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It's Time for a new Contest
This time, the Contest is a Crossover Battle "Deadpool vs Midnight Sparkle".
like for example:


You can draw Deadpool vs. Midnight Sparkle but don't copy mine.No Death Battle PicturesYou can use SFM or Garry's Mod in this contest, But no 3D or 2D Pony CreatorYou can do Photoshop effects on your Gmod or SFM Pics or Vectors.Don't Use Spikepool/ Spike Deadpool
In case you guys use Gmod or SFM I have the links to the Models here =>  Model By: Sindroom , Models by: MARK2580 and also if you wanna use the pony version of Deadpool Here   Model by mRcracer
Deadline: August 27th, 2016
Good Luck to All Deadpool - Bye 
:iconaustin624fan:Austin624fan 3 10
Update on the Contest
Hey Guys, Austin624fan here and giving a Update on the Midnight Sparkle vs. Deadpool Contest.
We have found a Midnight Sparkle (Pony Form) Model made by :Iconnatorni: to use in this contest, Thank you so much.
Rules (Updated)
You can draw Deadpool vs. Midnight Sparkle but don't copy mine.No Death Battle PicturesYou can use SFM or Garry's Mod in this contest, But no 3D or 2D Pony CreatorYou can do Photoshop effects on your Gmod or SFM Pics or Vectors.Don't Use Spikepool/ Spike DeadpoolYou can put Bob: Agent of Hydra, Cable (Nathan Summers) or anyone you want as Cameo Characters in your Drawings if you want, your choiceHuman form Battles or Pony Form Battles are okay.
First place prize: A Stamp of your OC made by Me
Deadline: "August 27th, 2016" 
Previous Journal: 
:iconaustin624fan:Austin624fan 1 2
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Fauna Joy
United States
If you use any of my pieces, please let me know. I would LOVE to see what you do with them!



Celestia's Mane


Twilight's Immortality

Cutie Marks

Rock Farms


Everfree Forest Magic

Equestria Girls Magic

Party Pony Magic

Why Can't Scootaloo Fly?


Why Does Spike Constantly Cause the Problems To Be Solved In His Episodes?

Why Are The Wonderbolts So Ineffective?

The Cutie Re-Mark: Sunset Shimmer Conquering Equestria

Pony World Weather: What Would Happen If Ponies Went Extinct?

Where Is Ponyville's Librarian?

Examining Dog Spike's Ability To Talk.

Examining Celestia's Premonitions and How They Work.

Has The Everfree Forest Lost Its Punch?

The Unicorn 5, and Why They're Alternate Element Bearers.


Mental Breaks

Mental Health


How are Equestria and the Human world connected?

The Equal Town Cult.

Darker marks and the implications behind them.

How the previous generations fit into the FIM canon.

Why do the Ponies have saddles if humans never existed?

Are the ponies aware of the musical numbers?

How in the hoof do pony hooves work?

Why does Rara's Cutie Mark shine?

How does an attack with Friendship/Harmony magic work?

Why does Spike's adult form look different the two times we see it?

The Mane 6's Cutie Marks in the alternate timelines of "The Cutie Re-Mark".

Why do ponies raise livestock like pigs?

Why did Twilight's Alicorn Magic turn dark when changing the potion?
Faunalyzing Show Ideas
This is my list of show ideas that I've come up with for my Faunalyzing show. I've put this up here because while I already have quite a few ideas myself, I'd love to hear ideas you guys can come up with.

Completed has the episodes I've finished and released to Youtube, and link to the corresponding videos.

Scripted has the ideas I've written a script for, but I welcome comments and suggestions on them. The one at the top of this section is the next up on the show, so be warned that while you may have an idea for something at the top of the section, it's unlikely it will make it into the episode if I like it.

Unwritten has the ideas that I've thought of and want to expand on, but haven't had the chance to write a script for. These are the ones I definitely want to hear your opinions on, and is the place where I'll put any other ideas you guys put forth.

Special has episodes with topics that I might want to release outside the numbered episodes I've written scripts for, such as during months honoring certain subjects I feel the need to speak about.

Watching Cesar 911 out of morbid curiosity. Less than 1 minute after he starts handling the dog I'm screaming "NO! WTF ARE YOU THINKING!?"

I can tell immediately what the problem is when hearing the family's testimony, she's fear reactive. She's never really grown out of that fear stage from four months old. She's terrified of damn near everything around her, even her family.

He's calling her 'insecure' and in need of self-esteem. WTF does that even mean? He's also talking about 'energy', 'assertiveness', and being 'dominant'. Literally all that is is body language. The family were afraid of her, so she was afraid back.

He also forces other dogs on her, bringing her into a huge group (he calls it a 'pack') of dogs who force her into play, then forces her to do things she doesn't want to do with little to no reward other than pets and reassurance. This is nothing but pure trauma for the poor pup.

After a few days, the dog is doing better around Cesar and his dogs, but when the family come back, they're afraid and she starts showing that same old fear response, and pushing forward even when the dog's showing her teeth. It's infuriating, and he's risking the health and safety of the family's daughter first.

I'm not going to watch past the first episode. I wanted to see if maybe, by any stretch of the imagination I might have been wrong about him, but no. He is a terrible trainer, he has no idea how to read dogs, and he is putting people in danger training the way he does.

Questions I constantly get at the dog shelter I volunteer at:

"When do you bring new dogs out?" (Usually when there have been a lot of adoptions and most kennels are empty.)

"Do you have any puppies?"

"Why are those dogs back there?" (Referring to the "Staff Only" area.)

"Is he/she good with other animals?"

Look, I understand you're looking for just the right pup your family will love forever, but this is a SHELTER, not a store. We have the dogs we have when we have them. We almost never have details about their personalities, and dogs are in the back area for many reasons. All you really need to know is that they're not up for adoption.

Of course, I'm diplomatic about all this when talking to people at the shelter, give them the best info I can, but still. It irritates me when people treat adopting a pet like shopping for groceries. These are living, feeling beings. Treat them as such.

Filly Tempest (DL-updated)
Filly Tempest is here!

The model is both versions of her, before and after the Ursa attack. Modeled off the Pointy Pony images of her from the movie.

Custom mane, tail, and broken horn.
Custom mane and tail jiggles.

Thank you to :icondj-chopin: for the preview image!

Filly base by :iconaeridiccore:

Update: Thank you, :icondracagon: for help in fixing some wonky horn verts.
I've been thinking about starting a Ko-Fi for my DA and Youtube channel. I really don't have much to offer varying tiers of Patreon patrons, so that wouldn't work very well for me, but I'm thinking Ko-Fi is pretty much in my wheelhouse.

But I wouldn't start it up until I'm absolutely sure my computer's done with trips to the Warranty folks. Yep, it's going back. Something's up with the memory. So here we go again. I have a plan set in place for getting requests up and running again once I'm able to use my computer at its full capacity, I just need to get it back up there.

But once I do begin working on requests, I've decided to not take anything new until I've finished the ones that have been waiting for an inordinate amount of time. (thank you for being patient, all.)
Seriously, why is this so hard to understand?

34199986 2011735372235224 8206809176890933248 N by Fauna-Joy


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