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Very melon!
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Fashion Zombie


Fashion Zombie

“Cockadoodledo!!!” The rooster strapped on her back started screaming. Again. A hand on the open beak, closing it abruptly. “Silence, grown up featherball!” A single eye, staring at the bird with glaring dissent. Cold sweat on the rooster's forehead, streaming between the feathers, his powerful voice fading to a terrorized whisper. How he ended up in that situation was still a mystery to him – or it would have been, if roosters pondered on existential questions, instead of hunting worms and courting chickens all day. One minute sooner, he was resting on his perch, waiting for the dawn to break. One minute later, he was duct-taped on the back of a one-eyed bald girl's yellow Vespa. A bald girl standing in front of him, with a huge, menacing mace in her grip. “You aren't supposed to start singing yet! Stay quiet and wait for my signal!” The rooster's eyes widened, he nodded without hesitation. Ordinary farmyard birds were generally thought incapable of understanding human speech,

Special Delivery


Special Delivery

“That mace! Going out for a gig, Oni?” Oni rolled her eye. Of all the people she could have wanted to meet before a delivery, Monsieur Punaise was probably the second to last. And she wasn't even sure of who the last was, though she might have had some ideas. In front of her, the revolting face of an overgrown, two meters tall, sentient bedbug was staring at her, while using two of his arms to keep a fashion magazine open. The top titles were all about the new mid-winter clothing line by Rebekka Von Krukrukru, which – apparently – was taking the world by storm. Why a bedbug could be interested in humanoid fashion, was a mystery to her. “As usual, Monsieur Punaise. You know, I have to pay for my rent...” Her single eye narrowed down to a slit, focusing on the disgusting insect. “... especially after your children forced me to find another, more expensive flat.” The bug emitted a weird, rhythmic sound that, with enough imagination, could have been interpreted as a muffled



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Si-Nister Digital Artist
Joyeux anniversaire :) .
Si-Nister Digital Artist
Avec plaisir :) .

Content de voir que tu es toujours sur DA x) .
J'y passe super rarement, pour être honnête, je passe plus par nostalgie que pour vraiment utiliser le site maintenant. Je suis à 100% sur twitter maintenant !
twitter.com/VonKrukru si t'as un compte et que tu veux rester en contact !
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allmagienceProfessional General Artist
Lut et merci pour le watch!
Et je vois au "very melon" que tu es un homme de culture toi aussi.
Les gens de bon gout qui reconnaissent cette référence ont une place spéciale dans mon cœur. 
DOAPersonafan123Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch.:D