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To be honest I'm kinda perplexed on this piece here, on one hand I like certain parts on him and on others I feel he's abstracted a bit...

Let's just soak in the greatness of this beauty.... firstly the paint-job is amazing it blends well all around, the coloring of the eye...

Okay this lovely lady here could give Black cat and Catwoman a run for thier money in both custom and looks;) Seriously though she's ama...

Ok, this is easily the most badass drawing I've seen this week, a fearless girl laying out a hulking monster, what more can I ask for?!...

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Powerstorm Phase 2: The beginning pt.1

     "  Regardless of the power that tries to bind you, life is meant to be lived however one sees fit, "- Flav

A small golden figure blitz around the area at blinding speeds rustling up the Zobar as their sleep was disturbed causing them to thrash their massive tails around in annoyance, during which the chibi figure flew into the barn as he hovered in mid-air with a pair of proportionate black wings.
    It wasn't long before he spotted his target; Flav as she was busy getting all the inventory for the coming market ready in her now casual dressed chitin wear, which consisted of a red shirt and brown slacks, " Now we have enough Amp weed from Wavor, now I just need to check the, -".
    Before she could finish though the figure landed on her head which he proceeded to nussle into, as he fluttered his dark wings around her face causing the ant morph to see illusions, but it doesn't work so well after the up-ten
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Far out: Page 11

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My view on Maria ( Frida's mom )
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War...War never changes!:The Brawl!

 Fateful: Well it's do or die time guys. Anyone have any bets to place?
 Red hood: Even though he's a bit of a dick I'll go with Sam.
 Eren ( Stays silent for a bit) I'm not betting.
 Red hood: What, why not!?
 Eren: I'd rather not bet on these guys, both soldiers will give it their all and to just single one out based on my bet and not their skills would be foolish.
 Fateful: I feel ya Eren, but we gotta keep it fair so I guess I'll go with Rambo then, purely for fun though.
 Red hood: Just be ready to lose man.
 Fateful: Like you did all those times?
 Red hood: Hey those were flukes! ( Ahem ) Anyway it's time to see which hunter has his day...
 Eren: And which one becomes the other's prey...
 Fateful: Finally, it's time for a......
 ALL: FATEFUL BRAWLLLL!!!!!! ( Spot the prelude here: )
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This neat game! by Fatefulbrawl This neat game! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 3 0
Nightly Water Sprouts!
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Far out: Page 10

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Omni-man Brawls for redemption!

    Age: Over 1000 years old
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 210lbs of pure muscle
    Species: Viltrumite
    Alignment: ( Formerly) Brutal conquer  ( Current ) Neutral Good
    Affiliation: ( Formerly ) The Vitrumite empire ( Current ) Coalition of planets
Constantly hailed as one of the greatest soldiers in Viltrumite history
During his time in the empire he successfully took over several worlds
> Was so great at he he got his own unit to command
Survived the Scourge virus that wiped out 99% of his race
> And I mean there were literally only about 50 of his kind left alive

Is the father of Invincible
> Trust me that's a feat in of itself
Was easily the strongest hero on Earth during his mission there
> The Heroes here are around city-m
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Inspiring Stories Volume 1: One Piece!
     This has been a long time in the making, after seeing great reviews of people speaking about why they love their specific characters, series, etc.
 And honestly it's always been on my mind to get my love and admiration for my own out there to others, and what better way then with a brilliant piece of storytelling that honestly changed my life...

  My Fateful viewers let us talk about One piece!B-)

    First I'll talk about how I started watched One piece and came to know of it, well honestly it was just by chance, just like the ones that happen in the show itself I got into anime by way of what started many people's interest in the genre, DBZ the grand daddy of all Shonen anime.
    But that's a story for another time;)
    Back to One piece I watched it on a whim while using this log since taken down website for viewing anime and the instant I saw
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Leadvember Spook!
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Speedy Scrape: Royal swordplay!


    This is a partial birthday gift to ( and
   Fateful: Alright before anything else we'll unveil just what's going on here, but first Red could you go get Aladdin.
 ( Jason nods as he retrieves the young Magi with his bag packed and ready to go )
 Aladdin: Red! I'm getting ready to go, what's up!?
     Red hood ( Carries the Magi to the living room) Just a small parting gift/gift/debut, now sit down.
     ( Throws the Magi onto the couch with expert aim as he plops down on one to)
     Fateful: Thanks Red, now Aladdin ya know when I said we'd have Sonic in Knight form against Alibaba?
     Aladdin ( Pauses as he hears this) You mean...
     Fateful: Yep! It
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Vo Bast the pharaoh!

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Far out: Page 8

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508 deviations

    Okay just to be clear straight up, I'm not saying this to call out or even closely bad mouth anyone, I'm doing this to hopefully bring attention to a subject that I believe deserves some more insight, so with that out of the way enjoy the read!

     Truth be told I've been planning to make this for a while as this problem has been a minor peeve to me ever since I started to notice it, now it has gone down a bit thanks to bios from people such as;… by

Yoda brings his wisdom to Death Battle

First Appearance: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 
Name: Yoda 
Alias: Jedi Grandmaster, Avatar of Light
Height: 2'0 
Weight: 17 kilograms
Age: 900
Gender: Male

Occupation: Jedi Grandmaster 
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Yoda was a legendary Jedi Master and stronger than most in his connection with the Force. Small in size but wise and powerful. He trained Jedi for over 800 years, playing integral roles in the Clone Wars. However he ultimately failed to prevent Order 66, a command ordered by Chancellor Palpatine (who was Darth Sidious in disguise for the entirety of the Clone Wars) to the Clone armies to wipe every living Jedi throughout the galaxy. Which they had came very close to doing. Ashamed, Yoda self-exiled himself on Dagobah never to be seen again. Thus escaping capture and execution from the Empire. But not all hope

Master Chief is deployed into DEATH BATTLE!
First Appearance: Halo: Combat Evolved (15th of November, 2001)
Full/Real Name: John-117
AKA: Reclaimer, Sierra 117
Height: 2.08 m (6'10") Without Armor, 2.18 m (7'2") With Armor
Weight: 130 kg (290 lbs) Without Armor, 451.3 kg (995 lbs) With Armor
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Eridanus II
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: UNSC
Occupation: Spartan, Leader of Blue Team
Attack Potency: Wall level physically / Small Building level with Mjolnir Armor / Up to Small Town level with Weapons

Proto Man whistles his way into battle!
Real Name: DLN-000
Aliases: Proto Man, Blues, Burusu (If you like Engrish), Break Man
Debuts: Mega Man 3 (1990)
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 230 lbs
Age: Physically appears to be in his teens, actual age is debatable.
Good Point: Good Whistler
Bad Point: Doesn't Keep Contact 
Likes: Solitary Travel
Dislikes: Interviews

-Even his earliest version had greatly exceeded the expectations of Dr. Light, even if it was largely incomplete.
--He had been designed to become the first humanoid robot capable of independent thought and reasoning, potentially making him a predecessor to the Mega Man X series' Reploids.
-After Proto Man had run away after learning about a defect in his core, he served as the base to perfect the creation of the housekeeping robots, Rock and Roll, the forme

Mega Man X Nova Strikes into DEATH BATTLE! By…

    Oh and just about EVERY SINGLE BIO that my good friend here has ever done, seriously check them out, they're that amazing!  The same to my boy… as well;)

    Now you're all most likely wondering, " Fateful what makes these bios any different from most others on the Vs battle circuit,"?

    Well I'm glad you guys and gals asked, I'm going to do my best to explain why some VS bios on Deviantart work better for a prelude then others: Starting with the most blatant criteria that I'd love for any bio to do justice with, and that is- ( Drumroll ) 


     Describing the character's feats and abilities more thoroughly!

    Now I know you all know what feats I'm talking about there's the feats from the classic Feat list as shown in the examples above along with the physical scores of each, now while some vs bios do this well enough to get a firm scope of the characters true power, others kinda unintentionally fumble this.  ^^;

    " What are you talking about Fate, how do they do that, "?

    Well it's like this, allow me to use a couple examples of what happens when you do this a bit off, I'll list them as we go on:  Mark Grayson is INVINCIBLE in Death Battle!
Alias: Mark Grayson
Age: Around 17-18 (start of series), Around late twenties, early thirties (current)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Species: Human/Viltrumite hybrid
Occupation: Student (former), Superhero, Government Agent, Dad

Joined the Teen Team
Has helped stop multiple invasions from different dimensions
Stalemated Allen the Alien in their first encounter
Held his own against his own father, Omni-Man
Successfully rescued a group of astronauts from martians on Mars
Helped defend the planet Thraxa alongside his father from three adult Viltrumites
Casually defeated Mastermind, a villain that enslaved every other hero within earshot
Succeeded in repelling the Sequids invasion with help from the new Guardians of the Globe
Defeated Angstrom Levy
Went to the future and killed The Immortal
Knocked out an Invincible from an alternate reality
Defeated Conquest
Killed Conquest durin
        Monkey D. Luffy stretches into Death Battle!MONKEY D. LUFFY

Age: 19

Species: Human
Height: 5'8½"
Weight: 141 lbs
Epithet: Straw Hat
Classification: Devil Fruit User, Straw Hat Pirates Captain, Supernova
Bounty: 400,000,000

Knocked out the Lord of the Coast with one punch
Liberated various towns, including the land of Alabasta, from evil
Defeated Buggy's first mate with one punch
Defeated Captain Kuro
Broke Don Krieg's armor
Defeated Arlong, collapsing a large tower in the process
With Zoro, effortlessly dispatched a group of a hundred Baroque Works bounty hunters
Defeated various members of Baroque Works, including their leader, Crocodile
Knocked out Bellamy with one punch
Defeated Enel while he had a giant golden ball stuck to his hand
Beat Foxy in a Davy Back Fight
Stormed Enies Lobby, an extr
       Jaime Reyes Suits Up for Death Battle!
Blue Beetle
AKA: Jaime Reyes
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs
First Appearance: Infinite Crisis #3 (2006)

-The third person to take the Blue Beetle identity
-Helped a team led by Batman locate Brother Eye, a genocidal satellite
-Brought down La Dama, a crime boss who dealt with magic and metahumans
-Defeated the alien invaders known as The Reach, who created the Scarab
-Was a part time member of the Teen Titans for a while
-Went back in time and helped save Ted Kord
-Earned the respect and blessing of Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle
-Helped Justice League International stop Maxwell Lord's plans

-Help destroy OMAC Prime, which was strong enough to take on Justice League International

Weapons and Equipment:

Khaji Da:
-Alien technology
-Is sentient and has its own goals and ideals
-More violent and ruthless t

    Now again I have bear no ill will to any of these guys, my respect for them and all they do is high, I myself know how much time an effort it takes to make a VS bio so I commend them for that, but as I said in the title I must say my piece on how I've found these bios rather lacking.

    I'll be starting with Luffy's bio: Now I will say that all these feats are indeed amazingly listed here in a really constructive way,… all and all did a good job here, for the most part, my problem comes in the way of that, well, the feats don't really say a lot.

    Allow me to explain: The first feat is by far the most important one you ever list, and Flash starts off strong with; Knocked out the Lord of the Coast with one punch!

    This is by far on Luffy's greatest starting levels of strength, but I have one question......... how easy was it for him and how big was the creature he knocked out?

    Or this one: Defeated various members of Baroque Works, including their leader, Crocodile: Okay, how strong is Crocodile, what can he and the members of his crew do that makes Luffy's defeat of them impressive?

    And this: Clashed with Chinjao: How powerful is this character and what can he do?

     I could go on but you get the thing about his feats, they are well listed and perfectly in order too might I add, but they just don't give you enough to work off of if your making a VS battle.

    Same thing with Invincible: Defeated Conquest and Killed Conquest during their rematch; Again I ask how strong was Conquest and what could he do that makes this victory as paramount as it is and was? I would have put something like:

     " Defeated Conquest who was a high level Viltrumite warrior * A regular Viltrumite can casually take over a planet like Earth with ease and tank all it's weapons.

    And " Killed Conquest while being brutally disemboweled, ".     You see how much more detailed and badass that is?

    Again these bios are very well made, but they leave many important details of the feats done out making them rather vague in context.

Now we move on to abilities part, for this I'll be using the Blue Bettle bio as I have had a few problems with this one, we'll start with his strength: " Can lift 20 tons " Ok so far so good, most heroes strike harder then they lift, but besides this all the others here don't say much.

    " Holds apart the fist of Giganta, a Wonder Woman villain "
That's a serious feat of strength right there, especially since Wonder woman is capable of pulling people out of giant black holes and can move Earth along side Superman and Martian Manhunter, but again it's not stated or mentioned anywhere.

    This goes into another issue I have with some bios, they almost never mention how strong the people or race the bioe has fought is, I know some do this but I've seen a lot that do not, such as this insert from Blue bettle's durability section, " Tanks an attack from an enraged Guy Gardner " How strong are green lanterns on average and how strong was this specific one that attacked him?
And the thing about it is Blue Bettle's speed category is nicely done listing various MFTL speed feats for him and describes why a majority of them are so great like the Tachyon dodging one, yet I'm wondering why he didn't give the same courtesy to the other to areas.

    Next is Blue Bettle's abilities just to make this short here's the full list of them right here: 

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsRegeneration (Low-Mid, regenerated from a gunshot to the head), ShapeshiftingInformation Analysis (A inexperienced Jaime accidentally gains a readout of a good portion of the town. The Scarab can see the location and track any person Jaime has met since they bonded, even if they are cloaked. The Scarab probes the Phantom Stranger against his will. Easily analyzes Dani Garrett’s ancestry, state of health, and threat level, which was implied to have been based on her knowledge)Technological ManipulationHackingEnergy Manipulation and Absorption (Drained the energy from The Bottom Feeder. Overpowered Livewire’s drain with his own), Reactive Evolution and Adaptation(Reach Infiltrators are constantly evolving and adapting to situations. This ranges from spontaneously reconfiguring itself to release energy that negates magnetism to reconfiguring his weapons to use kryptonite radiation to better harm Supergirl to creating a device that manipulates and reflects signals to the point where anything attempting to use them to judge his location will believe they are fighting him), TeleportationTime DilationInvisibility, and Psuedo-Causality Manipulation with Dimension Shifting (The Reach can move into the bleed in order to go invisible and intangible, as well as avoid detection. This allows him to go completely undetected, even to other Reach Tech. This allows him to appear near simultaneously in multiple places at once, and can use this to talk to his past self and move free from normal causality), Time TravelExplosion ManipulationElectricity ManipulationForcefield Creation (Can create forcefields that can’t be phased through), Radiation ManipulationTelekinesisTelepathySound ManipulationBody Control and Weapon Creation (Can create weaponry and shields out of his body and control it), Non-Physical Interaction (Harmed Typhoon, whose body is made of wind, fought with and hacked a group of foes with dimension shifted armor), Acausality (Can talk to his past self without issue, Black Beetle, his evil future self, caused his own turn to evil), Spatial Manipulation (Can pull things from in between reality and outside 3 dimensions into 3-D), Power Nullification (Can negate magic and Probability ManipulationNegated the magic of an amplified Eclipso), Status Effect Inducement (Can use a population suppressor, which knocks out foes without harming them), Extrasensory Perception (Can see things that have shifted outside of three dimensions into N-Space or The Bleed), Resurrection Negation (The Bottom Feeder, a being cursed by God to never die, claimed that God had sent him to kill him forever. The Scarab also found a way to kill him permanently. The Bottom Feeder later attacked him again, as he had realized that Blue Beetle was the only thing capable of killing him permanently), Resistance to TelepathyInformation AnalysisEmpathic ManipulationTechnological ManipulationHackingPower Absorption, and possibly Acid Manipulation (Parasite was incapable of draining his powers. Resisted the attempts by The Reach to shut him down. Unaffected by a acid spray. Breaks through Bonita’s attempt to use her powers on him. Blocks Probe’s power to read minds and powers. The Scarab can also fry the brain of anyone who manages to actually get in.    

    A few of these are missing from here and they are big ones as well. I could put more examples about these specific problems, but you all get the idea.

    I also believe it's important to update your bio if any new info comes out, but I already do that on my own and I'm sure others do to, so it's alright if you forget to update every once in a while:)

    Now onto the next point:

    Add something about their mentality and personality!

    This by far is probably the most important of them all, knowing the in-depth psychology and habits of the fighter is paramount to properly detailing them in a battle, getting their personality down pat is essential to proper submersion into the tale being told, there are plenty of examples like this:   DEATH BATTLE John Matrix VS John Rambo: Prelude

BRICKHEAD: Big prelude, big So go check it out or whatever
    This Is A Job For Superman! Kal-L Enters DB!
Real Name: Kal-L
Aliases: Superman, Clark Kent, Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, Golden Age Superman, Earth-Two Superman, Charlie Kendall, Tom Daly, Flying Tiger, Kenneth Clarkson, Bud Mack, 
Olam the wondrous wizard
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 222 lbs
Species: Kryptonian
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widowed
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Reporter of the Daily Star, Editor-in-Chief, Superhero
First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (June 1938)
The original Superman, invented in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Kal-L landed on Earth many years earlier than Kal-El of the New Earth continuity in the early 1900's, joined the Justice Society instead of the Justice League, discovered his Kryptonian origins through time travel, and originally had only mild super strength, speed and durability. As time went on however, his powers increased vastly. Kal-L finally met his
   Buffy Summers is Chosen to Slay Death Battle

Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Age: 23 (TV), a few years older (comics)
Height: 5 ft 4 in or 163 cm
Weight: 55 kg or 121 pounds
Likes: Her friends, Spike, living a normal life
Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a bunch of Comics

-She can knock down Vampires with a single kick
-Can kick open a steel door when has chains hold it
-Throw a Cymbal hard enough to slice a Vampire's head off
-Hit Riley across a room when she is not even trying
-Over power zookeeper who is possess by five spirits just one can tear steel cages
-Break the lock of the locker door
-Punch through a door
-Bust through ceilings
-Break free from Chains
-Throw a lamp to Spikes head hard enough to knock a pipe organ
-Overpower Ted who is a robot
-Stab a small knife though a robot
   Darth Vader Shall Redeem Himself in DEATH BATTLE!

Darth Vader:
-Real Name: Anakin Skywalker.
-First Appearance: Star Wars: A New Hope (1977).


-As a child, had the highest… (sigh)… midi-chlorian count of any Jedi ever documented, even Yoda.
-As a child, built C-3PO and his own podracer.
-As a child, won the Boonta Eve Classic podrace.
-As a child, destroyed control ship with a Naboo Starfighter.
-As a padawan, built his own lightsaber.
-As a padawan, was ordered to be bodyguard of Senator Amidala alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi.
-As a padawan, helped thwart Zam Wesell’s attempt to assassinate Amidala.
-As a padawan, slaughtered an entire village of Tusken Raiders after his mother died.
-As a padawan, survived being in the Petranaki arena and being attacked by a reek.
-As a padawan, duelled Count Dook

    I've had to many times add in these very details on my own, and while I don't mind I'd like to make more people aware of their importance as without them the character is just a stand in that goes in to fight and win with no pay-off, kmowing just a bit of their personality can help boost the fight's impact by a ton!


    And I think that's it form me for the most part, if I find something missing here I'dd add it in a journal and attach it here, but this is just something I really wanted to get off my chest and bring attention to, till next time my Fateful audience!:love:

Why I think some Vs bios are kinda dowplayed..
All bios and links in here go to their own respective Deviants;)

Also if you think I missed anything or you have some words to say, out with it lads!:)
Hunk of buring love!
Lewis Heart icon First and foremost this is a special birthday gift to my dear friend: Huggle! Meow :3 

So as you can see I've decided to start my own series of crossover lover pairings, later down the line I may even start to draw them out in a traditional art style, but for now these will do;)

This white hot romance is the pairing of Blaze the cat and Johnny Storm A.K.A Human torch! Both wield the power of flames in vastly different ways but always strive to cause as little damage to their surroundings as possible, so what happens when their hearts set fire at the sight of each otherLove The Sunshine In Love 

Also I'll grant the honor of detailing this pairings story to the audience below, give me a good read:p



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Demonic power by Fatefulbrawl

 `( Fateful walks around in a circle looking at his phone ) Come on! Come on! We have a New years season/ Birthday gift finally here!

     ( Eren appears behind him from the kitchen holding a sandwhich ) Settle down Fate, he'll be here, unless he got lost.

     Fateful: How do you get lost with a telepoter!?

     Eren ( Shrugs as he eats his meal )

     Fateful ( Rubs his face ) Damnit! We need Jack more then ever right now, with Red hood gone to drag Aladdin's little ass back here!

     Eren: And that's why I stayed for one more brawl, to help you out, now calm down, he-

     ( Door is busted open by a thrown dead body of a bullman as Jack walks in as if everything's normal )

     Eren: See, there he is ( Resumes eating once again )

     Fateful ( Annoyed ) WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG!?

     Jack ( Calmly replies ) Had to spill some guts, also your teleporter is weak as shit.

    ( Cayman shows the totaled remains of Fate's portable teleporter )

Fateful ( Takes it as he cradles the broken tech ) My baby! Do you know how long these calculations and tech take to-

 Eren ( Pats Fate's shoulder ) Dude, now YOUR the one who's wasting time.

 Fateful ( Sighs ) Ya your right, let's get on with the final!

    ( Ahem ) For years several warriors have fought and kills to be the best in their field of combat, and a big chunk of that training largely involves conquering your inner demons or for some outright suppressing them.

 Eren: But these two brawlers have taken a different route and decided to do something truly unique: They became their own demons!

 Fateful: Introducing the Demon swordsman Roronoa Zoro!

 Jack: Along with the Ansatsuken master of the fist Akuma!

 Eren: Let's see which demon can devour the other is a FATEFUL BRAWL! ( And Thanks to… and for the bios )

    ( Also this whole prelude is a gift to for his birthday and for helping in my start with Vs writing ;)

    ( Both brawlers are teleported in )

    Zoro ( Grabs some Sake out of the cabinet and chugs it down ) A fight against a demon uh, sounds interesting! 

    Akuma ( Relaxes his stance ) Hopefully this battle will grant me an equal to fist. 

Fateful: Jack as the new guy you get to choose who goes first.

    Jack ( Looks between the two intently ) I'm kinda liking that guy with the green hair, us addicts gotta stick together after all ( To prove his point he lights a cigar and smokes it)

    Zoro: As long as you don't start acting like a wannabe gangster we're good.

    Akuma ( Scoffs at Jack ) Inside, have you no manners boy?

    Jack: Maybe not, but I do have this ( Unleashes his chainsaw )

    Fateful: No, just! ( Deep breath ) Just run the damn bio quick!


Age: 21

Species: Human
Height: 5'11"
Classification: First mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, Supernova, Former Bounty Hunter
Epithet: Pirate Hunter
Bounty: Beli Small320,000,000


Developed his own fighting style, the Santoryu
> Did this as a kid
Built a reputation for himself as the Pirate Hunter of the East Blue

Was offered a position in Baroque Works, but ended up killing the agent who offered him the position in self-defense when he refused
Defeated Buggy's second mate a unicycle multi-swordsman after getting stabbed through the chest
> Was also bleeding profusely 
Considered worthy enough for Mihawk to draw his sword in his first duel with him
> Mihawk is one of the Seven warlords of the sea, as in on of the most powerful characters in the series;…
Even with a giant wound on his chest and a fever, defeated a Fishman that wields six swords at once
 Lucky enough for Sandai Kotetsu's curse not to affect him
> This sword has killed countless swordsmen before him
With Luffy, fought on par with a hundred of Baroque Works bounty hunters

Cut through Mr. 1, someone who can transform his body into steel
> Took a massive beating from him beforehand and even had a building drop on him
Defeated both Braham and Ohm, two of Enel's priests
> Who were both literal one man Armies:
Defeated Kaku…
Won against a zombie that had knew all of his techniques
Killed Ryuma, a master samurai zombie, and took his sword;
> He did this by basically cutting his soul
Cut off Oars's left tusk
> Even outright deflected a straight punch from him;
Got Mihawk to train him
> Mihawk is the best Swordsman in the one piece verse bar none
After his training with Mihawk, easily destroyed a Pacifista
> Just ONE of these machines took the entire crew to beat last time!
Cut through Hyouzou's swords

Casually decapitated a dragon
> Who's flesh is much harder then any known metal
Sliced Monet a snow logia in half
> Wasn't serious at all and could have easily killed her with haki 
Clashed with Fujitora
> Who can do this with relative ease; [link]
Defeated Pica with little effort; [link]

> In fact he did this through clever strategy

Fateful: The legendary Zoro was born on an island in the East Blue, his family is unknown but at the age of ten he set out to challenge a swordsmanship dogo in Shimotsuki Village and according to him he had won against a few others beforehand.

    Eren: So you just went around picking fights with other people?

    Zoro: Yeah basically, one of the few things about me that's remained the same honestly.

    Jack: I can relate, the thrill's hard to shake off.

    Akuma ( Nods ) A statement we can find common ground on.

    Eren: But like most hot-headed kids Zoro eventually got put in his place once a certain girl named Kuina promptly beat him in a sword match with one strike, and I have to say I can relate to that as well.

    Zoro: Eh, really, damn what are the odds? Anyway after my embarrassment I went on to train rigorously for a rematch surpassing everyone at my dogo, to fight with her again using real swords.

    Fateful: And got your 2001st lost unfortunately.

    ( Silence )

     Akuma ( Laughs out loud ) What kind of demon loses at such an absurd number, are you truly as good as you claim?!

    Zoro ( Stares Darkly at Fateful ) Well I do have a practice dummy here ( Reaches for Wado ) maybe I can demonstrate.

    Jack ( Sees the blade he reaches for ) Hey, isn't that the sword your friend gave you after she bite it?

    Zoro ( Turns his attention to Jack as he was approaching Fateful ) Yeah, her father, my master gave it to me along with her/my dreams and ambitions; To become the world's strongest Swordsman!

    Fateful ( Nervously continues ) Well ..with such a monstrous,.. physicality I'd saw your well on your way there... buddy.

Zoro and Sanji Defeat PX-7 by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Strength
-As a child, could lift giant boulders that were the size of small houses
- Body Control (Can increase the muscles in his arms at will), Statistics Amplification (Via increasing the muscle mass of his arms to briefly enhance his strength and Asura)

-Cut a Pacifista cleanly in two with no effort
> The entire crew together before the timeship had trouble with just ONE! And together they could destroy islands.
-Can form winds strong enough to blow away giants by spinning
> Even without his swords!
-Tossed around a large building while heavily injured
- Can resist gravity that can bring down meteors from space in seconds
> He even managed to attack from a laying angle with his wrist alone hard enough that Fu had to block it!
- Is also comparable to Luffy who in a highly weakened state managed to throw a hill sized rock over 100 meters giving him strength in the millions of tons, it also broke a small mountain apart!

-Deflected a punch from Oars
> Who's big enough to spot out on an island from a distance away
-Can cut through steel easily at his weakest

-Stopped Neptune's massive trident with nothing but one sword
> Neptune is one of the strongest Fishmen, where as even the weakest are 10x physically superior to most humans.
-Sliced through Pica's stone body multiple ways while he was airborn

> Which was the size of a large mountain and could shake part of a country with his steps

Imgres by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Speed and Reflexes
-Easily dodges point blank lighting timers
> Clacs show such feats are this fast:…
-Can keep up with Luffy
> Who can dodge multiple close range lasers at the last second in base form using Haki
-Intercepted cannonballs in mid-flight with ease

-Dodged a barrage of pressure blasts
> Which Kuma stated " Traveled on light "
-Dodged a laser beam from Kuma
> Which was calced to be this fast;…
-Moved faster underwater than Hody
> Hody was drugged up at the time making him leagues faster then normal

Mihawk Defeats Zoro by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Durability
-Survived a slash from Mihawk in his weaker days
> That left him mortally wounded for a while, yet he still participated in major fights and won
-Survived a massive blast of lightning hitting him head-on
> Went on to fight with no issue, and the guy who did this could wipe away cities and bathe islands in a lightning shower
-Was still standing after a point blank blast from Kuma's Ursa Major attack
> This same blast decimated a large portion of the small island sized Thriller Bark
>> He had been worn down from previous fights, one of which was with Oras, a legendary giant who had Luffy's fighting style
-Tanked multiple attacks from Oars

> Who's casual attacks alone shook the island sized craft of Thriller Bark
- Easily withstood the pressure of being 1,000,000's of feet underwater
- Resistant to the following: Heat and Fire ManipulationCold Temperatures

Zoro After Taking Luffy's Pain by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Endurance and Stamina
-After having Luffy's pain infused into his body, was still standing while already close to death
> Before this he survive: Kuma's Ursa Shock which wrecked the island sized ship Thriller Bark, a fight with the legendary giant Oras, and a second bout with Kuma after all of that! ( PreTS)
Almost cut off his own legs to escape a trap!

-Kept on fighting after getting stabbed in the chest
> He even outright ignored it and gave a Badass speech: [link]
-Even while heavily injured, can still fight easily
> Did so with a giant cut in his chest during his starting point winning against a fishman swordsman
- Comparable to Luffy who fought for hours in The War of the Best were he was drugged up to fight well beyond his normal limitations several times and before this fought his way out of a high level prison for the most dangerous criminals where he was also poisoned!
>> Luffy has also endured having his insides pummeled by shock waves attacks while in a form that already but heavy strain on his body at the hands of Lucci's…

    Jack: With some good ol' fashioned grit Zoro here has become basically a living weapon himself, I mean just look at this shit what the hell do you even need those swords for?

    Zoro: To become the strongest swordsman, like we just stated.

    Akuma: We have much in common it seems, maybe our fight will be more enlightening then I though.

    Eren: Maybe, but having such goals is normally a pipe dream, but with Zoro's inhuman stats it just might come true: He's shown strong enough to lift millions of tons, can cut through massive opponents in a single strike, is fast enough to dodge point blank lasers with haki, but the most impressive traits are undoubtedly his durability, endurance, and stamina.

    Fateful: True that! This guy can handle attacks that can wasteland islands even after being subjected to a titan sized beat down even going on to take all the pain and stress of his captain to save his life, all in the same day!

    Akuma ( Grins maliciously ) Such strength truly is that of our kind, I'm tempted to try you out right here!

    Zoro ( Reaches for his swords ) I'm not gonna stop ya.

    Jack ( Reeves up his chainsaw to catch their attention ) Ok look guys I'd love to see your blood spilled in a brutal brawl, but let's save it uh, after all e're gonna find out just how Zoro here fights.

    Akuam ( Stares in interest ) Yes, I'd very much like to see this.

Zoro Defeats Hody by YellowFlash1234  
Master Swordsman:

Zoro is an extremely powerful master swordsman, being able to use onetwo, and three swords in varying attack styles, going from melee-type all the way to long range sword strikes He is even able to use Flying Slash Attack(飛ぶ斬撃 Tobu Zangeki?), a high level sword technique that utilizes the very air pressure of sword swings itself to strike the enemy from a distance. Zoro can also carefully time his sword strikes to counter or deflect extremely powerful attacks such as Kaku's Rankyaku.

In addition to his tremendous mastery of Santoryu (三刀流? literally: "Three Swords Style"), Zoro has exceptional skills in Ittoryu (一刀流? literally: "One Sword Style"), being able to hold off the Nyaban brothers, defeat several of the lower-ranked members of Arlong's crew, as well as defeating Mr. 1, the strongest agent of the Baroque Works using only one sword. Zoro also has immense mastery of Nitoryu (二刀流? literally: "Two Swords Style")which was his original fighting style in his childhood before he started practicing Santoryu. In Thriller Bark, before he acquired Shusui as a replacement for the destroyed Yubashiri, Zoro could dual wield both Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu with incredible power and precision, able to fight equivalently with Ryuma, an extremely powerful samurai zombie imbued with Brook's swordsmanship skills through the Kage Kage no Mi for a majority of their battle before switching to use Ittoryu to finish off the undead samurai.

After his two years under Mihawk's tutelage, his skills in all the three styles have grown so powerful that he was able to defeat the fish-man Hody Jones while underwater with a single sword strike, and effortlessly defeated Hyouzou, the best swordsman of Fish-Man Island, considering him to be too weak to even kill his boredom, despite the latter having gone through a transformation due to the Energy Steroids. Using Nitoryu, he is able to fight Monet, a Logia user and an officer of the Donquixote Pirates without using his full strength. Zoro was also able to cleanly slice apart Pica's gigantic stone statue with Haki-infused sword strikes.

With his newly honed skills, Zoro cuts down the Wano Magistrate along with the building using a short Tanto.

While disguised as a ronin in Wano Country, Zoro used a short Tanto to perform a powerful flying slash that cut down a magistrate along with the building despite the short range of the blade, a further testament of his improved skills in swordsmanship.[29]

-Developed the Santoryu style
-Can fight with three swords at once
-Won the respect of Mihawk, the greatest swordsman in One Piece
-Trained with Mihawk actually
-Defeated Ryuma, a zombie samurai who, in life, killed a dragon in one strike
- Impressed an entire island of well renowned Samurai when he was disguised in Wano
Intelligent in battle

-Has proven to be a great tactician
-Can adapt to different enemies on the fly
- And is actually quite cool-headed in battle
Amazing Willpower 

-Would slice off his own legs to survive if he had to
- No matter ho beaten he is always gets back up even with several life threatening wounds
- His Haki can cut through even the most powerful foes in his verse

    Fateful: With his years of constant training backing him Zoro has become one of the best swordsmen in his verse as well as a very experienced fighter overall; he's crossed blades with power blades wielded by the best in the world ( even impressed a island full of samurai ) and came out on top every time!

    Akuma: I must say I'm impressed, however I've heard no tells of this Santoryu before, don't tell me you...?

    Zoro ( Nods proudly as grabs more liquor ) Yep, invented it myself.

    Akuam ( Cracks his fists gleefully ) Most excellent indeed!

    Eren: That's not the only unique feature about him though, the guy's pretty damn lucky, and by that I mean bad luck is seemingly afraid of him. And considering the guy can cut spirits, not surprising.

    Incredible luck
- , Curse Manipulation (He was able to overcome a cursed sword only by using his luck, the same cursed sword that bring bad things and mysterious deaths to the people who carry it. Not to mention that he had this cursed sword two years ago and no "bad thing" happened to him)


    Jack ( Whistles ) And I thought I've seen some crazy stuff in the first section, now this guy can repel curses while being actually pretty chill and wise outside of battle while still having an edge, I can relate, my respects Roa.

    Zoro ( Just nods solemnly as drinks up )

    Akuma: I'm truly overjoyed to be around such strong warriors, perhaps after I'm done with Mr.Zoro you may all have a go with the Raging demon.

    Eren: We'll consider it.

    Akuma: What to s- Wait,you there mentioned something about cutting souls, what did you mean?

    Fateful: Well let's do some searching and find out!

Wado Ichimonji Infobox by YellowFlash1234
Wado Ichimonji
-Presumably Zoro's favorite sword
-One of the 21 finest swords ever made
-Given to him by Kuina's father
-Cut through steel, dragons, Pasfistas, and strong willed Haki users
-Usually wielded in his mouth during Santoryu
Sandai Kitetsu Infobox by YellowFlash1234
Sandai Kitetsu
-Wazamono-grade sword
-Very sharp
-Supposedly cursed
-Zoro's luck surpassed the curse
-Wielded in his left hand
Shusui Infobox by YellowFlash1234
-O Wazamono-grade sword
-Designed to increase the destructive power of the user
-Extremely durable
-Given to Zoro by the samurai Ryuma
-Seems to be Zoro's new favorite sword
-Wielded in his right hand
Imgres by YellowFlash1234
-Usually worn around his arm
-Only puts it on his head when he gets serious

    Zoro's moveset:

Zoro's many sword techniques!
Oni Giri
-Zoro crosses the swords in his hands over his chest and dashes at the opponent while swinging the swords in an X-shape
-Rivals Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Bazooka in power

-Enbima Yomezu Oni Giri has Zoro twist his swords while slashing for added power

-Rengoku Oni Giri has Zoro face the opposite direction before turning around and performing the move for a more powerful attack

Tora Gari
-Zoro puts his hand swords over his mouth sword and brings his blades down for a descending slash

-Ul-Tora Gari is a stronger version of Tora Gari

Santoryu Ogi: Sanzen Sekai
-Zoro holds two of his swords at an angle and rapidly rotates them wh

Aura and Meditation: 24 best Tôi images on Pinterest | Pirates, Wallpapers and Roronoa zoro  Zoro's aura takes the form of a fierce blue dragon of blue spiritual flames which can attack the souls of it's victims burning it and their bodies to ashes along with increasing his stats!

Zoro is an expert in meditation. He regularly practiced meditation to calm his mind and honed his focus and mental dexterity in swordsmanship. Due to his fervent practice of meditation, Zoro developed strong spiritual capabilities. In Ipponmatsu's sword shop, Zoro could accurately identify Sandai Kitetsu's supernatural nature as a cursed katana after holding it for the first time, and later he managed to fully tame the cursed sword and its violent nature for bloodshed with his will. When pushed to the brink of death during his fight with Mr. 1, Zoro would suddenly awaken 'the breath of all things', which allowed him to spiritually sense where all things were around him. In that instant, he was able to know where all the boulders Mr. 1 tried to collapse on top of him, and dodge accordingly.

He could also detect the Wado Ichimonji among a pile of rubble and later able to sense the Sandai Kitetsu while he was stuck in a chimney in Water 7 and the Shusui after it was stolen from him in Dressrosa. Due to his powerful spirituality, Zoro could actually incorporate mystical power into his swordsmanship, generating aura of various mythical beasts when performing certain sword techniques, the most prominent being the Kyutoryu, a supernatural variation of Santoryu which he instinctively created during a fierce fight with Kaku, and managed to attain full control of this sword style on his second try, creating the aura of an Asura version of himself and defeat Kaku, an extremely powerful Rokushiki user.

Haki Infobox by YellowFlash1234
A power contained in all living beings;
-Not all people can awaken it
Three types of Haki exists
-Zoro can only use two
Kenbunshoku Haki Infobox by YellowFlash1234
Kenbunshoku Haki
-Lets the user sense the presence of others
-Predicts enemy attacks; basically precoge 
- Can easily detect those with a strong killing intent
- Can see
 instantaneous premonitions of the future with intense focus
Busoshoku Haki Infobox by YellowFlash1234

Busoshoku Haki
- Zoro's main go Haki type
-Forms invisible armor around the user for increased defenses
> Is as strong as the users will power
-Can be broken by enough force

-Lets the user hurt people who've eaten Logia Devil Fruits by cutting their spirits and bypassing their physical bodies
Busoshoku Koka by YellowFlash1234
-Also can be used to harden the user's body parts for increased power
Zoro Using Busoshoku Haki by YellowFlash1234
-Zoro infuses it into his swords to increase their power
- With it he and a couple others held back a wall of strings that could crush the country of Dores rosa 

    Akuma ( Glances over his opponents abilities ) Quite the repository you have here Roronao, I've yet to see so many moves in one set.

    Fateful: There's also his Haki you were interested in man; with this spiritual energy Zoro can detects the intentions of living things, see into the future a little with enough concentration with the Observation type. And his specialty the Arment type can both increase his defense and offense by large margins as well as grant him the soul cutting abilities we mentioned. 

    Eren: But we know what you really want uh, Akuma?

    Akuma: Yes, show me his true nature, show me his demon.

Kiki Kyutoryu: Asura!
    Roronoa Zoro/Abilities and Powers | One Piece Wiki | FANDOM ...

During his battle against Kaku, Zoro manages to awaken a new sword style known as "Kyutoryu", which gives him the appearance of having six arms and three heads, like the deity Asura, when activating the technique Kiki Kyutoryu: Asura. He also becomes surrounded by a dark aura while in this state, and the first time he achieved it, the ground shook and numerous holes appeared in it.

This ability also allows Zoro to utilize nine swords in combat to effectively triple his potential as a swordsman, and it is usually used as an extremely powerful finishing move. Kaku noted it as a tangible spiritual aura created by Zoro's spirit through intense spiritual focus, which was able to inflict immense physical damage.

    Akuma ( Looks somewhat impressed ) Hmmm, it's good for a start I suppose.

    Jack: You kidding that's metal as fuck! I mean look at that shit!

    Fateful: Yep, it's an Asura form created by Zoro's own spirit at it's most powerful meaning he receives a boost for every new appendage he gets, or just a 3xs multiplier. 

    Akuma ( Scoffs playfully ) His power is surprising I'll give him that, but compared to mine all fall flat.

    Eren: Well mister Akuma let's find out shall we.

     Demonic Power!: Prelude Pt.2
First Appearance: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (23rd of February 1994)
Full/Real Name: Akuma
AKA: Gouki, Master Of The Fist, the Raging Demon
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 199 lbs (90 kg)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Place of Birth: Japan
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliation: Himself
Occupation: Wandering warrior


Akuma, since childhood and alongside his brother, Gouken, was taught the ways of combat by Goutetsu. S

Imgres by YellowFlash1234
Low intelligence outside of battle
Lack of orientation
-Has a terrible sense of direction
Is at a slight disadvantage if he looses one or more of his swords
> However even unarmed he can keep up in a fight with Sanji;
Has a code of honor where he won't attack from behind or fight dirty
> Unless he's forced to

    (Zoro: I'm going to be the world's greatest swordsman! All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous... but it's gonna shake the world!)


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When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot.
What are the Beats -- the major events/turning points in the story? Sketch those (rough) and lay them out. Does the story still make sense? Time for in-betweens -- how do the peeps move/act from beat to beat? More roughs.
Example. Lifeguard at the beach - swimmers - victim. Lifeguard saves the day.
Beats: Beach overview (intro/setup). Establish lifeguard. Introduce swimmer. Big wave. Crowd response. Lifeguard acts! Drama in water. All flop on beach. Finale.

And you've got something with the beginning, middle, and end. Stuff and add diversions/accents to your heart's content. Your collection of roughs and betweens will lay out your story, so all you have to do is decorate them.

I figured when I saw: "That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors."

I also just want to add something to this:
"When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot."

While I do agree, I also disagree.
As an author myself, I've seen, more often than not, that while having an end idea in view is a good idea, it's never best to lock in that ONE idea.
As I've stated before: let your characters surprise you. Let them grow. Real people are always changing, so, to make your characters real, let them grow as well. The end may not be the same as you planned.
By not forcing them to end exactly the way you have already planned, you have given them the ability to become 'real' people.


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  Red hood: Anyway what happens when children get ready to explore the sexuality of the adult world in a more violent way, and no I'm not talking about BDSM or masochistic pleasures.
  Aladdin: But let's see what happens when a robot child  gets the " quality time" with a female witch who is a good bit rowdy?
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    ( Megaman and Bayonetta get beamed into the mansion)
and What is life to you? Find your purpose!   
Hey it's ladger back with another introspective/philosophical piece if you want to check out my other look here:
 anyway I just wanted to talk about this for a while now, but got caught up in other things namely drawing and martial arts but reading this from a retiring vs debater/artist:
really got me thinking about some parts of life we take to lightly, to heavily, ignore, give control to others, etc. And before I go yes I understand not all things, people, experiences, or anything for that matter are equal.  It all really just depends on who your talking to, what they believe, their culture, living environment, etc there are really to many ways to ponder in this subject so I'll get you all started smoothly!
Before I go on it seems fair too say no one can ever truly tell you about life's great wonders nothing can prepare you for it and the best way to do it is to just

Eye witness testimony and personal experience are unreliable as evidence to prove extraordinary claims. Our senses can be fooled, our minds can hallucinate or misinterpret. Everyone knows this, of course, but we treat it like we treat the notion that dogs can be dangerous: it only applies to other people, never our own pets. My Fluffy would never bite someone!…

sure~ this may not be what you expect to hear, but dont show your drawings to just anyone. alot of people are really discouraging and will make you only see flaws in the work you were just so proud of before showing them. Be proud for yourself and don't let others' opinions get to you. you'll start doubting yourself and the quality of your work will decrease. trust me, once you do that, your drawings will get better so much faster. Also, draw for yourself and for fun and not to impress others. When you enjoy what you're doing, it shows up in your art ///// : / yeah and I'm definitely speaking from experience. once I stopped showing negative people, I wasn't as hard on myself when I made a mistake, i was always motivated to draw, and I was in a good mood when i practiced. And I say it's always good to work on anatomy, but even with that, don't be too tough on yourself. If you look closely at the professional manga and anime artists, like if you look behind all the fancy color and extra detail, you see that they have a lot of obvious anatomical mistakes, like, a lot. So as long as you are confident and feel positive about what you were able to do, people wont look at your art for accuracy, but for the the amount of creativity you put in it

Warriors of the Wasteland: The FightAlright, the combatants are set, it's time for a DEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATLE!!!

Unknown Location
Two eyes shot open and their owner took a deep breath, only to have to give a loud, hacking cough, spitting out dirt, old blood, and other disgusting matter. He groaned as he got up and shook off his dizziness quickly for a normal man. He looked at where he was laying, and cocked an eyebrow.
It was an old, molded mattress sitting on a dirty, dusty tiled floor. Why this was so strange was the fact he didn't know how he'd gotten here. One moment he was cruising down the old, broken down roads of the American Wasteland, and now, here he was, in some random building with no memories, having slept for who knows how long on some disgusting, insect and disease ridden mattress.
"Life sucks." The Chosen One si…
Yeah, so loving... NOT! by FluffyFerret97 Death for Religion by FluffyFerret97 HeteroRomantic BiSexual Free Thinking Deviant by LittleStamps Petty People Piss Me Off by TheArtFrog I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte I can't think of a name stamp by In-The-Machine To Be Fair Most If Not All Countries Are Sh*tholes by TheArtFrog Stamp: Under 18 by Azrael-Legna
Your Adventure Awaits stamp by katamariluv Stamp - Try Turning Your Weaknesses Into Art by Kushell (Actually, So Do I!) by Mintaka-TK gay by saltystamped Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox We Laugh and Learn Together stamp by katamariluv :thumb659516367: I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog OLD REQ: Guilt-trippers by World-Hero21 My Parents Failed Me In Terms of Education by Mintaka-TK
Fantasies by LittleStamps Little Things Add up to Big Things stamp by katamariluv Think, Dream, Plan bottlecap by katamariluv Today is Going to Be the Best stamp by katamariluv
Pro Net Neutrality Stamp by TheArtFrog :thumb711770487: Difference by Akhnaton-II :thumb603188088: I want proof! by OurHandOfSorrow Freedom of religion... by BlackJill Sure, I'll respect your Religion! If... by OurHandOfSorrow Wrath of Gods | DEATH BATTLE!
    Raiden: Alright, the combatants are set! Let end this debate once and for all... Finally!
    Makoto: After all these years, right? Get pumped, because it's time for a DEATH BATTTTTTTTTLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    --- --- --- --- ---
    Beerus' Planet...
    On the green surface of the lower part of the oddly shaped planet, an odd creature lay on his side with his head resting on his hand, looking out over the river. His skin was purple, he had the long ears and face of a jackal, and his tail waved around randomly. He wore very little to cover his unnaturally thin body, but he at least had baggy blue pants, a black stripe with white and orange diamonds in front of them. and pointed shoes along with a black and blue pad to cover his shoulders.
    He may have looked a bit silly, but he was still of great importance. For he was the God of Destruction himself, Beerus

:thumb699386599: Space Elevator by TheArtFrog :thumb90574606: Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound REQUEST: Not an excuse by World-Hero21 I am a FIGHTER - stamp by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX ''WAAAH DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH'' by Mintaka-TK Stamp: Stop harassing them by Azrael-Legna ''WAAAH DON'T TELL ME THE TRUTH'' by Mintaka-TK :thumb703012662: I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion Not a loser by Akhnaton-II Stamp: Stop sheltering them from the human body by Azrael-Legna OLD REQ: Don't pull the victim card. by World-Hero21 :thumb646507163: :thumb645783835: :thumb595361939: :thumb609739432:
Straights are not oppressed by Akhnaton-II Stamp: Bull-fucking-shit by Riza-Izumi I support non offending pedophiles by Akhnaton-II .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot We Can't Overcome The Bad If We Can't Laugh At It by TheArtFrog Winston Churchill Quote by Sykadia i support ninjas by Bad-Blood Stamp - Kendo by Renkashi :thumb698985469:
Originality stamp by TheCynicalHound Groucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stamps wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Stamp: my god is better than your god by KrisTheTrashLord Lives Are Far More Important Than Your Religion! by TheArtFrog whatever makes YOU smile by Dusk-deerfluff Don't Forget Yourself. by Snuf-Stamps remove ur opinion it offends me by itsMYopinion This Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endler It is NOT rape by CobraCorroso ''I'm not racist because I'm not white'' by OpposingViews :iconmaturity1plz: :iconmaturity2plz: ''WAAAH STOP BASHING MY FAITH FOR GOOD REASONS'' by Mintaka-TK Robert Ballard - discovering geothermal-based life by YamaLlama1986 Stamp: Stop sheltering them from the human body by Azrael-Legna :thumb633633191: I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by TheArtFrog DA Stamp - Good Roleplay 02 by tppgraphics
A Note to SJWs, LGBT+Phobes, And Many More by Foxstar241 Anti-Police Brutality by Mintaka-TK There Are Actually Legit Reasons Why You... by Mintaka-TK ''LOOK AT MAH CUUUUUUURVES'' by Mintaka-TK Is There Such a Thing as an Unbiased Source? by Mintaka-TK :thumb670751694: I Am Not My Country... I Am My Own Individual! by TheArtFrog Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by TheArtFrog (I Understand This, Being an Anime Fan) by Mintaka-TK
Education Is Far More Effective Than Coercion by TheArtFrog Refusing To Question Your Beliefs Is The Worst Sin by TheArtFrog Again, An Age Gap Isn't Always Creepy... by Mintaka-TK Believe it or not by LadyRebeccaStamps
Quit While You're Ahead Before the Rot Kicks In! by Mintaka-TK I Believe in Dragons. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Blue Moon by EmpathicDesign Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by TheArtFrog :thumb631240839: Today I learned that: the word "lord" is derived from the Middle English period, and originally was spelled "hlafweard", which translated to "bread guardian", referencing the feudal lord's position as being in charge of feeding and keeping his subjects healthy, in exchange for their loyalty. See "loaf" (hlaf) and "warden" (weard). Shortened and warped by the process of time, "hlafweard" becomes "hlafard" and eventually "lord".

Top Ten Written Battles 2.
This feels familiar. A little over a year ago, I did my Top 10 Favorite Deviant Art Death Battles. It was pretty good, I guess. But since then, I’ve been looking for a follow up list. So, here it is! But before I get into that, here’s a few disclaimers about the list and what I’ll be saying in the list.
1: This is my opinion. In other words, just because one fight is ranked higher than another doesn’t mean it’s better. It just means I like it more, and that’s nothing against the fight or the fight’s writer.
2: I will be spoiling the fight’s winner, so spoilers are going to be expected.
3: The fight does not need to necessarily be called ‘Death Battle’ this time around. However, no One Minute Melees or DBX’s allowed. Only researched fights.
4: Absolutely none of my fights are on here.
5: Only one fight per-writer.
That being said, let’s get into the list.
10: Mr. Incredib

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Emotional Instability by Mintaka-TK Not a valid art block excuse by achthenuts Mere Punishment Doesn't Reduce Crime by TheArtFrog Disagree With Views. NOT Facts! by TheArtFrog
Linguistics, man Sexism Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right by TheArtFrog Privacy is a Right (Stamp) by TheArtFrog You are Not Entitled to an Ignorant Opinion by TheArtFrog Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Unable To Think Stamp by StampBandWagon AmericanDreaming posted a status
The most frustrating thing I encounter on deviant art isn't disagreement, crazy beliefs, trolls, etc. It's people who don't understand the point being made (no matter how clear I try to be), and then respond to some phantom argument I never made, or position I don't hold. People occasionally ask for clarification, which I'm happy to provide, but more often, they just go into full outrage mode. Let's Get Started! Class 1Class is in session. So you're either new to drawing, or you've been drawing for a while and you're having trouble. :iconcrydesuplz: Maybe it's the anatomy, maybe it's the pose. Well we're here to help. :iconyeashplz:
Follow along and take notes. Don't forget to sketch along with the videos.
How to improve fast:
Now for some anatomy:
Homework: :iconwhatwhereplz:
Post a link to your homework (If you decide to do it) in the comment section along with any questions. We're here to help :iconairpunchplz:
Nikola Tesla - humanity's need of invention by YamaLlama1986
Small Breasts Still Matter by Aclianna Saiyan pride stamp by war-armor Atheist Doesn't Equal Satanist by n0-username Say It With Me! :DI am not my foot size.
I am not my finger width.
I am not my eyebrow length.
I am not my eye colour.
I am not my hair colour.
I am not my skin colour.
I am not my genitalia.
I am not my sexuality.
I am not my ancestors. 
I am not my friends.
I am not my family.
I am not other people.
I am not the music I listen to.
I am not the fiction I read.
I am not the fiction I write.
I am not the games I play.
I am not the films I watch.
I am not my personal preferences.
I am my actions.
I am my ideas.
I am my ideals.
I am my world views.
I am my personality.
I am my merits.
I am the content of my character.
I am an individual.
I am me.

:thumb641494714: Seize This Day stamp by katamariluv Stay Positive bottlecap by katamariluv No matter what, stay strong...Whether a bad past, too much stress, health problems, bullying, friends leaving, betrayal, drama, or anything else bad happens...
Don't give up or give in. You're not the only one to face these things and never will be. We all faced simmer things and survived through it. Don't bring more harm to yourself by treating your skin as paper and cutting it or trying to kill yourself. Life gets better and it's not just a saying. It's said because it's true. That those who say it has experienced problems or pain. Life doesn't remain one way forever. Sure bad things may have happened for years and years, but look at your age now and compare it to how long you can live...
Do you really think those terrible things will follow you forever? That life will stay it's bleak shape forever? Tell me...

Do you really know? Or...are you guessing? 

Life will be hard. No doubt about it. And yes, it will continue to get harder from here. But it won't be hard  where it can't be


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