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It's Time for a new Contest
This time, the Contest is a Crossover Battle "Deadpool vs Midnight Sparkle".
like for example:


You can draw Deadpool vs. Midnight Sparkle but don't copy mine.No Death Battle PicturesYou can use SFM or Garry's Mod in this contest, But no 3D or 2D Pony CreatorYou can do Photoshop effects on your Gmod or SFM Pics or Vectors.Don't Use Spikepool/ Spike Deadpool
In case you guys use Gmod or SFM I have the links to the Models here =>  Model By: Sindroom , Models by: MARK2580 and also if you wanna use the pony version of Deadpool Here   Model by mRcracer
Deadline: August 27th, 2016
Good Luck to All Deadpool - Bye 
:iconaustin624fan:Austin624fan 3 10
Update on the Contest
Hey Guys, Austin624fan here and giving a Update on the Midnight Sparkle vs. Deadpool Contest.
We have found a Midnight Sparkle (Pony Form) Model made by :Iconnatorni: to use in this contest, Thank you so much.
Rules (Updated)
You can draw Deadpool vs. Midnight Sparkle but don't copy mine.No Death Battle PicturesYou can use SFM or Garry's Mod in this contest, But no 3D or 2D Pony CreatorYou can do Photoshop effects on your Gmod or SFM Pics or Vectors.Don't Use Spikepool/ Spike DeadpoolYou can put Bob: Agent of Hydra, Cable (Nathan Summers) or anyone you want as Cameo Characters in your Drawings if you want, your choiceHuman form Battles or Pony Form Battles are okay.
First place prize: A Stamp of your OC made by Me
Deadline: "August 27th, 2016" 
Previous Journal: 
:iconaustin624fan:Austin624fan 1 2
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Fauna Joy
United States
If you use any of my pieces, please let me know. I would LOVE to see what you do with them!


1 by Fauna-Joy
Stare Down (S1 E13)
Re-Creation of a scene from the episode "Fall Weather Friends".

This one was actually a little annoying to re-create. I had to build the scene, even going as far as re-coloring some trees to get the fall look.
I tried to get the camera right, but didn't quite get there. Still, I think it's alright.

Augmented Enhanced AJ and Twilight by :icongen-ma:
New Spike by :iconbeardeddoomguy:
MLP scene pieces by :icondiscopears:
When I was in Jr. High, I hung around a group of people I considered my friends. I had in-jokes, I had my own way of greeting them, I thought we were pretty close. Then one day, they blew up at me. Telling me damn near everything I did with them annoyed the hell out of them. I was floored. I had no idea they felt that way. I'd never seen any signs of those feelings.

They were avoiding telling me because society says it's "rude" to tell people they're being annoying or upsetting. And the "polite" thing to do is to just ignore it until the annoyance goes away.

Here's the fundamental problem with that: People who are generally annoying DON'T KNOW THEY'RE BEING ANNOYING! You know why? Because NOBODY EVER TELLS THEM!

Since those "friends", I've had a constant rule with the people I hang out with: TELL ME if I do anything annoying. If I know about it, I'll do my damnedest to stop. People appreciate it when I give them that opening, and I appreciate it when they tell me in a calm, if somewhat annoyed, voice to please stop. And you know what? I stop. And our friendship continues without a hitch.

Well tonight it happened again. Someone my sister and I thought was our friend was holding in the annoyance and stress my actions caused them. And when something out of our control happened that caused him stress, he and his wife kicked us out of their lives, blaming everything on us.

We thought these people were friends. We thought their home was a safe place for us. They didn't even do us the dignity of telling us to our faces how much stress we apparently caused them. They TEXTED me later in the evening, telling us we weren't invited to their home anymore.

I haven't been this hurt or betrayed since that first blowup in Jr. High. My sister, who has major social anxiety, feels so hurt and betrayed that she's once again afraid of going out to meet new people. We're taking a day this week to visit someone we know for a fact is a good friend of ours just to remind ourselves that not only are there actually good people out there who understand our needs and faults, but to just be in a safe place. As far away from the Betrayers as we can get right now.

The only reason I'm of a level head right now is thanks to my medication, which helps me avoid going over the deep end in situations like this. But without it, I just want to curl up on my bed and cry.
Bonk (Scene from S2E23)
Something I've been inspired to start doing.

:iconspokenmind93: has an ongoing series where they draw humanized versions of MLP scenes. She's a really talented artist that should be checked out and followed for many reasons.

That inspired me to do something similar. Re-creating scenes in SFM. Using a number generator, my first challenge came up as Sweetie Belle flicking Rarity's horn in Ponyville Confidential.

The positioning of the camera was a bit tricky, as the model of the boutique is just different enough from the one in the source image to be a bit confusing. But I think I managed it. I also had to improvise the bag Rarity's levitating, as there aren't any MLP satchel models. So I used one from Hyrule Warriors.

Sources used:
Carousel Boutique by :icondiscopears:
Augmented Enhanced Rarity by :icongen-ma:
Sweetie Belle by :iconaeridiccore:
Hyrule Warriors bag by Taco
IT'S NOT A STROKE! The doc thinks his last seizure caused achiness and general ughiness that's causing him to react this way. I can't express how relieved I am that it isn't neurological. My baby's going to be ok.
1 by Fauna-Joy


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black-sunn89 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018
have you already made my 3d model gmood and source movie marker suitable?

(And do you want to make another oc 3d model for gmood and source movie?)
Fauna-Joy Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018
I haven't ported your models, sorry. I've been having computer troubles.
black-sunn89 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018
dan fixes the problem and please do it!
I have to wait long enough
Fauna-Joy Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018
My computer is out for warranty at the moment. I promise I'll port them when I get it back.
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S-oujiiSan Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanna say that you're amazing at the models~
Fauna-Joy Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018
Thank you. :)
black-sunn89 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018
did you make of the gmood of my model?
Fauna-Joy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018
not yet, been busy, sorry
black-sunn89 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018
it ok
NestieBot Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2018
how you doing? 
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