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Species: Kraetsiz
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 01.01.1052 (Pre-Hidden Moon; Icert)
Birthplace: Arkolen, Fire Revengers Village

Relations: Chelsy (mother), Ren (father), Fog (brother), Lu (sister), Mortes (???)

Elemental Magic: Lightning
Neuro-magic: None
School Specialization: Combat (didn't graduate)

Alliance: Himself; loner

Loners: Neutral ruptorians who have left their cities for one reason or another. Still loyal to their countries, they have the opportunity to return to their cities once they have proven their loyalty, however, the government does not protect this class.

Status: Alive
Theme songs: Ashes Remain – Keep Me Breathing
                     Linkin Park - In the End
                     Celldweller - So Long Sentiment
                     Coldrain - Gone
                     Red - Faceless
                     Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down
Young Rain Voice Actor: JudeMyBug
Voice Actor: Corwin Lucas
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SuperSaiyan5VoltNew Deviant

To Rain:do ever wonder if you have hidden powers

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Lexi233New Deviant

Hi i have a question first on Twitter i asked about the language but also whats the difference between the different species and how many are there

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lizyfoxxpHobbyist Digital Artist

so coool

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Hey rain I know you and nick don't get along too too well but have you ever been worried about him?  Sorry I asked nick this too I just wanna know. 
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After Episode One: Day of the Red Moon, Rain already got a cool team of heroes, soon to be forever incarnated into history; Himself, the young hero who has lost so much, but has bravery to stand up for what's right; Nick, the charming, humorous hero who has a lonely past, but through the others will learn the importance of having friends; Lu, the sweet, beautiful, fallen hero who is not only sweet and beautiful, but a total badass; and Cody, the cheerful, courageous hero, who will do anything for his friends. Akemi will smile upon them, Shima will fear them, and all will know their names. Godspeed to you, Rain. You're guys are lucky to have each other. #ForeverAccursed.
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I feel like his element is either Fire, for obvious reasons, or Water, because of the name, or both. Am I right? If not, then witch one?
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nomnommy12Professional Filmographer

nope. its electricity

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AUBREY1144Student Filmographer
Is he the main character?
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Yes, he's at least one of them if there are any more.
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FatelessKnightHobbyist Filmographer
Ah.. i don't know ;n; I'd like it to stay original tho but if you really want... then okay
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ZavvkkeyVJHobbyist Writer
Anyone else that wanna secretly ship Rain and Nick ._. 
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wiggo-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Is rain male?
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FatelessKnightHobbyist Filmographer
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wiggo-artHobbyist Digital Artist
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