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Filly Fluttershy 2.0 (Model DL)



I decided to make a more accurate Filly Fluttershy model using some pieces out there. It's not 100% accurate, but it's the closest I can get at the moment.

The front half of the mane comes from, fittingly enough, Rainbow Rocks Fluttershy by :iconfluttershy-ek:
The back half of the mane comes from Starlight Glimmer S6 by :iconjdash42:
The tail is from Prince Blueblood V2 by Tyraka628 (Deactivated account, but credit where credit's due.)
I decided the body from :iconsfmaniac:'s Filly Sized Mane 6 pack fit the canon version of Fluttershy better than the standard foal body. Though I replaced the wings with proper foal sized ones.

Should be Gmod compatible.
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Aww she so cute for Filly Fluttershy Model