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My Bio

Hello. I'm Fawfulthegreat64. I do mostly Mario series art. I'm a trans female, questioning nonbinary. I use she/her pronouns but I also accept they/them.

Here's a list of my fandoms and opinions on them.

---Mario Franchise---

Mario is by far my most dedicated fandom. My favorite game is Super Paper Mario, and my favorite characters are Fawful, Dimentio, Count Bleck and many others from the RPGs. Of the main series cast my favorites are the Mario Bros., Bowser, Peach, Wario and Waluigi (if he counts). My least favorite character is Toad (both the 'character' and generic members of the species, which the character is basically). I hold a great disdain for Paper Mario: Sticker Star and all its influence on future Mario RPGs. Story and original characters should not be removed from these games, they are part of what defines them as my favorite series ever. This shows even in Color Splash with Huey being by far the best thing about that game, proving they can still create good characters for the series but refuse to make more than one per game. The Origami King turned out to be the first game I like overall since SPM, but it was still held back by unnecessary and destructive restrictions. "No longer possible" this and "Since Paper Mario: Sticker Star" that. It was a good game DESPITE all these backwards decisions, not because of them. Thus it still doesn't come close to being a fourth classic entry, which is my true desire.

I'm also a VERY strong supporter of Mario RPG characters in the general Mario series. I'm tired of them always being one-offs/limited to a few games and not even referenced in other games. They barely get merchandising, are never considered as selectable Mario Kart players, etc. So that's another thing you should know about me, I will NEVER approve the segregation the Mario series is currently employing between the main Mario cast and the characters introduced in the RPGs.

I guess I'll list Mario-related pairings I support. Some are a bit out there. Blumiere x Timpani (canon), Peach x Mimi, O'Chunks x Nastasia, Mario x Vivian, Luigi x Peasley, Pauline X Peach, and Dimentio X the cold dead waters of the River Twygz

However none compare to the hottest ship of all:

Hot Ship

---Side fandoms---

The Brave Little Toaster: Rediscovered this in 2015 after forgetting its existence since childhood [or rather it being one of many things my parents forced me to 'grow out of']. I love this movie and yes, I also love the sequels. Everything about these movies is nostalgic to me so you'll occasionally see art from them here.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Watched so much of it as a kid, another big source of nostalgia. I don't draw content as much though since there's so much art of it already out there. Favorite episode is Band Geeks, used to be Rock Bottom but Band Geeks is on a whole other level of amazing. The first two movies are great, the third one is meh (love the Secret to the Formula song tho). The original movie will always be the best, and i MAY have a crush on Mindy

Wreck-it Ralph: Best movie I've seen this decade. I love the plot, the characters (especially King Candy/Turbo), and the expressive animation. The sequel was really disappointing.

Despicable Me: I know these movies have quite a controversial reputation because of the Minions, but I like them mostly for the other characters like Gru (you know, the actual protagonist). Minions are nothing special so I understand why their immense pandering is annoying, but I just wish they'd make more merchandise and market the other characters from these movies more.

The Lorax: I loved the original short and book as a kid, and the memes based around the 2012 movie brought me back to it. Then I saw the movie and liked it too. They're pretty different but I don't think the movie is terrible. Nostalgia still puts the original above it probably though.

*side note: Illumination is making a Mario movie and let me just say. Since I don't have the same hate boner for Illumination others do I'm not so concerned about that. I just hope potential sequels don't stay firmly in the main series since that would just be Bowser kidnapping Peach repeatedly which seems boring to keep repeating for movies. I hope instead we get some sweet RPG adaptations, particularly the ones from the 2000s please. Fawful and Dimentio on the big screen would be *chef's kiss*

"Guilty Pleasures:" I have a history of liking animated movies that have mostly bad/unfavorable reviews. Examples (other than Illumination movies and the two Brave Little Toaster sequels) are A Troll in Central Park and Tom and Jerry: The Movie. So as you would guess, I consider them underrated.

*New* The Owl House: I started watching this show last year during the mid-season 2 hiatus. Binged all the way from the beginning to season 2 episode 10. The indefinite hiatus hit me like a truck. But I love the story of this show, I am very invested in it. So you MAY see spoilers on my profile lol. And yes Lumity was the thing that put the show on my radar, i was very excited to watch an animated show where two main female characters date, we've come a long way with representation and that makes me happy.

Visit my Youtube channel where I do gaming and miscellaneous videos whenever I'm not slacking: www.youtube.com/fawfulthegreat…

You can also find some of my art on Tumblr: fawfulthegreat64.tumblr.com/

***Due to New Deviantart's incompatibility with the stamps & buttons in my bio, they've been relocated to their own sections, however I was not able to arrange them as compactly as before, again because DeviantArt is no longer designed to allow that. So much for intuitive design...

However, any stamp that broke either due to the uploader deleting it, deactivating or making it unviewable as a guest, I've mirrored in my stash so they display properly for everyone.***


I usually sort favorites from other artists into folders. The basic Favorites folder is usually only added to when I'm favoriting things in a hurry and accidentally miss categorizing something. Otherwise, I have folders for Mario, Brave Little Toaster, SpongeBob, Wreck-it Ralph, and art featuring my mascot (Fawful in a purple tux and top hat). Anything else goes to the Misc Favorites folder. Do be warned that I occasionally favorite NSFW content (and lately have been considering drawing said content as well, so make use of mature filters if you don't like that stuff please)

Favourite Visual Artist
Masanori Sato (artist for the Mario & Luigi series and some art for PM:TTYD)
Favourite Movies
The Brave Little Toaster series, Wreck-it Ralph, Despicable Me series, The Lorax, first two SpongeBob movies, A Troll in Central Park, The Lion King, Monsters Inc., Coco, Toy Story series, Short Circuit 1+2, Tom & Jerry The Movie, and more
Favourite TV Shows
SpongeBob SquarePants, The Owl House, A Series of Unfortunate Events
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Parry Gripp, composers for my favorite games (notably Yoko Shimomura)
Favourite Games
Almost everything Mario, especially the Mario & Luigi series (first 4, including remakes) and Paper Mario series (ONLY the first 3, Origami King too but not on the same level as the original trilogy)
Favourite Gaming Platform
All Nintendo consoles~
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender
Other Interests
Food, Politics (extremely liberal)


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Transgender Stamp
Bisexual stamp
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PN: I Prefer She/They Pronouns V.2
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SPM stamp.
Mario RPG series stamp
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Anti-Paper Mario Sticker Star Stamp
R.I.P Satoru Iwata
Fawful for Mario Kart 8 Stamp
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Super Paper Mario stamp by Chivi-chivik
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Nothing else to do.
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Patrick loves you
I Prefer Bowser as a Side Villain Stamp
Kids' stories can still be dark stamp
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Brave Little Toaster sequels are Underrated stamp
Brave Little Toaster stamp
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Wreck It Ralph:  Ralph Stamp
King Candy
it's turbo-time
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[Comm.] Blumiere X Timpani stamp
[Comm.] Mario X Vivian Stamp
peach x pauline stamp [super mario bros]
[Comm.] Princess Peach X Mimi Stamp
   Lueasley Stamp    By Mshoshi Dbpmnjf-fullview
.~Request: PeachxPauline stamp~.
Luigi x Peasley stamp
Barney and The Backyard Gang Stamp
Ugly barnacle stamp
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.~Super Mario Maker Stamp~.
Short Circuit
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Gru's Evil Plan Stamp
A Gru-some Plan
Stamp - Mario - SPM
Stamp - Luigi - SPM
Stamp - Mr L - SPM
Stamp - Bowser - SPM
Stamp - Princess Peach - SPM
Stamp - Mimi - SPM
Stamp - O'chunks - SPM
Stamp - Nastasia - SPM
Stamp - Dimentio - SPM
Stamp - Tippi - SPM
Stamp - Count Bleck - SPM
Burgers Stamp By Mintaka Tk-dbxoawi
I've got a video analysis of the Bowser's Inside Story DX Japanese website dropping tomorrow at noon EST, if anyone's interested.  
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I'm now officially a Daisalina shipper. Both Mareach and Luaisy are now added to my list of hated pairings.

Do you have any opinions on "Thumbelina (1994)"?

I see that Daisy is one of your least favourite Mario characters, but it's totally OK with me if you dislike her.

She's honestly not as hated as she used to be. I'm fine with her, but she's not one of my favorites. I just dislike her fanbase (not all of them but the annoying ones)

Hello! Do you remember this art (not mine):

Super Princess Peach Ending