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Miss Peregrine 2

I saw the book in a bookstore and decided to buy it, because I like to collect old pictures as its author. I read it and I liked it.
Imagine my surprise when I heard that Daddy Tim going to do a film adaptation with the actress that most inspires me. I don't know if it's going to be a good movie, but is Tim Burton, and Eva, and a super entertaining book. So, of course, I'll love this movie, I know. 
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Sep 9, 2016, 1:36:32 AM
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I saw the film, maybe twice TRYING to understand it...

You'll have to pay me $100 to watch it again. It deeply violated my sense of logic & sense.

I also want no more of such a bewildering series.

Even Harry Potter made more sense...

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Harry Potter makes so much sense, you don't need to compare it to anything.

As for the Miss Peregrine saga, it's more understandable when you read the books.

While Tim Burton has a particular place in my heart because I grew up watching his movies, this was a pretty poor adaptation. Maybe it works as a separate movie from the book series.

But at least it's very aesthetic and entertaining.

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This is really gorgeous!
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Thank you dear ♥
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Love everything about it :love: Can't wait to hit the cinema!
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Me too! Just a few months!
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Few months? Does the premiere have some delays in your country? :(
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sorry I wanted to say days! september 30th
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Oh I see, haha! I was quite shocked when you said months though I presumed this might be just a mistake :D Yesss, I want to go see this so bad... just few weeks more!
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Fantastic work! :D Love the details :heart:

She almost looks kinda evil in this pic, not that I mind that ;)
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Hahaha Her beauty is naturally evil I guess!
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Well said XD She does have a rather "witchy" look to her, all the time :heart:
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Heart Heart I need more movies or shows wit her,soon!
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