtlers can be advantageous if you know when to run. They can be very helpful in the battle against the Enderdragon if you have Feather-Fall-enchanted boots on. Build your way up to the top of the tower, stand near the crystal at the top, and wait for a Hurtler to pass by, or reel it in with a fishing rod if you dare. Then jump off just as the Hurtler comes crashing down, destroying the crystal and saving you a few wasted arrows. An incoming Enderstare could also be useful if you fight the Enderdragon itself. As the dragon comes barreling your way, lead it over to a Hurtler, then get out of the way! The damage will be focused entirely on the dragon because of its large size, allowing you to finish it off more freely and easily.

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He (Or she) is from The end?La la la la 
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Dear notch!
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But if you can run fast enough, they can be quite useful! Just toss one at the Enderdragon if you don't know what I mean... :D