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Equal Town Ponies (SFM GMOD DL-EDITED)



Welcome, to Our Town!

Here they are, folks! The equal ponies! This was a collaboration among me and several other modelers over the past couple months, and I'm happy to say it's finally ready for release!

From left to right, we have Cool Beans, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond, Bacon Braids, Party Favor, and Night Glider. STARLIGHT NOT INCLUDED.

The male manes and tails were made by :iconbeardeddoomguy:.
The female bangs, straight mane, bun, and tail were made by me.
The female braids were made by :icondazzion:
The clothes were made by :icondracagon:
Models were compiled by :iconstefano96:

Awesome! We've been featured on Equestria Daily!…

Edit: Gave Party Favor his horn back.
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Are there versions where they’re their normal selves?