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Name: Lucretia Val'Sheem
Unacceptable Nicknames: Lulu, Lucky, Sheem
Race: Val (Human w/ magic)
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: Rude
Deity: Larissa the Farseer/The Temptress

She was born into one of the noble families of the Val, in a time of peace for the kingdom. She took to combat as rumors of war brewing in the neighboring countries hit the homelands, and devoted herself to the goddess Larissa. She rose quickly to become a Templar--an unusual choice, as most of Larissa's followers stick to being priestesses or consorts. She was well on her way to becoming a Holy Champion for her goddess, learning from High Preistesses how to use her powers of farseeing and luck to her advantage. Her teachings were cut short, as a folly in judgement left her Branded and exiled from the kingdom, banished to the Pirate Isles. The criminals there learned the hard way she was not going to be a tavern wench. She got into their good favor (or threatened them enough to keep their hands off) and has done jobs to earn a way of living, among the evils she often fought back home. She waits for an opportunity to redeem herself, and exceed expectations.

Personality: A Noble, A Pirate, and a Warrior
Lucretia is a mixed bag, and can be intimidating when you first see her. Strikingly beautiful and skilled in combat, warriors aren't sure what to make of a woman on a battlefield, let alone a woman wearing this sort of clothing. She aims to knock people off-kilter: being well-spoken and diplomatic like a noblewoman, and then intimidating and threatening in the next swoop. Seduction comes naturally, as she is a Templar for the Temptress, but she prefers this as a last-resort method in dealing with people. She'd rather they respect or fear her before finding her as an object. She's very proud, preferring to do things alone and her way, and not used to asking for help. She likes to have a plan and a goal. If she has to bark orders for things to go smoothly, she will be bossy.

When she isn't working or dead-set on a goal, she's rather calm and quiet. She enjoys a quite night under the stars with a glass of wine, and knows more than enough dirty jokes to keep a campfire conversation going. There's always some kind of quip she can think of in return for a smart ass comment. While she's good with words, she's better at letting actions speak for themselves. If there's one thing that will make you lose her favor, it's the mentioning of the scar branded over her face. She's determined to redeem where she wronged, and the scar is a constant reminder.

Likes: Weapons, wine, hair accessories, organization
Dislikes: Pandemonium, guns, ales, the cold, shoes that are way too uncomfortable.

Side Swords: Lucretia uses two-weapon fighting, typically with two side swords from the pirate isles. Similar to rapiers, they're easy to hold and guard fingers from enemy strikes. Typically side swords are used to thrust and stab, but they can be used in spins to slash, or even use the flat of the weapon to bludgeon or knock someone back. When fighting she's quite fast, sometimes appearing to spin, almost like a dance around her opponent. She is fairly strong and quick, but her main strength is her deadly precision behind each swing.

Strengths: Two-weapon fighting, Luck, Accuracy, Persuasion/intimidation/seduction 
Weaknesses: Long-ranged combat, spellcasting, Anything technology-related, Climate

Divine Magic:
Given the Goddess she serves, she's capable of a few divine spells. She's worked to buff herself up for combat, but her spellcasting training was never completed, thus she has a harder time casting or succeeding on more powerful spells. Her most common spells are for purifying food or water, protecting her clothing (and making it more like armor), and Precognition.

Precognition "Luck": Fortune favors the bold. In the mornings, she has faint hints of things that are to come--typically very soon in the future. It's a leftover effect of her goddess: The Farseer. Whether she knows it or not, this plays a role in her overall luckiness and fate. Sometimes seeing a swing before its coming can save you from losing a limb, but sometimes when good luck comes your way, bad luck is sure to follow.

Star: Her star has appeared like some kind of hair tie in the design of a compass rose. It glows brightly when her magic works, or something, she isn't sure yet.

(Audition coming sometime soon)
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Strong, Sassy, Smart, with our powers combined we will form voltron
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omg i love her so much <3 wonderful design!
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sugar spice and everything nice 
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dont you mean, salt, salt and more salt