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Okay this lovely lady here could give Black cat and Catwoman a run for thier money in both custom and looks;) Seriously though she's ama...

Ok, this is easily the most badass drawing I've seen this week, a fearless girl laying out a hulking monster, what more can I ask for?!...

Wow, this is a cool looking cat! When I first saw him I thought he was just your OC but when you said he was a cannon character in a sh...

Now this is one badass looking lizard lady, as if the busting out of glass part wasn't cool enough it's made also rather pleasant in kn...

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Hats on!
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 9
Busty bladeswomen! The prelude!

Red hood:........ Are we really doing this I mean it's kinda hot but still.
 Fateful: Hey I wanted to do this for a while now, and this seems a good a time as any so let's go!
 Through out history there have been many things that have caught a man's eye, first and foremost being weapons specially bladed ones. And the second-
 Aladdin: Big breasts! Any man would want to bury his face in a great big pair of those!

 Red hood: I can relate big time, and by the looks of this match I'd say the weapon appeal can be just as tempting the the other sex as well, while being quite so themselves~
 Fateful: Chiefusa the defector of the Manyuu clan!
 Red hood: And Velmet the knife wielding champion of jormungand!

 Aladdin ( Drooling a bit) And we're here to see which one of these sexy Swordswomen can win a Fatefulbrawl!
 ( Both brawlers are teleported in )
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 9 39
A huge group thanks! by Fatefulbrawl A huge group thanks! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 0
Jul's power peek!

20180915 015709[1] by Fatefulbrawl
20180915 015806[1] by Fatefulbrawl
20180915 015948[1] by Fatefulbrawl
20180915 020020[1] by Fatefulbrawl
20180915 020105[1] by Fatefulbrawl
20180915 020248[1] by Fatefulbrawl
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 8
Sexy killers: The brawl Pt. 2!
  Jul: Let us once more commence with this grand brawl!
  Haci: Yep, let the clothes ripping action start anew!
  Jul: Indeed, some great bodies they both have.
  Haci: Damn right!
And catch part 1 here:

    Frida looked at Nightfox's new state with a mix of sheer anticipation and most surprisingly to her fear, which was extra evident in her lack of movement or breathing as if even the slightest thing could set off the berserker in front of her.
    It didn't really matter to the raved up Molly though as she sprung into action with a glass shattering roar!
    Before Frida's eyes could even registrar it her Masterfully honed killer instincts saved her life from a sudden burst of air that brushed past her as a black wave cleaved h
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 84
Sexy killers: The brawl Pt. 1!

 Haci: The research has been taken into account!
 Jul: And ready the two hot killers are!
 Haci: Oh, man! This is so cool, I'm actually hosting a brawl, it feels invigorating!
 Jul: The same I feel! Now let us complete the saying together!
 ( As a duo) Catch the prelude here:
 It's time for a Fateful OC Brawllllll!!!!

    ( A club In New York city: 5:39 P.M. ) 
On a quiet night in the Big apple there was a lone figure at a local club drinking the highest quality liquor available there, and while it was good the drink did little to help her spirits as she was now bored out of her mind, the girl gave a great groan as she leaned onto her hands while her blond hair and black highlights flowed in the AC breeze.
    Her butler Friend finished his bloody water
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 28
I have the power: Chap 9.2 A chosen test!
    Haci: Hey what's up, I thought you said this was the end of my first arc?
    It is, I just have to add a parter to show how much you've grown in such a short time and to set the stage better for the start of Arc two.
    Haci: So basically it's for me to showoff..... okay let's go!

 The party was more then enough to make Haci feel welcomed among his new friends, especially Devo, who despite losing to him was still a cool cat, pun intended!
    " Thanks Yafe this was fun, also sorry about that life sized Statue from before, since you can't just rebuild that," Haci apologized as he heard the news during the party.
    Yafe waved him off, " It's cool, I'm just surprised you managed to break it like you did, that thing's material makeup is leagues above even the toughest metals on Earth, I know because the seller told me,".
    Devo then came up behind and slapp
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 1 0
We fit bros!

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 1 23
My view on Frida! by Fatefulbrawl My view on Frida! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 6 9
I have the power: Chap 9 Power origins!

 Alright time for the ending chapter of Haci's part 1!
 Haci: About damn time!
 Nigga it only took me 15 days this time give me some credit!
 Haci ( Sighs ) Fine sorry about that, let's get on to the mystery of the Gepo.

     Smiling at the stunned look on Haci's face the Gepo warrior then took the time to examine the young man; he seemingly had a rather rough dream if the bruises, cuts, and stab wound were anything to go by on his athletic build which was full display due to his torn ninja gi.
    Catching him staring Haci immediately covered up in his casual attire sword drawn, " Okay man what gives, and how the hell are you even doing this,"!? 
    Yafe however wasn't fazed by the young man's threatening posture, in fact it seemed to interest him more if the shit eating grin wasn't already evident, " Ah, always ready to meet a challenge as always I see, good, cause I got one for you th
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 4 0
Far our: Page 6

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 0 0
Infinite Love! by Fatefulbrawl Infinite Love! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 3 3 Haci Power: Street attire! by Fatefulbrawl Haci Power: Street attire! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 9 46
Far out: page 5

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 1 0
Jul the fairy's flying lesson!

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 6
I have the power: Chap. 8 New Allies!
  Haci you know why I'm late so hush!
  Haci: I can still hold it against you.

     The two vigilantes immediately appeared in a secluded field near Haci's home/workplace, once there the traveler put on the clocking system of his RV and the two allies teleported to his home, once he confirmed no one was looking.
     Going into his private quarters Haci then turned to the ninja, " So what do you think so far of this new world,"?
     The assassin tilted his head a bit at that question, " I've just arrived here, how can I determine an accurate option in so little time, if your asking about your accommodations then I guess their, lively,".
     As an assassin Thrive was used to having little decorations and flourish in his living quarters, not that he minded it, but that sure wasn't the case for Haci who h
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 3 0


The Black Squad by Villian-KucingKecil The Black Squad :iconvillian-kucingkecil:Villian-KucingKecil 16 0 Intriguing Autumn by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Intriguing Autumn by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 558 12 No sudden movements by zarla No sudden movements :iconzarla:zarla 2,066 215 Beyond Earth by Ellysiumn Beyond Earth :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 978 71 aether by silverdrake-style aether :iconsilverdrake-style:silverdrake-style 4 11
Death Battle: Shadow The Hedgehog vs Meta Knight

Vocal: Okay, the results are in and the combatants are set!
HD: So buckle up, because it is time for a Death Battle!
        Skies above Dreamland...
The sun was out, on this day. Clouds gently floating along their own path. The innocents filling the wondrous Dreamland, however, had no time to appreciate the beautiful day, as the sun was blotted out by a giant flying warship. On the front, it almost appeared to be wearing a mask of some sort, and near the back of it, wings were sprouting out. Numerous cannons peaked from the center and sides, and they surrounded a sort of lookout tower.
The innocent civilians began to panic, knowing all too well who owned this ship and what he intended...
Well, not so much the second part.
But regardless, they feared it's captain. The captain that shared the very same mask as his ship. The legendary Star Warrior Meta Kni
:icongimmyjibbsjr:GimmyJibbsJr 50 63
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Fated Dream Brides :icondarkereve:DarkerEve 845 36
Highlanders by david-harris Highlanders :icondavid-harris:david-harris 34 5 Reference. Yena by Nighttame Reference. Yena :iconnighttame:Nighttame 109 19


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20180922 131229[1] by Fatefulbrawl
900 deviations
Busty swordswemen by Fatefulbrawl

Red hood:........ Are we really doing this I mean it's kinda hot but still.

 Fateful: Hey I wanted to do this for a while now, and this seems a good a time as any so let's go!
 Through out history there have been many things that have caught a man's eye, first and foremost being weapons specially bladed ones. And the second-

 Aladdin: Big breasts! Any man would want to bury his face in a great big pair of those!

 Red hood: I can relate big time, and by the looks of this match I'd say the weapon appeal can be just as tempting the the other sex as well, while being quite so themselves~

 Fateful: Chiefusa the defector of the Manyuu clan!

 Red hood: And Velmet the knife wielding champion of jormungand!

 Aladdin ( Drooling a bit) And we're here to see which one of these sexy Swordswomen can win a Fatefulbrawl!

 ( Both brawlers are teleported in )

  Chifusa: Well this is happening.

  Velmet: Well I guess I'm going this then.

    ( Aladdin is drowning in lust for the two busty women before him, with more attention towards Chiefusa)

    Red hood: Well, looks like our little boob lover has chosen the first bio!


Name: Chifusa Manyuu
Age: Possibly 17

Hair color: Dark Blue

Eye color: Gold

Height: 5'6

Bust: Normally DD but have Unlimited Potential

Likes: Eating, Helping less endowed women by giving them all a sizable cup size

Dislikes: Manyuu Clan, Munenori, oppression from the higher classes


Feats: Is easily one of the best fighters in her verse
> Has matched blades with her own tribe all of which are highly skilled samurai and assassins
>> In fact quite easily takes out most assassins sent after her
Managed to steal her clans breast scroll to help the outside world
Constantly helps everyone on her way and normally succeeds
> Normally with their chest issues

Has gotten far her rather short journey to master the Chichi Nagare
Has one of the biggest busts in her verse;)
Gained the attention of a Japanese warlord by winning a breast shake festival 
> By having her cloth fall off
Her mere presence scares a team of highly trained mercenaries 

    Fateful: In Japan during the Taiheimeji Era it's leaders know as Tokugawa shogunate ruled with an irom fist supported by the warrior clan known as the Manyuu, they helped diligently with their various techniques of... Breast enlargement.

    Red hood: Ya apparently in this world breast mean everything, the bigger they are the more valued the woman is while bug bites are treated like trash, damn I like them big but that's just harsh! 

    Chifusa: Yes it is very harsh, which is why ( Grabs a scroll from her huge bust) I took the Manyuu scroll on breast manipulation right as I was to be declared leader of such a horrid clan, my dear mother committed shindoku to avoid the secrets from getting out so to my last breath I'll defy and demolish such a foolish system! 

    ( Aladdin stares love struck at her bust as he walks towards her and fondles her chest causing her to moan)

    Velmet: Wait. Couldn't you have done more good as the head of the clan instead of running away? That'd involve a lot less assassins.

    Fateful: That's a good point, you could have done better if you had taken over and led them down a different path.

    Red hood: Trust me, being in charge doesn't make you able to change stuff on a whim, in fact it could make you a bigger target, pun intended. 

    ( Aladdin keeps groping the samurai as she starts to gasp out loud)    (Velmet stares in envy: Why isn't Koko that easy to get)

    Fateful: Well lucky for Chiefusa her " chestsets " aren't the only physical marvel she has about her that those assassins have gotten outweighed by!


As a trained swordsman of the Manyuu clan, Chifusa has been shown to be able to defeat multiple opponents with ease (particularly the Manyuu assassins sent after her). After her breasts grew drastically because of the Breast Flow technique, she has commented that they have hindered her fighting considerably, but regardless, her abilities to fight off foes still remained impressive.

Physical Condition: Chifusa is in excellent physical condition due to her vigorous training as a samurai.

Strength: Chifusa has been shown to have enough strength to cut clean through tree branches with little effort and slice clean through thick logs—a task that not only requires excellent physical strength, but general physical fitness. She also along side her sister once kicked a nun off a small mountain.
> And threw her Kunia's hard enough to pierce metal bracelets
> Can land off a ladder while during a handstand

Durability: Chifusa has been shown to have remarkable physical durability, having been formidable enough to survive a high fall off a 150 foot cliff into a river after having been shot in the back by her sister, Kagefusa, who then went on to remark on how such a thing would never kill her.
> In the first episode of the series, and after a short recovery started during manual labor

Stamina and endurance: Chifusa has been shown to have endurance for harsh treatment in many forms. She has been able to go four days straight without consuming any food while traveling on foot the entire time for three of those days before passing out. She has also remarked on how much of a burden on her back her breasts had become; regardless, she endured it. She was also able to endure having four ravenous toddlers playing with and suckleing her breasts for an entire afternoon.
> Managed to resist sleeping gas

Agility and Reactions: Chifusa has remarkably great agility in combat. She was agile enough that she was able to keep up with the speed of a giant octopus while underwater. This is an important aspect of her fighting style, as she usually evades or block her enemies' attacks until she finds the right opening to end her fights quickly using the Breast Slice technique.
    > Dodges sword swings from her equally fast sister with ease
    > Can keep up with people who can move at Mach 12 or FTE speeds
    > Peak human running speed

Acrobatics: Chifusa has been shown to be a remarkable acrobat, in and out of combat. She managed to balance atop a ladder without too much difficulty with a one handed handstand, while simultaneously performing many acrobatic acts.

    ( Aladdin is promptly knocked off of Chiusa by her firm punch) And I thought Kieda was clingy! Anyway the few perks of my clan are pretty clear in my samurai physicality.

    Velmet: I'll say, these stats are pretty insane! I mean falling off a cliff into water after being shot and surviving all three!

    Fateful: That's hardly the only crazy physical feat she has; this woman here has once kicked a nun off a small mountain with her sisters help, can easily balance on a ladder with one handed handstands, and isn't blitzed by people who can move at Mach 12 speeds!

    Red hood: Hmm, pretty good for such a heavily burdened little girl, her extra baggage doesn't seem to be that hindering to her~

    Velmet: Hey Red head, lay off her! I've manged just fine with my girls and so can she! ( Looks to Chiefusa with a shared nod between the two)

    Red hood: Oh no, the lesbian wannabe is getting her commando self in a bunch!

    ( Velmet takes out her knives and faces Red who immediately tackles her to the ground)

    Aladdian ( Gets up from his semi knockout with a sad look on his face) Miss samurai I thought you were nice, but you're just mean.

    Fateful: Before that Aladdin let's address the our busty Samurai's own set of blades!


    Katana: See the source image Is made of tough material as it has never chipped or dulled.

  Kunia:   See the source image  Should have quite a few

    Manyuu scroll: Scroll  The Manyuu Scroll of Secrets contains techniques to manipulate breasts, including ways to enlarge them. 

    Arm braces: 
Image result for manyuu chifusa   Are made of durable metal similar to her swords and weren't broken from her high fall. Or kunia throws from similarly strong foes.

    ( Red hood and Velmet continue to fight with blades in hand, until Red gets the advantage and kicks her through a wall going right after her)

    Chiefusa ( Sighs ) I'm sorry, bu you can't just touch people without their permission ( She folds her hands under her breast emphasizing them)

Aladdin: Really, so can I touch you!? ( Looks at her like a child would asking his parent for a new toy)

Chiefusa: Fine, but only a little ( Moves her hands)

    ( Aladdin cheers as he gropes her once more and subconsciously releases pink Rukh the fascinates the samurai woman as she reaches out to touch them)

    Fateful: Before any more interruptions let's explain Chifusa's weapons: Furstly the samurai's pride and joy the Katana, and a well made one to as it has never rusted or chipped through all the damage done to it.

    ( Red hood appears with Velmet's knocked out body which he lays down on the couch)

Red hood: She also has some trusty throwing knives for long range combat, along with some arm bracers that are as sturdy if not sturdier then her sword due to being defensive tools, great for blocking sword strikes of peak human strength! And lastly the Manyuu scroll of secrets...... I've heard several uncreative names but that is just insulting.

    Chifusa ( Looks up from her stupor from seeing Aladdin's pink Rukh )Hey! The sacred breast scroll can help all women in my world!

    Red hood: What by inflating their breast to DD cups or shrinking them if they're bothersome?.... Actually we need this in my world, with all the other crazy stuff there it'd fit right in, and be prized by both genders alike!

    Fateful: I agree wholeheartedly! But without skills to back up these tools Chiefusa's quest would go nowhere, but thanks to her training she's going plenty of places!

    Abilities and skills:

Master Swordsmanship: Image result for manyuu chifusa fight

 ( Likely Kendo, Kenjitsu, and Iaido) Chifusa was trained from a young age to be a samurai. As a swordsman, she relies largely on the Breasts Slice technique as her main offense, usually avoiding her enemies' attacks until she finds the right opening to use it and end the fight quickly. Even while wielding only a knife, she was able to defeat an esteemed Manyuu swordsman.

Adept H2H skills: All Samurai are taught some Judo and jujitsu.

Accuracy: Chifusa has been shown using kunai knives and other weapons several times when necessary and hitting her mark spot on when doing so. Even really small ones that are fast moving!

Stealth: Has sneaked up on highly trained assassins and mercenaries before. While they're on guard! In fact has training in ninjitsu.

Quick thinker: Is skilled in planning on the fly and making quick judgments. And has even beaten more experienced foes before.

Experienced survivor: While on the run from assassin and mercenaries her and Kedea constantly found ways to get through every encounter. 

Chichi-Nagare (乳流れ lit."Breast Flow"): Like the other members of the Manyuu clan, Chifusa is able to use the Breast Flow techniques. However, she is the first to display the latent potential to master it, hence the reason she was chosen by her father to be the Manyuu clan's successor. It is due to this ability that Chifusa could be the bustiest bakunyuu heroine of all time, as she has Unlimited Potential for breast growth.
  • Breast Slice: Chifusa is able to use the Breast Slice technique and has the most latent potential to master it. Whereas others are only able to take the breasts of others, she is the only person able to both take and give breasts. However, when she first started using the technique, she was only able to take the breasts of others and give them to herself, a task that she usually performed unintentionally due to lack of mastery.
    • Knowledge: Despite the fact that she doesn't like the way breasts are viewed in society, Chifusa has been shown to have rather good knowledge of the many Breast Flow techniques even before she stole and read from her clan's secret scroll. She was able to recognize the "Breast Illusion" technique even though it is a rather obscure technique.
  • Mind's Eye: Chifusa has displayed the ability to tap into her "Mind's Eye" when she can't rely on her other senses. She used this ability to keep track of the giant octopus while fighting it underwater, after it had hindered her vision using its ink.

    ( Aladdin started to suckle Chiefusa while she was distracted causing her to go crazy with pleasure)

    Fateful: Perfectly fitting her back round Chifusa is highly skilled in swordsmanship, stealth, and Shurijitsu to the point where very few can match her skills in her verse which is full of talented samurai and ninja!

    She's also skilled in quick thinking and surviving extreme situations.

    Red hood: And that scroll of hers has more then just breast growth techniques , it actually has a technique that can steal or give breast to anyone! And she's really knowledgeable in using everything in it! 

    God damn, I need her in my world!

    Fateful: Me too man. Me too.

    ( Both look on as Aladdin sucks a moaning Chifusa for she's worth )

    Weaknesses: Chifusa from trailer
Has needed to be saved before
> But such cases are rare
Mostly relies on CQC
Can be rash and impulsive

To many breast steals can weigh her down
> She has gotten around this though
Is sometimes mesmerized by big breast due to mommy issues
> Has gotten over this somewhat

        ( Chifusa: How foolish to think tits are the reason this world exists!)


    Name: Sofia Velmer
Alias: Valmet, Sis
Age:  Possibly Late 20's to early 30's (27- 32)
Occupation: Bodyguard of Koko Hekmatyar.

Is easily the best CQC in her verse
Is one of the most experienced members of her team
Was a major unit in her military unit

Arguably the deadliest on Koko's guard team
> Which includes Jona a Child solider with a sixth sense, and a Wily who is a master with explosives enough to sense them nearby and is the only member besides Koko herself black listed by the FBI

Has slaughtered an entire base worth of contractors.
Defeated Karen and Mildo in one on one knife fights. ( Both are highly skilled in knife combat)
Survived the massacre of her whole military unit, only losing one eye ( By hiding under the dead corpses)
> Can still fight easily with one eye

Claimed revenge for the death of her squad by killing Chan Guoming.

    ( Red gets Aladdin off an exhausted Chifusa and has him heal Valmet waking her up in the process)

    Fateful: Ah, Jormungand, the world where arms dealers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and spying government agents are just a daily occurrence. And one such Arms dealer and wanna be world savior is Koko Hekmatyar, who has quite possibly the best personal task force in the world!

    And Valmet here is easily one of her deadliest assets!

    Valmet: True, there's nothing I wouldn't do for Koko~ ( Goes love struck for a moment)

    Aladdin ( Gets up from his drink) Wow! That was amazing thanks Chiefusa!  ( Said samurai groans in response) Anyway when you're one the team of a ruthless arms dealer you can't afford to be the weak link, good thing Velmet her is the complete opposite of weakness!

- Peak Human Strength:
Can easily carry Jonah, a child soldier over her shoulder
Easily overpowers much larger military foes
Scales to her teammate Ugo who can tackle a heavy set man through a thick brick wall
Has once kicked her teamate Lutz across the water like a stone
Can do 100 back to back one armed push ups

- Peak Human Reflexes and agility:
Can dodge bullets even up-close
> Making her around Mach 3-6
Quite easily blitzes a group of highly trained military personal
Is capable of leaping from enemy to enemy in tandem
Incredible acrobatics
Has rarely been hit by any attacks

- Peak Human Speed
Uses her speed to charge at opponents and can catch even well trained warriors off guard
One time raced across a snow covered battle field fast enough to not be hit by a bullet

- Peak Human and endurance Durability
Has been hit by bullets quite a few times and lived
One time took a full clip of bullets to her back and survived. ( But was knocked out afterwards)
> In fact quickly started exercising right after her recovery
Tanks hits from equally strong and even stronger opponents 
Can hold a handstand for a long time

Keeps up her rigorous training regimen that made her this powerful
Scales to Jonha who swam to shore from an oil rig in the Again sea

    Red hood: For someone not on my level this woman still has some impressive feats of physicality, for a low tier: She's on par with her fellow teammate Ugo who can tackle people through walls, can dodge and weave through close range bullets, and once survived being shot multiple times in the back!

    Valmet: Hey, I gotta keep my dear Koko and my squad alive, can't do that with these stats.

    Fateful: But as a military woman you know that the best weapon is nothing in the hands of an ametur, but you've got the needed skills covered I see.

    Valmet: I don't like bragging but, yes.

Skills and abilities:
S1 11 Valmet in FRDF
Extensive military expertise:
Is a highly decorated solider in the FRDF
Has lead her own squad of troops before
One of the most experienced members on Koko's team
> Which includes Lhem who's a senior veteran in a couple wars

CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT: S1 12 Valmet in action
- Equipped with two USN MK3 MOD 0 knives 
Image result for two USN MK3 MOD 0 knives
- Can use either one or duel wield knives during combat
- Defeated Mildo (a knife specialist), Karen and Chan (Duel wielding experts: Chan actually had pistols with knife bayonets on them, but he had injured legs during their fight)

Stealth: Can sneak up on unsuspecting foes.

    Aladdin: Like her breast Valmet's skills are perked up to the max! She's an experienced military veteran who once led her own team, and is an expert in knife combat!

    Valmet: Seriously, what is it with this Arabian kid and breast?

    Red hood: Eh, what is it with any man and breast?

    Valmet: Can you ever just answer a question instead of being a smartass?

    Fateful: Unfortunately no, he's the best at triggering people. Speaking of which to the gun gallery!

Image result for glock 17 gen 4
- Glock 17 Pistol
• 9mm Calibre
• 17 rounds per magazine
• 50m firing range

Image result for Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun with strap- Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun
• 9x19mm Parabellum
• 800 rounds per minute
• 200m firing range
• 30 rounds per magazine

Image result for Steyr AUG Assault Rifle- Steyr AUG Assault Rifle
• 5.56×45mm NATO
• 680-750 rounds per minute
• 300m firing range
• 42 rounds per magazine

See the source image- FN Minimi Para Machine Gun
• 5.56x45mm NATO
• 700–1,150 rounds per minute
• 300–1,000m firing range sight adjustments
• 200 rounds per magazine

    ( Chifusa gets up from her stupor and gazes at the current section) Are those guns, they look different in her world.

    Fateful: Yes my dear those are vastly different from your world, for one they hold a lot more ammo and have better management, and being a solider Valmet can use them for quite adeptly. And from her pistol to her Para Machine gun she basically has all ranges covered!

    Oh and nice load out by the way, these guns are very useful, I've actually modeled some of my weapons after them.

    Valmet: Wait, you make your own weapons?

    ( She stares in awe as Fateful pulls out a strange gun that shoots lasers that bypass durability and asks to hold it)

    ( Aladdin thanks Chifusa for the breast by using his magic to allow her to meet her mother again through the Rukh, causing her to cry tears of joy as she embraces her one last time, afterwards she all but crushes him against her expansive chest all but forcing him to play with it)

    Red hood: Well looks like I'm ending it here, anyway, see ya guys and busty gals later!

    Weaknesses: See the source image
Works better as part of a team
> But can take on groups of foes solo
>> However she still relies on help in dire situations
Hot-headed and brash
> Literally took on an entire military complex by herself
Doesn't use stealth much
> Or guns for that matter

Incredibly reckless
> One time went on a suicide mission and would have died if not for Jonha's help
>> Who she tried to drug beforehand
Survivors guilt
> Has gotten over this  

Is still very much human 

        (Valmet: “Even the dead start singing when the blades dig into their flesh”.)
Busty bladeswomen! The prelude!
The brawl between two blades women, will Chifusa cut her next chesty victim or will Valmet add another body to her kill count?

We'll find out in the next Brawl!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Yo does anyone here roleplay on discord here?

I'm open for any new comers who are interested;)


Fatefulbrawl's Profile Picture
Ladger (Cameron) adger
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United States
I'm a up and coming young artist who is looking to make a name for himself while experiencing and learning from others! “Intelligence work has one moral law—it is justified by results.” -John Le Carre, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. ( 10)

I've been fortunate to come on places where the question isn't why I did I do it? The question to me is always, why didn't anybody else do it before me? Those are the ones I scratch my head about.
-Todd McFarlane

Have An Open Mind.. But In Moderation by TheArtFrog Music Inspires Me. by PhysicalMagic I Really Can't Stand Wilful Ignorance by TheArtFrog OC Roleplay Stamp by JFG107-Stamps I Love Spaceships Stamp by TheArtFrog Nocturnal Artist by rJoyceyy It really isn't. by World-Hero21 Homework Is Bad For A Child's Health And Learning by TheArtFrog Emotions Are a Delicate Thing by Mintaka-TK Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin :thumb585697136: Don't Go There by PigsTail Offensive Garbage by crimsonsaphire Da Addict - stamp by Legendary--Warrior Speak your Mind Stamp by SparkLum Judging Problems Stamp by SparkLum
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I Support Creators' Independence by Mintaka-TK… I appreciate all support :D by rJoyceyy Life is a Work In Progress by rJoyceyy Space Stamp - Nebula Homeworld by TheArtFrog REQUEST: Stop censoring every little thing. by World-Hero21 Pie Stamp by Mintaka-TK ''You Like/Identify As This? SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE!!'' by Mintaka-TK To Be Fair Most If Not All Countries Are Sh*tholes by TheArtFrog Stamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirl I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Opinions Are Fine, Assholery Is Not by Mintaka-TK
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Wonder Rabbit by Wonder-Rabbit Minds of Their Own Stamp by Purplefire40

Matthew, chapter 6:
5 “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 6 “But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.
7 “And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words. 8 “So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."

Your move buddy.- StalkerKittyCecy


When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot.
What are the Beats -- the major events/turning points in the story? Sketch those (rough) and lay them out. Does the story still make sense? Time for in-betweens -- how do the peeps move/act from beat to beat? More roughs.
Example. Lifeguard at the beach - swimmers - victim. Lifeguard saves the day.
Beats: Beach overview (intro/setup). Establish lifeguard. Introduce swimmer. Big wave. Crowd response. Lifeguard acts! Drama in water. All flop on beach. Finale.

And you've got something with the beginning, middle, and end. Stuff and add diversions/accents to your heart's content. Your collection of roughs and betweens will lay out your story, so all you have to do is decorate them.

I figured when I saw: "That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors."

I also just want to add something to this:
"When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot."

While I do agree, I also disagree.
As an author myself, I've seen, more often than not, that while having an end idea in view is a good idea, it's never best to lock in that ONE idea.
As I've stated before: let your characters surprise you. Let them grow. Real people are always changing, so, to make your characters real, let them grow as well. The end may not be the same as you planned.
By not forcing them to end exactly the way you have already planned, you have given them the ability to become 'real' people.


My Comic Series! :webcomic-universe.deviantart.c…


You want my advice though mate? Write what you want to see written. That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors. Think of your favorite book, if there were any qualities you felt that book was missing, write something with those qualities. And definitely do not write something just because people will be interested in it, if the story is not from your own heart and soul, it won't be any good. Never write because people will read it, write because you want it to be read. "In Heaven, there's a library, and one of the aisles in that library, is dedicated to all the books never written, don't let your story be in that aisle."-Ryan P. Freeman. Writing is something special, you have the power to create, everything you write is your world, you make the rules, the physics, the chemistry, everything is yours. That's what differs us writers from the artists on DA, while they create one picture that shows a snapshot of an incomplete world, we complete our worlds, flesh out the details, the readers see it all. Write the world you want to exist, it's your's to create. So, write what you want to see written. That's the best advice I can give you mate. Good luck!-…

hehe rate me by SunnyCatArts2023

( Also if you cannot find some of my works look in the journal section as deviantart loves to troll me with this making some of my literature into journals prank, well joke's on it here's a sample of what's there Childhood innocense vs adult lust:prelude!!  

     Aladdin: Why are we doing another prelude when the one we are doing currently is not exactly done yet we only have the first few parts.
   Fateful: Because that one will take a long while to finish do to all the creatures the TF2 crew have to deal with in the wastelands, but also because this Brawl gets my interest as of now.
  Red hood: Anyway what happens when children get ready to explore the sexuality of the adult world in a more violent way, and no I'm not talking about BDSM or masochistic pleasures.
  Aladdin: But let's see what happens when a robot child  gets the " quality time" with a female witch who is a good bit rowdy?
  Fateful: Well let's get this prelude started beam'em in! Also Thanks to and for the bios!
    ( Megaman and Bayonetta get beamed into the mansion)
and What is life to you? Find your purpose!   
Hey it's ladger back with another introspective/philosophical piece if you want to check out my other look here:
 anyway I just wanted to talk about this for a while now, but got caught up in other things namely drawing and martial arts but reading this from a retiring vs debater/artist:
really got me thinking about some parts of life we take to lightly, to heavily, ignore, give control to others, etc. And before I go yes I understand not all things, people, experiences, or anything for that matter are equal.  It all really just depends on who your talking to, what they believe, their culture, living environment, etc there are really to many ways to ponder in this subject so I'll get you all started smoothly!
Before I go on it seems fair too say no one can ever truly tell you about life's great wonders nothing can prepare you for it and the best way to do it is to just

Eye witness testimony and personal experience are unreliable as evidence to prove extraordinary claims. Our senses can be fooled, our minds can hallucinate or misinterpret. Everyone knows this, of course, but we treat it like we treat the notion that dogs can be dangerous: it only applies to other people, never our own pets. My Fluffy would never bite someone!…

sure~ this may not be what you expect to hear, but dont show your drawings to just anyone. alot of people are really discouraging and will make you only see flaws in the work you were just so proud of before showing them. Be proud for yourself and don't let others' opinions get to you. you'll start doubting yourself and the quality of your work will decrease. trust me, once you do that, your drawings will get better so much faster. Also, draw for yourself and for fun and not to impress others. When you enjoy what you're doing, it shows up in your art ///// : / yeah and I'm definitely speaking from experience. once I stopped showing negative people, I wasn't as hard on myself when I made a mistake, i was always motivated to draw, and I was in a good mood when i practiced. And I say it's always good to work on anatomy, but even with that, don't be too tough on yourself. If you look closely at the professional manga and anime artists, like if you look behind all the fancy color and extra detail, you see that they have a lot of obvious anatomical mistakes, like, a lot. So as long as you are confident and feel positive about what you were able to do, people wont look at your art for accuracy, but for the the amount of creativity you put in it…
Yeah, so loving... NOT! by FluffyFerret97 Death for Religion by FluffyFerret97 HeteroRomantic BiSexual Free Thinking Deviant by LittleStamps Petty People Piss Me Off by TheArtFrog I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte I can't think of a name stamp by In-The-Machine To Be Fair Most If Not All Countries Are Sh*tholes by TheArtFrog Stamp: Under 18 by Azrael-Legna
Your Adventure Awaits stamp by katamariluv Stamp - Try Turning Your Weaknesses Into Art by Kushell (Actually, So Do I!) by Mintaka-TK gay by saltystamped Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox We Laugh and Learn Together stamp by katamariluv :thumb659516367: I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog OLD REQ: Guilt-trippers by World-Hero21
Fantasies by LittleStamps Little Things Add up to Big Things stamp by katamariluv Think, Dream, Plan bottlecap by katamariluv Today is Going to Be the Best stamp by katamariluv
Pro Net Neutrality Stamp by TheArtFrog :thumb711770487: Difference by Akhnaton-II :thumb603188088: I want proof! by OurHandOfSorrow Freedom of religion... by BlackJill Sure, I'll respect your Religion! If... by OurHandOfSorrow Wrath of Gods | DEATH BATTLE!
    Raiden: Alright, the combatants are set! Let end this debate once and for all... Finally!
    Makoto: After all these years, right? Get pumped, because it's time for a DEATH BATTTTTTTTTLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    --- --- --- --- ---
    Beerus' Planet...
    On the green surface of the lower part of the oddly shaped planet, an odd creature lay on his side with his head resting on his hand, looking out over the river. His skin was purple, he had the long ears and face of a jackal, and his tail waved around randomly. He wore very little to cover his unnaturally thin body, but he at least had baggy blue pants, a black stripe with white and orange diamonds in front of them. and pointed shoes along with a black and blue pad to cover his shoulders.
    He may have looked a bit silly, but he was still of great importance. For he was the God of Destruction himself, Beerus

:thumb699386599: Space Elevator by TheArtFrog :thumb90574606: Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound REQUEST: Not an excuse by World-Hero21 I am a FIGHTER - stamp by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX ''WAAAH DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH'' by Mintaka-TK Stamp: Stop harassing them by Azrael-Legna ''WAAAH DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH'' by Mintaka-TK :thumb703012662: I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Not a loser by Akhnaton-II Stamp: Stop sheltering them from the human body by Azrael-Legna OLD REQ: Don't pull the victim card. by World-Hero21 :thumb646507163: :thumb645783835: :thumb595361939: :thumb609739432:
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Originality stamp by TheCynicalHound Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Stamp: my god is better than your god by KrisTheTrashLord Lives Are Far More Important Than Your Religion! by TheArtFrog whatever makes YOU smile by Dusk-deerfluff Don't Forget Yourself. by Snuf-Stamps remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion This Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endler It is NOT rape by CobraCorroso ''I'm not racist because I'm not white'' by OpposingViews :iconmaturity1plz: :iconmaturity2plz: ''WAAAH STOP BASHING MY FAITH FOR GOOD REASONS'' by Mintaka-TK Robert Ballard - discovering geothermal-based life by YamaLama1986 Stamp: Stop sheltering them from the human body by Azrael-Legna :thumb633633191: I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog DA Stamp - Good Roleplay 02 by tppgraphics
A Note to SJWs, LGBT+Phobes, And Many More by Foxstar241 Anti-Police Brutality by Mintaka-TK There Are Actually Legit Reasons Why You... by Mintaka-TK ''LOOK AT MAH CUUUUUUURVES'' by Mintaka-TK Is There Such a Thing as an Unbiased Source? by Mintaka-TK :thumb670751694: I Am Not My Country... I Am My Own Individual! by TheArtFrog Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by TheArtFrog (I Understand This, Being an Anime Fan) by Mintaka-TK
Education Is Far More Effective Than Coercion by TheArtFrog Refusing To Question Your Beliefs Is The Worst Sin by TheArtFrog Again, An Age Gap Isn't Always Creepy... by Mintaka-TK Believe it or not by LadyRebeccaStamps
Quit While You're Ahead Before the Rot Kicks In! by Mintaka-TK I Believe in Dragons. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Blue Moon by EmpathicDesign Please finish conversations by A3G15-XIII Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by TheArtFrog :thumb631240839: Today I learned that: the word "lord" is derived from the Middle English period, and originally was spelled "hlafweard", which translated to "bread guardian", referencing the feudal lord's position as being in charge of feeding and keeping his subjects healthy, in exchange for their loyalty. See "loaf" (hlaf) and "warden" (weard). Shortened and warped by the process of time, "hlafweard" becomes "hlafard" and eventually "lord".…

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Emotional Instability by Mintaka-TK Not a valid art block excuse by achthenuts Mere Punishment Doesn't Reduce Crime by TheArtFrog Disagree With Views. NOT Facts! by TheArtFrog
Linguistics, man Sexism Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right by TheArtFrog Privacy is a Right (Stamp) by TheArtFrog You are Not Entitled to an Ignorant Opinion by TheArtFrog Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Unable To Think Stamp by StampBandWagon AmericanDreaming posted a status
The most frustrating thing I encounter on deviant art isn't disagreement, crazy beliefs, trolls, etc. It's people who don't understand the point being made (no matter how clear I try to be), and then respond to some phantom argument I never made, or position I don't hold. People occasionally ask for clarification, which I'm happy to provide, but more often, they just go into full outrage mode. Let's Get Started! Class 1Class is in session. So you're either new to drawing, or you've been drawing for a while and you're having trouble. :iconcrydesuplz: Maybe it's the anatomy, maybe it's the pose. Well we're here to help. :iconyeashplz:
Follow along and take notes. Don't forget to sketch along with the videos.
How to improve fast:
Now for some anatomy:
Homework: :iconwhatwhereplz:
Post a link to your homework (If you decide to do it) in the comment section along with any questions. We're here to help :iconairpunchplz:
Nikola Tesla - humanity's need of invention by YamaLama1986
Small Breasts Still Matter by Aclianna Saiyan pride stamp by war-armor Atheist Doesn't Equal Satanist by n0-username Say It With Me! :DI am not my foot size.
I am not my finger width.
I am not my eyebrow length.
I am not my eye colour.
I am not my hair colour.
I am not my skin colour.
I am not my genitalia.
I am not my sexuality.
I am not my ancestors. 
I am not my friends.
I am not my family.
I am not other people.
I am not the music I listen to.
I am not the fiction I read.
I am not the fiction I write.
I am not the games I play.
I am not the films I watch.
I am not my personal preferences.
I am my actions.
I am my ideas.
I am my ideals.
I am my world views.
I am my personality.
I am my merits.
I am the content of my character.
I am an individual.
I am me.

:thumb641494714: Seize This Day stamp by katamariluv Stay Positive bottlecap by katamariluv No matter what, stay strong...Whether a bad past, too much stress, health problems, bullying, friends leaving, betrayal, drama, or anything else bad happens...
Don't give up or give in. You're not the only one to face these things and never will be. We all faced simmer things and survived through it. Don't bring more harm to yourself by treating your skin as paper and cutting it or trying to kill yourself. Life gets better and it's not just a saying. It's said because it's true. That those who say it has experienced problems or pain. Life doesn't remain one way forever. Sure bad things may have happened for years and years, but look at your age now and compare it to how long you can live...
Do you really think those terrible things will follow you forever? That life will stay it's bleak shape forever? Tell me...

Do you really know? Or...are you guessing? 

Life will be hard. No doubt about it. And yes, it will continue to get harder from here. But it won't be hard  where it can't be


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