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Serifaes: Minerva Registration by Faux-Storm Serifaes: Minerva Registration by Faux-Storm
I REALLY MEANT TO GET THIS DONE EARLIER but ive been rlly busy and focused on finishing some other art, but im doing better with my time management lately (sorta...) so even if im a little slow, I should be able to participate!!


- Name: Minerva
- Pronouns: They/Them
- Phase: Aeon
- Current residence: Corinth - Manafield
- Personality: A valiant serifae with a strong sense of justice and honor. They're a quick learner, but they can be a bit boastful and vain.

Valiant - Minerva has a strong sense of justice, and oftentimes, the strength and cleverness to carry it out. They're quickwitted and prefer to talk their way out of a situation than actually fight, but despite being a mage, they have more than enough strength to win a simple brawl. The reality of actual battle with trained warriors and mages tends to scare them a little, but they're determined to keep going despite it.

Boastful - Minerva tends to boast a bit. Sometimes it's merely confidence showing itself in a story of what they've been through, but other times it's outright boasting about what they've seen and done, holding it over others heads like a prize they've won. They tend not to realise they're doing it, and honestly don't mean any malicious intent, but it can hurt others all the same.

Vain - Minerva loves their appearance and thinks they are very beautiful, and tend to be rude to others who disagree. At the same time, they tend to also believe that most others are quite beautiful and have worth, regardless of who they are and what they've been through. They're the kind of person to preen for hours, but they also think everyone else should as well, because they're all just as beautiful and worthy of such care.

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