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Act Zero
Act Zero
Alone, With Ed.
Scene 1
*Getting coffee.*
*'She likes those.  Why am I here; I don't really like coffee... must be a habit.'*
'Is that all?'
*'Yeah, thats all.'*
Scene 2
Ghetto defiant.  Ed's house never was very clean, but then again she always was.
Shes still asleep it's eleven
Hey, hey sorry I was asleep man come inside.
*Alright, but you sleep to much, and you probably eat too much to.  Yeah I know you do.*
'Thanks for the drink set on the night stand, ok?  I'm tired...'
*At Ed's house, next to her, she's asleep again I think.*
This Is'nt so bad...
It's warm though.
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Act 1
Act 1
Hey Remember That Time?
Scene 1
*At school alone, lunch hour.*
Kurt and Elaine are happy and he holds the center of attention...
*standing in line for food, staring at elaine*
Drugs, party scene, still in the center
Elaine leaves for home; up the stairs she settles deborah who sleeps, she goes  out the door and locks the door behind her staring at the key.
*At Ed's house not able to sleep*
Elaine gets coffee and heads over, she opens the door, sittuates Deborah and starts to make breakfast, she finishes a plate for Deborah, then Kurt, she calls him no answer, she grabs the plate goes to the basement to find Kurt alone.  She drops the plate, he's not the center of anything anymore.
*Rain the four stand alone, alone*
*'I loved both of you'-Elaine.  Elaine leaves*
*Alone, life goes on*
:iconfauxsoul:fauxsoul 0 0
about self hate.
I swear that you dont know,
I swear that you tell me so.
You're horrid;
sick sad hate like some disease!
[bridge 1][pitch change, slight speed increase]
I'm glad you tell me so,
I'm glad you let me know.
It's how I keep myself high
with its hate.
So sad cause I just don't know'
so sad wont you tell me so,
so sad wont you give me you're disease.
Please just tell me im wrong,
just tell me I suck,
just tell me you fuck I'm dead.
[bridge2][slow speed]
And I'm so dead,
I'm so numb like space trapeze,
it's so dead.
[strum,strum,strum,strum, heavy drum pops]
In the end it all,
i love you.
:iconfauxsoul:fauxsoul 0 13
There once was a man from Nantucket, this man you see despises ramen, he above all lead the anti-ramen revolution. Thousands of poor noodle bricks were separated only to be thrown into the viscous pit. He hath slain the ramen with no remorse 'til alas fate shown down 'pon him. She came dressed in the finest of spices and seasons. So long and tender was her shape it brought with it the affect of idolism. How he would love to murder this one he though looking down eyes pressed 'gainst her golden stands. What, what has struck me, he thought to himself, what is this rite i feel i must endure? Hunger, not only in the mind but also it lay in the pit of his soul, his mere essence. The pit again it would seem and indeed it was so, but wait this in not the viscous pit or purgatory which called itself "Grbg Cn", french perhaps. No this was a boiling pit as made for the withered dehydrated bodies of the lavish. The body became moreso and moreso tenderized. Moreso and moreso edible. Moreso desirab
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Nothing Extravagant.
so warm and cold.
your hate it feeds me.
envelope mind.
you envelope mine.
your very breath
is my very death.
shall we test?
breath child.
take it all in
let me all out.
defuse me, yet
implode my heart
strike me through
nothing for yourself?
do it for me.
how ignorant.
i pray take no offense.
:iconfauxsoul:fauxsoul 1 2
Am I So?
am i so?
so fucking inconclusive
so fucking impermissive
so fucking out of me
you're lies
you're hate
you're everything to me
out with the hate
out with the anger lies and fate
oh misery i know you well
so over rated
clinging like ive lost appeal
you seem like all ive got to steal
this just isnt right
:iconfauxsoul:fauxsoul 1 3
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Was check out the new stuff i submitted i just really want some input   

act zero
act one
and the logos I just put up.


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