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Paper Mario's Farewell

Based on the scene in Paper Jam right before Paper Mario returns to his world in the book.
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Mario: I hope we'll see each other again, Paper Mario.

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I can imagine the dialogue between them going like this:

Mario: Well, Paper Mario... It's-a been a blast.
Paper Mario: I had-a fun, too!
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Mario: *Italian gibberish*
Paper Mario: *nods and waves*

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i dont even paly the game,i just played the beggining and thats it,left for like 6 months
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This is my favorite scene in the game:)
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Saddest part of the game. Don't worry, they'll meet again.
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If this is an RIP Paper Mario're missing the point.
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It's based on the ending of paper jam, read the description.
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I wonder if they'll make a continuation of this game in the future. I've already thought of something they could do...

So, you know how they say they'll see each other again someday? Well, what if, eventually, this weird demon thing tries to take over the kingdom (similar to Cackletta, Princess Shroob, etc.) and it seems hopeless? Well, that's when Luigi gets an idea and runs to the castle, finds his way to the cellar, and finds Paper Mario's book. Then, he unleashes the kingdom once again, and then everyone prepares to help defeat the monster, and defeats it. After that, they celebrate and spend time catching up on things (I guess). Then, the paper characters have to return home, but not before telling the three-dimensional characters that they can open the book and unleash them whenever they want, even if it is just to visit. Finally, that's when Paper Mario becomes a character all of his own (kinda like Metal Mario, but in a less stupid scenario) and appears in spinoff games. 😁

If you read that, you get a pet koala! 🐨
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R.I.P Paper Mario
Died after Sticker Star because of how bad it was
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True, the plotline was great, but the gameplay itself SUUUUUUUUCKED!!! 😡
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True on that.  

Curse those Nintendo game developers.
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This Cutscene Remind me Of Sonic Generations.
Get it.
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Except they're shaking hands and not hi-fiving.
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Paper Mario feels no pain
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mario's m isn't black anymore
i love paper marioooo that is amazing :D cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet 
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This scene was touching :(
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It's sad. Hopefully they'll meet again. 
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Since we never seen Paper Bowser Junior and Paper Kamek go back...
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There might be a squeal
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