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W e l c o m e !

:new: Fauxiions are now an OPEN Species by The-Star-Hunter! You are now able to take full control of your Fauxiion's design and use any traits (including restricted), as well as make up your own! However, certain rules + group rules still apply.


:bulletpink: Group Rules :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: General Rules :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Trait Sheets + Design Guidelines :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Questions and Answers :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Fauxiion Lore :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: Masterlist :bulletpink:


This group and species is currently a big ol' WIP, but you are free to join, with or without owning a Fauxiion!

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Okay guys, gals, nonbinary pals; time to announce the 2 lucky winners of the 'Build-A-Faux' design contest! :D Choosing just 2 was a tough challenge, as all of the Fauxiion designs you guys submitted were so beautiful and high quality-- plus, there were sooo many to pick from...! * o *
To help me choose the winners, I enlisted the help of The Giga Chad Dorifuto to help me pick out the 2 winners who'd triumphed over'em all!
So, without further ado:

.: THE WINNERS :.1st Place: cupcakewarpHer entry:

Easter Fauxiion (Build-A-Fauxiion)

As the first-place winner, you will receive a fullbody chibi of the Fauxiion you designed (Examples: 1, 2, 3), receive 1000 :points: and, lastly, will be given the Easter-themed Fauxiion shown on the right of this picture~! (The Fauxiion will be sent to you via toyhouse)

2nd Place: NoniiNiseTheir entry:

[Fauxiion] Easter Fairy Kei

As the 2nd-place winner, you will receive a chibi headshot of the Fauxiion you designed, and will also receive 500 :points: !

- - -Be sure to give lots of love to the rest of the Fauxiions others have designed, as well!

I didn't think so many people would join in, wowee~! It was great seeing you guys unleashing all of your creativity for this event. :love:

~ Thank you all for joining the second ever Fauxevent! ~

...and keep your eyes peeled for the next event... 👀 👀 👀 👀
Fauxiions are an Open species by The-Star-Hunter
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