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The Dreaded Kings Series [ART] : Seraurak-Othim by FateMagician The Dreaded Kings Series [ART] : Seraurak-Othim :iconfatemagician:FateMagician 4 1
The Kaleidoscope Dream: A Dark Tower One-Shot
Before you read this little one-shot, I'd like to tell you all how exactly this story came to be.
And long story short, it was on a bet.
So a friend of mine (who knows I write fan fiction) after we watched The Dark Tower in theatres, challenged me to redeem the Man in Black. Mind you, he hates this character with a passion not because of the movie but because he's read the books. He knows I like to write villain-redemption stories, but this was a challenge even for me. Though I haven't read the books, only seen the movie, I actually had a good character study on the Man in Black through detailed discussions with my friend. Damn, this character is indeed one of the most evil villains I have ever come across!
So, the bet was this: If I got him to feel even a flicker of emotion that was other than hate for the Man in Black, he would buy me the entire Da
:iconfatemagician:FateMagician 1 3
His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : XIV|Final|
Chapter XIV: To Pursue the Heart's Desire
"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. " -Unknown
Inconnu woke up with an empty feeling.
For the first time in nearly two weeks Inconnu felt empty inside and this unnerved her greatly. It was only after a few moments of shifting around underneath the cover of the Dire Wolf pelt that she opened her eyes and saw exactly what was wrong.
Er-Murazor was nowhere to be seen.
She sat up suddenly and looked around the campground which they had pitched for the night. Still, he was nowhere to be seen. She stood on shaky feet and her eyes stared into every direction she could think of to find evidence of his remaining presence. Even looking around further she could see no trail that led from the camp and the empty feeling in the pit of her stomach grew worse.
"Sverundr," She called to her companion, her voice shaking ever so slightly, trying to maintain composure. The large stallion rose from his resting spot
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : XIII
Chapter XIII: A Painful Parting
"Beware of parting! The true sadness is not in the pain of the parting; it is in the when and the how you are to meet again with the face about to vanish from your view." -Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Two Days Later…
Er-Murazor knew he had fallen asleep again. However, whenever he had fallen asleep it was dreamless and so this was certainly a new experience.
Very, very new.
He didn't quite know how to take it though, as dreaming seemed a little too like the feeling he gets when he makes himself more aware of the Shadow World he has been a part of for thousands of years. The Witch-King of Angmar found himself unnerved, but pushed it aside in favor of focusing on his surroundings, guard surely up.
Trees of many different kinds reached high into the sky above him, of which it was of many colors of light blue shades. The trees themselves were of every color of green one could imagine. Bi
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : XII
Chapter XII: Old Wounds, New Hopes
“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” -Unknown
 Third Age, 3019
Dawn made itself known to those residing in the cave, bringing light and warmth with its arrival.
This brought wakefulness to Inconnu Naeril, who cracked her eyes open a bit and when she stretched to loosen her muscles she again found herself restricted by a pair of warm arms. She smiled to herself and looked up, knowing that Er-Murazor was still deep in sleep, and made no move to leave his embrace lest she wake him. He deserved to rest, they both did.
Four days had passed since she woke from her fever, and four days since she had freed yet another part of the Witch-King’s very being from Sauron’s corruption. The freeing of his heart had brought interesting and wonderful changes to the Nazgûl’s entire demeanor. Things that she had noticed before, once only
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : XI
Chapter XI: The Fragility of the Heart
"The heart is one of the most powerful muscles we have… and the most fragile." -Sonya Teclai
Inconnu was relieved when the pain disappeared, the darkness surrounding her. She felt utterly content in this place, despite not knowing wherever this was. If she were being more honest with herself, Inconnu did not really want to leave this place. She was very much at peace here in this strange darkness.
"It is not your time yet, my Chosen," Came the familiar calm tones of Oromë. "You are healed, the recent danger has passed."
Inconnu felt momentarily confused, but found that she could not find her voice. A small, white light then appeared in front of her and she felt compelled to touch it. When she did, just barely with her fingertips, it suddenly grew and encompassed her entirely.
"Return to him."
Inconnu gasped, unable to open her eyes just yet and her breathing was erratic for a
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : X
Chapter X: Pleading for Peace and Light
"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein
The Witch-King stared at Sverundr as they continued their standoff, occasionally glancing to Inconnu's unnervingly still form. He easily estimated that Inconnu had lost quite a lot of blood from protecting him fron the second creature's ambush and the longer she went without attention, the less her chances of survival were. Surely the large stallion knew this? No matter Er-Murazor's thoughts though, as Sverundr was keen on and very much keeping his rider and the Ringwraith apart.
Still maintaning eye-contact, Er-Murazor carefully took a step toward Sverundr and stopped when the stallion snorted. The large stallion stamped his front hooves in the fresh layer of snow, but did nothing else as the Witch-King took another step forward.
Then he took another and another and when he took a fourth step, Sverundr reared sli
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : IX
Chapter IX: An Attack of Shadows
"You can only come to the morning through the shadows." -J. R. R. Tolkien
For the first time in a very long time, Inconnu woke up in a state of absolute calm.
She was utterly content and considering what she had gone through as so far in her journey to redeem the Witch-King of Angmar this was very much needed. The Huntress of the North stretched slightly, aiming to loosen the muscles from their sleep, when she realized that something was preventing her from doing so fully. Slowly Inconnu opened her eyes and to her surprise worn black robes met her gaze, and looking further around she then fully noticed that she was in the arms of Er-Murazor.
Inconnu didn't know how to quite take this situation, having never been in this kind of situation before. Being honest with herself though, she found that she didn't mind being in his grasp. He was warm, something that she barely noted before she fell asleep after the
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : VIII
Chapter VIII: Ghost's Song
"Don't forget-no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell." -Charles de Lint
15 Miles North of the High Pass
The evening found Inconnu and her companions trapped in a cave with just enough room for all three of them. It was past midwinter now, a majority of the snowstorms for this section of the Misty Mountains having passed already, but it seems this one wished to linger. Howling winds raced past the smaller entrance into the cave but very little could enter. Inconnu huddled closer to Sverundr, who had fallen asleep an hour or so ago. It was hard to tell the passage of time in the cave. Inconnu stared into the lively embers of the small fire she started some while ago. She didn't add more in order to keep it aflame, as she knew to be sparing in feeding the greedy embers.
They were warm enough, and between the body heat of all in the cave and the ember
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Worries and Promises|Super Secret Santa 2016|
Princess Illiana was missing her father again.
It had been like this for the past week now, ever since the first snowfall in the land of the Orrin King. Illiana smiled softly and an equally soft sigh as she continued to stare out the window of the small cabin, frost framing the edges and the occasional mist from her breath on the glass. She admired the snow, enjoying just how beautiful it made the Forest of the Ancients. Humans were certainly missing out on the natural beauty of Gal’taurra’saemn’toran, but the princess knew that the mortal race of Men were frightened of what they did not understand and called her home ‘The Forbidden Forest.’
Another faint sigh and Illiana resumed gazing at the beauty of the forest, only for very familiar arms to become wrapped around her waist. Illiana jumped a little at the sudden presence behind her before calming and looking up and over her shoulder. She lightly hit one of the strong arms around her, which brought a kno
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : VII
Chapter VII: How A Friendship Began
"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." -Albert Camus
Two Days Later…
Finally Inconnu had discovered better hunting grounds.
She had thought that they would come upon something like this much sooner, but the Huntress of the North had underestimated the power and reach of the darkness that the High Fells of Rhudaur possessed. Inconnu was currently crouched, hidden by the dead foliage and concealed by her grey Elven cloak. She smiled as she remembered the gifts of Galadriel and Haldir before she left their forests, but as Inconnu remembered Oromë's gift of Ghost's Song her smile faded slightly.
Still she remembered the vision it gave her, obviously of a time long past and, as her intuition told her, from the last days of Arnor. Inconnu also still had the feeling, which her Patron confirmed,
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : VI
Chapter VI: Bridges of Trust
"The key ingredient to building trust is not time. It's courage." -Patrick Lencioni
10 Miles South of the High Fells of Rhudaur
Dawn broke the eastern horizon and the light of a new day spilled onto the land. Inconnu had been awake half and hour beforehand. She wasn't sure if the Witch-King was already awake or was still in a deep sleep, but internally she was glad if he still rested as she wanted some time for herself. Inconnu didn't want to confront him just yet. Right now she was rummaging through her saddlebags, checking the state of her supplies. While doing so, her lips gradually formed a frown.
She was getting low on dried meats and other foods that could last a long journey. A few times she had taken a bite of some Waybread, but there was still plenty. Enough to last another month or two. Inconnu would need to go hunting soon, and her senses told her she would not find suitable prey so close to the
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OTGW_The Beast/Wirt/Greg by FateMagician OTGW_The Beast/Wirt/Greg :iconfatemagician:FateMagician 3 0 GF_Bill Cipher by FateMagician GF_Bill Cipher :iconfatemagician:FateMagician 6 0 OTGW_The Beast by FateMagician OTGW_The Beast :iconfatemagician:FateMagician 1 26 Lyra LaCroix and The Void [04] by FateMagician Lyra LaCroix and The Void [04] :iconfatemagician:FateMagician 3 0


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Hello everyone! I have recently put up a creepypasta titled The Ghost Writer onto the Creepypasta Wiki and since it was not immediately taken down and after twenty-four hours of being on the site I think it's safe to say the pasta is there to stay! XD

Check it out on the link below and let me know what you guys think of it!…
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