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What a ride. Good stuff.

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How much for a part 5

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This was a relly beutyfull sequence. I relly love that new seiz that you gave her, it looks great.

Cant wait for you to take commissions. I relly woud love to see some girls that seiz

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Thank you very much. Unfortunatly i don't know if i reopen the commissions slots soon.

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was she drinking straight from the jug?! EW
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You should make a star fire and raven

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Damn, that was a fun sequence!

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Can't wait for you to do more Princesses

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So who's next Starfire?
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I fucking love this sequence

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When you're so huge your tits block your face.

Great work on this sequence!

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Well I am both sad and glad to see this done. Sad because I having been enjoying it. Glad because I am genuinely curious as to whom you'll do next. This is not a character I personally look for when it comes to kink art, but I feel that it made for a pleasant surprise. So even if you never draw a character I prefer, it'll never matter because I'll end up loving it from your quality alone.

Cheers and on to the next one!

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Don't be sad my friend...embrace the future. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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maybe blob merdia <3

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This is what it feels like to chug a gallon of milk 😖

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Ooh, definitely. Even a litre will make you feel so bloated!
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Hot damn, that's a beautiful figure on the last frame!

BlubberTomokoUna's avatar

This is probably the fattest you've made someone, you should make more this size

fatpandabutt's avatar's like super fat...(͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) worries, there will be more

Kratos-Kid's avatar
Yes~ please, more super fats!
BlubberTomokoUna's avatar

and to go further beyond super fat...=P

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I absolutely love the way you draw bellies! The shape and rolls on them are so cute and chonky:)

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