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Mob Idea - Gator

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I was going to put this up later after I take care of other things... Blame ~FakemonTrainer1 for forcing me to post it sooner :XD:
I used several suggestions of a mob like this on the Forums as a reference for some of the statistics. The design was all me, but I don't like the fact that it uses so many cuboids. Then again, we have horses...

:bulletgreen: Alignment: Neutral
:bulletgreen: Health: 20 (10x :heart:)
:bulletgreen: Damage: 3 (Easy); 4 (Normal); 6 (Hard)
:bulletgreen: Spawn: Swamp (within 30 blocks of water, must have a 5x2 pool or larger to spawn)
:bulletgreen: Drops: 0-1 Reptile Hide (Green or Black), 1-2 Flint
:bulletgreen: Experience: 5
No swamp biome is complete without an alligator to haunt it, and these Gators certainly pack more bite than bark (a punny choice of words, since alligators do look a lot like sunken logs when floating on the water). These carnivorous reptiles will attack virtually anything that comes within range, including other hostile mobs (with the obvious exception of Creepers). They are commonly seen floating idly at the water surface or sunbathing on the shoreline, but provoke a Gator and it will turn to lunge at you with a sudden burst of speed - twice your sprint speed over 16 blocks or so. Once it has you in its jaws, it will back into the nearest body of water and then spin around violently. To break free from this death roll, hit the Gator's snout as much as you can to convince it that you're not an easy target.
Defeating a Gator for its hide is therefore no easy task, but there is a strategy of doing so. The Gator can spot you from twice as far away as other mobs, and it usually won't bother you unless you provoke it. Use an arrow, snowball, or other projectile to draw its attention, then lure the Gator away from the water - it can swim as fast as the player, but can only walk at half the speed of the player by default. You can either continue pelting the gator from a distance, or close in and hack away with a sword, but keep in mind that a sudden lunge can catch you by surprise, so be sure to back away before the reptile launches a surprise counterattack.

Cave Gator
:bulletwhite: Alignment: Hostile
:bulletwhite: Health: 16 (8x :heart:)
:bulletwhite: Damage: 2 (Easy); 2 (Normal); 3 (Hard)
:bulletwhite: Spawn: Cave Gator Spawner only
:bulletwhite: Drops: 0-1 Reptile Hide (White), 1-2 Flint
:bulletwhite: Experience: 5
See what happens when you flush a baby Gator down your toilet? Cave Gators are smaller, but faster and more vicious than their surface relatives, and can spawn in areas with less water. They have their own lair as well, like Cave Spiders - the floor is a pool of water with the spawner on a platform in the middle (the only way Cave Gators can spawn in without the use of a spawn egg).
Cave Gators differ from standard Gators in another way aside from color. If you're above them when they attack, they jump straight up, thrusting themselves out of the water to catch you by surprise! Luckily, you can knock one aside mid-leap with a swing of your sword, and doing so will stun them for a second or two, allowing you to make a quick escape before it recovers.

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MechanicOrgaHobbyist General Artist
Yes, a gator! Minecraft needs Gators. :D They'd prove a challenge when occupying swamp areas. :)
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Great designs, as usual :D

Wait, :iconfakemontrainer1: made you do this? I shall have words...
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Nice way to work in Albinos :3