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Next Time

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will be Waluigi time?

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Shovel Knight: Remember Waluigi, we may be assist trophies, but we can still fight.

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My boi waluigi

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DerJCHobbyist General Artist
Waaa... aah...
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This Waluigi is truly cold and broken.
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LadyCobblepotHobbyist General Artist
This kills me. Waluigi is one of my favorite characters. How can they be so cruel?
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CatcupcakeHobbyist General Artist
We still got time between now and December, so don't lose hope just yet!
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No, we have all the time in the world. They could update him.
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Nintendo: Get a main game then we'll talk.
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Here guys who need be In SSB
Magolor ( kirby)
Another pokemon like: Piplup
Midna (Zelda)
Paper mario and partners
 Here guys who need delete!
Duck hunt
Wii fit trener
HI IM DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PokemonNerd98Hobbyist Digital Artist
You mean Yellow Peach?
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Daisy is really a new smash fighter!
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The-NintendudeHobbyist Interface Designer
This, is incredible
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hey waluigi is not to bad for you the boss say
is real reason you cannot fight you are hero piece of the boss.
dont blame.;) (Wink) 
poor waluigi
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And while Waluigi wont join the frontlines yet....here i am, still waiting for King K Rool to even make an appearance as a trophy. At least on the bright side Waluigi will befriend Bomberman, so he doesnt feel so alone.
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King K. Rool made the cut as a fighter.
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Inform all the fans out there they need to stop with this meme, its getting out of hand and sakurai has been harassed by very violent fanatics that are just cruel for the sake of it, i was kinda disappointed too but i what hoping people could be civil about this issue...Waluigis chances of being a proper character in smash have just dropped to infantasmal levels and its because people are taking this joke way too seriously
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PokeLover1993Hobbyist Digital Artist
We’re not joking that we want Waluigi in smash.

anyway, yeah people need to calm down. I love the support he’s getting, but that is not the way to go about it.
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Fawfulthegreat64Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't condone the harassing behavior, and I'm ashamed fellow Waluigi fans are stooping that low :/
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brown-dash47Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the representatives perfectly <:,(
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KarateToadHobbyist Digital Artist
(Wario pats Waluigi in the shoulder, feeling bad for him.)
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DarkPlaceHospitalPLCHobbyist General Artist
To think the Washington Post has been discussing this!
Having said that I think its a valid point about the use of social media to bully and humiliate others, and the dangers of 'othering' people as the first stage of dehumanization - even if in this case of a virtual character.
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RedStarMaster7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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