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David Karp

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David Karp, the Tumblr Founder. [link]
I have drawn a number of Tumblr users, Tumblr-ers, and added David on my to-draw list.
I am really grateful to have discovered Tumblr and that it exists.
Thank you, David!
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Hi! I'm Aja and I'm a reporter for Daily We love your artwork and I'd really like to use this for a big breaking news story that we're writing about Karp's staff blog and the retraction of the Adult Content policy. We will credit you as the artist with a link back to this post. If that's not okay, please let me know ASAP! Thank you so much! - Aja
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Wow, I just saw your post! 
I apologize for being so late; I haven't had the chance to check my account for months. However, I really appreciate you considering my work. 
Thank you. 
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hes so gorgeous
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Tumblr has a hot daddy. :D
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I love you for this. Our daddy is so handsome. ;w;
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He's one hot daddy! :D
I love the drawing <3_<3
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Haha, i'm glad you do!
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awwww so cute
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Wow! This is reallyy good!!! :D So realistic :3 Also, Tumblr is amazing hahaa<3
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A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wow:
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This is amazing, really looks like a photo!! So realistic!
Love it! Really impressive ;v;
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Thanks, Marisa!
btw, where have you been? I can't find you on Tumblr?
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You're welcome!!
Oh, sorry ;_; I had problems with Tumblr and then deactivated my account again. But then again I did a new one because I think I "can't live without Tumblr" It's really disturbing that I keep doing this thing.. I'm really sorry.
I'm already following you on Tumblr btw, I have the same username c:
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Holy wow I though this was a photograph. This is absolutely stunning I can;t stop staring at it :O
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