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:bulletpurple:What is Fate Stay Night?

:bulletred:Group & Submission rules



:emailsend:To join.
Just click the "Join Group" button on the top of the page.
You must, of course, enjoy and love Fate Stay Night.
All join requests are automatically approved.

All artworks should be Fate Stay Night and follow the group rules. Please visit the links above before submitting. Members may submit 4 artwork pieces a day.

:star:Suggesting to Favorites.
Any member and non-member may suggest favorites. However, please refrain from submitting a piece that is already included in the main gallery!

We are currently taking request to become a contributor. Please send a note to us with a few things about yourself and why you'd like to help.

We are accepting affiliates of all kinds as long as your group is a serious one. (No groups made just for the fun of it)

:Welcome everyone,
Our Groups Official Chat Rooms: :)
After searching i finally found the area to open the Fate Stay Night Official Chat Room for our group. Come chat with groups members and admins and enjoy.:dance:

Link To Fate Stay Night GroupChatroom Chatroom:…

:bulletblue:Fate Stay Night Chat Room

:bulletred:Fate Stay Night Rules

Gallery Folders

Beach Grail War by Wiz-Dan
Comm: In your arms... by KeyHof
king of knights by BOMHAT
Commission - Rider Prototype by windbeforethestorm
What! by KeyHof
Rin Tohsaka by LilypArt
Mermaid Caren by enghurrd
Fate : Matou Sakura by pewquick
Nero Bride by Wes80
Dantesyy Dantes Colored by Mila137
Maid Saber and Saber Alter by StarkyDerpy
Casual Circe (Black and White) by AlainMadHatter
Fate/Stay Night - Rin Tohsaka cosplay by AnitramNoriko
Fate/Stay Night - Rin Tohsaka and Archer cosplay by AnitramNoriko
Fate/Stay Night - Rin Tohsaka and Archer cosplay by AnitramNoriko
Fate/Stay Night - Rin Tohsaka and Archer cosplay by AnitramNoriko
Groups and Misc. stuff
Heroes of Justice Search for the world's salvation by TakaraRazuro
Summer by enghurrd
Songkran with Jeanne Squad by crazytreasurestudio
Master and Servant by shiftkeyk
Gilkoto0618 by mhiyokom
Raphael Hall, Nowa Oranzeria by crazytreasurestudio

Mature Content

Dragon Witch's chamber by crazytreasurestudio
hhh title by Ecchisaurus
Writings and Comics
Sherlock Spook by Mila137
Wrong Lancer Colored by Mila137
Other Characters
Angelica Ainsworth by Hell-and-Heavens
Lily Saber Heracles by enghurrd
Scratch art - illya von einzbern by Shiro634
I wanted you to notice me by mortalshinobi
Original Characters
[Fate OC - WIP] Ophelia by Jackross-V
Katana 2 by YamiBaal
[Fate OC] Le Morte d'Arthur by Jackross-V
FGO OC: Puteri Saadong by haxorxor
One night in Vale by Alex-kellar
Yay ~ We have a new mom by Alex-kellar
Commission: Infinity Master and Jeanne. by Alex-kellar
Commission: 50 Shades of Blake. by Alex-kellar

Random from Featured

Rider and Sakura commission by mcfarlandkathleen Rider and Sakura commission :iconmcfarlandkathleen:mcfarlandkathleen 25 3 Fate Stay Night Servant Rider by Jigokuko Fate Stay Night Servant Rider :iconjigokuko:Jigokuko 138 17 Dark Sakura - Fate Stay Night by p997tt Dark Sakura - Fate Stay Night :iconp997tt:p997tt 384 26 Rider by darkmotives Rider :icondarkmotives:darkmotives 27 5 Rider by amy-m Rider :iconamy-m:amy-m 3 4 Lust by PaolaPieretti
Mature content
Lust :iconpaolapieretti:PaolaPieretti 179 34
Caren Ortensia lightly dressed by Yazuka Caren Ortensia lightly dressed :iconyazuka:Yazuka 83 12 Saber and Archer by Gakelu Saber and Archer :icongakelu:Gakelu 25 43 Saber's song by chiisai-hoshi Saber's song :iconchiisai-hoshi:chiisai-hoshi 53 33 Fate-stay night - Rin by ame-natsuno Fate-stay night - Rin :iconame-natsuno:ame-natsuno 145 7 Wedding Dress Bondage by Daikinbakuju Wedding Dress Bondage :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 1,966 136 Fatestay Night - Team Tohsaka by tomuyu Fatestay Night - Team Tohsaka :icontomuyu:tomuyu 259 31 FS night- Hidden Identities by tomuyu FS night- Hidden Identities :icontomuyu:tomuyu 375 92 Sakura Matou - Fate Stay Night by p997tt Sakura Matou - Fate Stay Night :iconp997tt:p997tt 126 9 Fate stay night - farewell by kyocs Fate stay night - farewell :iconkyocs:kyocs 22 3

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We hope you enjoy your stay here at the group. But before you begin, please continue reading for the rules. Thank you~

:frail:Be polite and respect each other.
If you don't like artwork here, don't look at it. It's pointless to become a member if you are not interested in FSN art. Respect the others' opinions and preferences.
Any behavior that goes against the rules will cause you a warning. If you continue to behave in that way you will be banned. We want a group to have fun and share art after all, don't we?

:frail: The Group accepts only Fate Stay Night characters and Original Characters made to fit in the F/sn universe.

:frail: We accept any level of skill and quality.
Anyway, consider the group isn't your scrapbook, so avoid posting things that are so badly scanned/photographed that you can hardly tell what's on the picture.
Also, please don't submit WIPs, post the finished version only. If you need critique on your WIPs there are other groups better suited to that purpose.
Of course, if you submit a sketch you weren't planning to color and then you change your mind no one will bite you... just don't do it all the time, okay? :)

:sushi: Traditional and Digital art are both welcome
:sushi: Lineart - only if it's not meant to be colored, can stand on its own, or if it's meant to be available for coloring by other artists
:sushi: Literature & Comics- if you've created your own version of what could happen using OCs and/or the original characters, or comics and strips about the series, they're welcome here :)
:sushi: Cosplay - Accepted and loved. It's great seeing new and creative ways to show off your costumes and ideas for Fate/stay night. :)
:sushi: Figure photography - if you have F/sn figures you can submit photos you take of them.

:frail:Mature content is accepted up to a point. You may submit nudity, yuri, yaoi or other sexual themed drawings as well as ones containing blood when it's done tastefully. Keep in mind that this club is for everyone, so drawings that contain too much of them will be removed. General rule of thumb is that it MUST follow the dA rules about Mature content, so No 18+, and tag your submission as mature appropriately.

:iconstopplz: NOT ALLOWED
Complying to the rules of deviantArt about copyright, the group won't accept submissions that incorporate (manipulated or not):

:bulletred: Official artwork from TYPE-MOON or any other source which you don't own the copyright of, including screenshots from anime series/movie, the original Visual Novel, manga scans and other media. It doesn't matter if you manipulated it or not, it's not allowed. With "manipulated" we mean any kind of editing over a picture, like applying filters to alter light/color/etc, blend different images together, adding text, scribbling, drawing, or painting over it, removing background around the characters, etc...

:bulletred: Same thing applies to fanarts and non-official artwork used without providing the original artist's consent.

:bulletred: Traced artwork, both traditional and digital. Although these are mostly tolerated by dA policy, they are forbidden in the group since Jan. 14th 2011 (…, so, please, don't post them in the group. We'd like that Fate fans would express their love for the series by creating original fan art from the heart instead of keeping on tracing. Also, drawing things without tracing will make you improve better and faster. ;)
Non-traced pictures referenced from existing artwork are accepted, but keep in mind they might be rejected if they look too much like the original. If your picture gets rejected but you have drawn it freehand without tracing, you can try to resubmit. If you keep on having no luck, feel free to note the group, I will check it out.

:bulletred: In general: you didn't make it? Make sure you can obtain permission to manipulate/repost it. You don't have permission? Don't post it. Please note that Google Images and wallpapers websites are not valid stock resources, and you don't have permission to use the things you find there.

In this regard, please note that we're not machines and we make mistakes. Some forbidden deviations might have been been overlooked, or we might have been unable to identify the original artwork they've been stolen/traced from.
If you think something in the gallery or faves shouldn't be here because it violates the rules, please note the group and provide evidence.

PLEASE NOTE that if you're found submitting such stuff it will be deleted from the group and you'll be most likely reported to the dA mods. Repeated violations of this rule will result in banning from the group.

For more informations, read the following dA FAQs
FAQ #2: Where can I find the official deviantART Copyright Policy?
FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
FAQ #32: Fair Use and Your Submission
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
And the full copyright policy can be found here ->…

:frail:Members can submit up to 4 deviations per day (this might change as the group grows). This is a measure to avoid flooding the members' inbox. It's also a way to discourage you to post your whole gallery in bulk: you should submit artwork that you love and you are proud of. The group is not your gallery storage. We want a inspiring and clean gallery to show the beauty of FSN.

Also be sure to submit in the right folder. The staff may have the patience to move it to the right one but maybe not all the time.

Submissions to the gallery folders are moderated and require 2 votes.

:frail:Any member can add artworks to favorites (max 5 per day).
Members are free to add to favorites as many artworks as they wish. Only one vote will be required so we will be able to prevent artworks that don't fit to the club from being added.
Contributors can add unlimited favorites to the group per day.
Favorites can work as suggestions as well. If we see a beautiful piece we'll probably request to be submitted to the club's gallery. So fav fav fav~

:frail:How to become a Contributor.
:sushi:Please send us a note telling a few words about you and why you'd like to become one.
As a contributor:
:sushi: You will be voting for the artworks submitted in the group's gallery and favorites.
:sushi: You will be able to invite others to join the group.
:sushi: You will be able to submit blogs.
:sushi: You will be able to submit more artworks to the gallery (8 works per day at the moment) and more to the favorites (Unlimited).
:sushi: You will be able to submit things in the Featured folder (will require 2 votes)
:sushi: You will be able to reply to members and their questions on behalf of the group.
:sushi: You will get extra cookies :D

To sum it up, you will be a group moderator.
:frail:Small note: Contributors' responsibilities will probably grow in the future if the group demands so.

:frail: Contributor's Code of Conduct
As a contributor, you are expected to know the group's rules and apply them.
If you're ever unsure about approving or rejecting some submission, leave a comment in the submission's Private Discussion area, either to ask for an input or to justify your choice.

If you're found repeatedly abusing of your power or continuously ignoring the group's rules, your contributor status will be revoked.
Acts that will lead to your contributor status revoked include:
:bulletred: abuse of your ability to post in the gallery without prior voting to post stuff that clearly breaks the rules;
:bulletred: repeated rejection of legal submissions without providing a reason;
:bulletred: repeated approval of submissions that blatantly break the rules;
:bulletred: withdrawing submissions that are waiting for the artist's approval to be included in the gallery without providing a reason. If you think they'll never get approved, ignore them and let them expire by themselves, if you really think they should be withdrawn, then comment on the submission private area stating WHY you're withdrawing them;

Please note that it's not like you can't make mistakes. Those things are quite flexible and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Just be aware that if you continuously abuse of your position and you never give an explanation of your acts, your status will be revoked. In case you get demoted and you think it was an unfair decision, feel free to note the group and tell your reasons.

:frail:If you have further questions feel free to comment here or send a note to the club! :D
Founded 9 Years ago
Feb 18, 2010


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Fan Club

1,824 Members
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Hello everyone! This is Akushou speaking with an (not all that) important announcement!

I made a calling for this quite some time ago (over a year ago, as a matter of fact), but the group is still in desperate need of contributors! Currently we are down to only a few regularly active people, and as deviations are voted in to prevent spam or incorrect submissions, this makes the whole process a great deal slower. Therefore, if you would be interested in becoming a contributor and helping out with the group, please send us a note! The only requirements are that you be a member of this group and familiar with the rules. Previous contributor history is taken into consideration, but not required!

Also, to continue with the theme of getting this group a bit more active, we also should be discussing the return of contests. If you have an idea for what you would feel to be a fun and interesting challenge, please submit a comment here or, again, send a note to the group!

Now, in actual news relating to Fate/, there are a few points that have failed to be covered in the last year (sorry about that!). First, relating to the original story, it was announced last March that the Heaven's Feel route is to be made by Ufotable into a trilogy of movies. The first will be released sometime in the next year, and they will focus around Sakura Matou's story and her relationship with Shirou. Additionally, if you enjoyed the Fate/Extra game, then you will be excited to know that Fate/Extella will be released in the U.S. and Europe this winter for the PS4 and PS Vita. Lastly, Fate/Grand Order for the iOS and Android is still running special events (I believe the current one is based around Fate/Kaleid Liner). If you are interested in downloaded the game, which is only available in Japanese, then follow this steps in this link.
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Other affiliate's that are not groups but are connected XD
:iconshirou-x-saber: :iconberserker-x-illy: :iconarcher-x-rin:


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And here is Fulvus dressing up as Nero from Fate/Extra: #29 Saber (FateExtra)…
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3. This version of Rin is quite too old. Try using the new one from ufotable or realta nua
4. This background has nothing to do with her story or personality or her action.

Good luck.
Have a nice day.
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