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Words can never really do this justice, but I'm going to say some anyway! I have seen a lot of art that spoke true to it's namesake, bu...

First off this is quite a treat to see as I rarely get the chance to gaze upon such combination works on a regular basis. To be honest ...

Agent 47 is one of the biggest badass in gaming; he's calculative, versatile, and above all else ruthless. This drawing helps to identi...

This will take it's place as some of the best, most inspired, defiantly well-thought out, and detailed OCs I have ever had my joy to co...

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Lovely Women of Earth! by Fatefulbrawl Lovely Women of Earth! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 0 Awaken Invincible sons of man! by Fatefulbrawl Awaken Invincible sons of man! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 2
I have the power: Chap. 7 A super problem
 Okay this is way late, sorry Haci^^;
 Haci: Well you apologized so it's cool, just get on with it already!
 Alright let's get going!

 Superman stared at the vigilante intensely with enough scrutiny to burn through metal, and the fact he could easily do that just made Exade even more weary.  
 Flying up to the man of steel's level Exade looked him in the eyes, albeit with a worried expression, " So what's up supes," the anti-hero tried to sound confident when faced with a possible super beating.
 Taking a deep breath Superman spoke, " Just so you know a projectile of yours almost landed on my parents farmhouse, what were you thinking firing a blast like that so close to Earth,"! At this the Kryptonian folded his arms waiting for an answer.
 Knowing he had to say something Exade answered, " Well ya see I had a tussle with a guy and we kind of got a little out of hand in our fight, bu
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 3 0
Bruce Lee One inch punches into a brawl!
    Fateful: Alright here's the 4th bio, and it's the legend himself Bruce Lee!

    Age: 32
    Real name: Lee Jun-Fan
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 130lbs-141lbs
    Nationality: Both American and Chinese; has a bit of German on his mother's side
Easily the most influential martial artist and motivational figure in history 
Founded his own mixed martial art; Jeet Kwon Do
Was trained by the legendary Ip man
Became a famous actor through childhood all the way to his adult life
Popularized the mixing of different martial art styles 
Trained until he was boarder line superhuman
Has encouraged people outside of fighting just through his will and perseverance 
Went to martial art schools and beat any black belt who challenged him
Here are a list of his rewards:
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 17 10
Powerstorm Phase 1: How we came to be
 " This universe holds many secrets and wonders, only by being open to them in your own way, will they unveil themselves to you," - Yuff
    { Okay dear ones let's go on a journey together, this is a story of greatness unfolding and a duo of siblings being tested against the onslaught of relentless challenges pressed against them thanks to their birth parents, all the important details will be reveled in due time for now sit back and let's begin}............
    In the vastness of space a lone traveler flew unassisted through multiple star systems in quick session in a hurry to prevent a calamity, " Just a little further, ". Groaned Yuff mentally as he jettisoned trough the last frontier passing multiple solar systems a second.
    He had sensed a massive supernova happening somewhere around here and wanted to make sure that any populated planets near the explosion go
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 14
Far out: Page 4

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 0
Far out: Page 3

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 4
Jul the Elemental Fairy by Fatefulbrawl Jul the Elemental Fairy :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 9 5
Supernatural hunters! The brawl!

 Fateful: Okay let's get this brawl underway,  we just have to wait for-
 ( Two imps throw Esdeath up to the surface who is far paler them she was before and is slightly trembling in...... wait is that excitement!?)
 Red hood: Now that she's back let's if the spy can slay his target!
 Esdeath( In an almost jubilant fashion) Or if he gets the sweet experience of being dragged to hell, ah what a wonderful place so much suffer and dominance, it's all my dreams rolled into one!
 Red hood: What the hell where you thinking when you asked her to train you?
 Fateful: I wasn't pure and simple, now let the brawl commence! ( Catch the prelude here:
    It was night time in the Nevada dessert, several buildings lay sprawled across the area several of them with bullet holes
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 6 20
Chrysos out here flexing! by Fatefulbrawl Chrysos out here flexing! :iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 9 21
I have the power! Chap.6 Greater power!
 Yes this is late, but hey it's here anyway.
 Haci: Gotta have a lame excuse with no concept of time to confuse the readers, right babe?
 Enough out of you!
    Instead of being scared or shocked though the Gepo was actually sporting a wild tusky smile getting up and walking towards the newly powered up Exade with an out stretched hand, " Glady, show me your power,"!
  With that the Gepo warrior shot out numerous lasers at Haci who simply formed a shield around himself not with his Nth metal but with the very energies he had stored in himself causing the attacks to bounce off and land elsewhere creating massive explosions everywhere one of which vaporized a entire mountain range!
    Suddenly sensing something behind him the anti-hero teleported away from a point black laser aimed at his head from the back, " Fool me once shame on you," Exade laughed as he reappeared right next to Yafe, " Fool me twice,-".
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 1 0
Far out: Page 2

:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 9
Economics done right!
    Hey my Fateful friends I just wanted to share this piece of financial advice you all, because in a world that's dominated by paper currency this knowledge is priceless!
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 2 0
Nerds turned badass!: Part 2

 Fateful: Okay here's the second part, and if you're here ya obviously read the first!
 Aladdin: Let the action re-commence!
    Spidy prepared to dodge the blow except something strange happened, he couldn't move as quick like before allowing for the assassin to score a hit right across the hero's chest plate, opening up a small gash in the suit!
    " Woah, that was too close, almost became Spider-half-man there, " Peter quipped as he tried shooting a web in an attempt to evade Travis's onslaught, only for the otaku to grab it out of the air, " Denied,"!
    Roughly pulling the Spider in the badass Otaku elbowed him in the face hard enough to dent the metal mask, not stopping in the attack he then grabbed hold of Peter's knee and neck preforming a brutal seat belt toss, then punt kicked him away into a near-by hotdog stand, " Now you're with the
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 10 6
Nerds turned badass!:The brawl! Pt.1

 Fateful: The blades are out!
 Red hood: And webs are spun!
 Aladdin: So there's really only one thing to say now....
    ' Riiiing riiiing riiinng'!    'Riiing Riiiinnnnng'!
    A phone rang out in a somewhat clustered motel room full of wrestling tapes, tons of anime merchandise, and swordsmanship videos. It wasn't long before the rudely awakened man in the apartment's only bed awakened with great annoyance.
    " Gaaahhhh, what the fuck, who calls this early in the morning," groaned the receiver of the upcoming call, rubbing his eyes and dragging himself out of bed to pick up his phone while his cat climbed up to cuddle his face.
    " Good morning Travis, I hope you slept well, you have a busy day ahead of you," spoke a sultry female voice Travis kn
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 5 0
I have the power! Chap.5 Enjoy your power!
 Wow what do ya know I'm writing this next chapter this early!
 Haci: Yep look at you actually showing competence for once!
 Ignoring that comment let's get this story underway!
    " Okay let's test the current scope of my powers," Haci thought excitedly as he jumped to a large deserted island somewhere in the Atlantic.
After waking up, eating a healthy breakfast, and using his Wayne tech laptop to find a great training ground to test the current limits of his new powers Haci was elated to test them out, both the suits current capabilities after that explosion from the shipping warehouse, the run in with that elephant thing, and this new Match energy. 
    Zipping up his survivor jumpsuit Haci got to it!
    Deciding to test out his skills without any amour enhancements Haci ran up to a giant palm tree climbing it in a
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 4 0


Kindel Cloud by WeakendSketches Kindel Cloud :iconweakendsketches:WeakendSketches 7 1 The Long Way by Dorieanna The Long Way :icondorieanna:Dorieanna 14 0 Commission: Foolduke, Honeymoon Hot Tub by grimphantom
Mature content
Commission: Foolduke, Honeymoon Hot Tub :icongrimphantom:grimphantom 518 41
Top Ten Written Battles 2.

This feels familiar. A little over a year ago, I did my Top 10 Favorite Deviant Art Death Battles. It was pretty good, I guess. But since then, I’ve been looking for a follow up list. So, here it is! But before I get into that, here’s a few disclaimers about the list and what I’ll be saying in the list.
1: This is my opinion. In other words, just because one fight is ranked higher than another doesn’t mean it’s better. It just means I like it more, and that’s nothing against the fight or the fight’s writer.
2: I will be spoiling the fight’s winner, so spoilers are going to be expected.
3: The fight does not need to necessarily be called ‘Death Battle’ this time around. However, no One Minute Melees or DBX’s allowed. Only researched fights.
4: Absolutely none of my fights are on here.
5: Only one fight per-writer.
That being said, let’s get into the list.
10: Mr. Incredib
:iconmastersword3710:Mastersword3710 7 14
hug me by D-Aart hug me :icond-aart:D-Aart 531 110 [CM] Honoka Vis by rizihike [CM] Honoka Vis :iconrizihike:rizihike 114 4 Mononoke by SkyLimit8 Mononoke :iconskylimit8:SkyLimit8 67 19 YCH: Smile A by KuroMokonaChan YCH: Smile A :iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 132 11 Hezekiah The 2nd By Tenryuu9870 by Gunnut51 Hezekiah The 2nd By Tenryuu9870 :icongunnut51:Gunnut51 95 12 Victoria's 500,000 Ton Present by DoompyPomp Victoria's 500,000 Ton Present :icondoompypomp:DoompyPomp 20 16 Bimbo-chan and Tumblr Asks #5 by OfaMightDivine Bimbo-chan and Tumblr Asks #5 :iconofamightdivine:OfaMightDivine 197 5 Bimbo-chan and Tumblr Asks #3 by OfaMightDivine Bimbo-chan and Tumblr Asks #3 :iconofamightdivine:OfaMightDivine 181 4 Calyptorhynchus banksii | Roodstaartraafkaketoe  by brucedeg Calyptorhynchus banksii | Roodstaartraafkaketoe :iconbrucedeg:brucedeg 3 1 little angel by Reika-Madhet-Karsa little angel :iconreika-madhet-karsa:Reika-Madhet-Karsa 2 1 The sound of silence by Enairol The sound of silence :iconenairol:Enairol 3 5 Art Trade: Phantom Kids by UmbriHearts Art Trade: Phantom Kids :iconumbrihearts:UmbriHearts 99 31



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289 deviations
Awaken Invincible sons of man!
This is a new series I've decided to dub; Sparking phrases!

These will inspire others to be more productive, more successful, and most importantly more like themselves!:love:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Demon killers by Fatefulbrawl
    ( Fateful and Red hood walk in with a disappointed Aladdin)

    Red hood: Would you stop sulking already, we have a prelude to do!

    Aladdin: You try cheering up after getting taken out of a busty paradise!

    Fateful: Don't worry we'll defiantly be taking a trip there soon, probably after this prelude;)

    Aladdin: Ya mean it?!

    Red hood: I... actually that place was fire let's do it!

    Aladdin: Yes!

    Fateful: Alright men now let's get this prelude started.

    Red hood: Everyone knows most demons can be a bit unruly; what with the eating of flesh, raping of women or men, killing of either, take overs of whole nations you name it. So it always helps to have a reliable exterminator around with firsthand knowledge of how these creatures operate to deal with those pests!

    Aladdin: Luckily we have two such men right here: Guts the man who defies fate!

    Fateful: And DMC Dante the Nephilim protector of the world!

    ( DMC Dante and Guts get teleported in)

    Gut ( Grips dragonslayer as he looks around wearily)

    ReDante: Well this is fucking weird.

    Red hood: No, it's normal to be teleported to fight another opponent you've never met.

    Redante: Smartass bastard.

    Red hood: Thank you.

    Fateful: Okay let's start with Guts! ( Thanks to… and for the bios!) Part 2 here:  Demon slayers For Life: Prelude Pt.2    
-Species: Nephilim
-Age: In his 20s
-AKA: Son of Sparda, The Nephilim and Donte
-Height: 6'0
-Weight: 144 lbs
-Occupation: Demon Killer, Dickbag, ladies man, and carnie 
-Defeated a giant penis monster (Succubus)
-Defeated Bob Bardos
-Defeated Mundus’ Spawn
--Which was a giant demon baby because reasons
-Saved the world from demons
-Killed Mundus
--He had some help from his brother, but he mostly did it by himself
-Defeated his brother, Vergil
-Fought off demons since he was young
-Is a meme
-Was in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
-Got white hair somehow
--It's never explained how but it happened
Red hood: Hey why does he have the original cooler Dante theme?
    ReDante:...…. You wanna fight Red mask!
    Red hood: If you fight like you talk I'm all in!
    Fateful: Now settle down you two, first off


    Alias: The Black Swordsman, The Hundred-Man Slayer, Certified Badass, A Man with the World behind his back
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 220lbs
    Age: Mid to Late 20’s
    Attack Potency: Should be around Multi City Block.

"Fuck you. I'm human, the real deal, right down to the marrow of my bones. Don't lump me together with you faggot-ass monsters."

Themes:  OR 

Was the Raiders Captin for the Band of the Hawk.
Survived the insane and bloody world of Midland.
Has fought in numerous wars and comes out almost unscathed.
Famously defeated an army by himself in one night.
*And he was really injured while doing it.
Survived combat with Nosferatu Zodd in their first encounter.
*Later managed to beat Zodd in a fight.
Killed the Sea God (Basically Cthuhlu) from within.
Wielder of the infamous Berserker Armor.
During his first encounter with the legion of Apostles during the Eclipse, he managed to slaughter dozens with only a knife, a blunt sword, and a horn he ripped from a demon’s head with his bare hands.
Fighting off Demons, Bandits, Mercenaries, and Apostles is a daily routine for him.
Was able to stab Slan through the stomach.
Considered by the Count as the greatest swordsman among humans.
Alongside his Party, was able to defeat an invading force of Daka.
Alongside his Party, defended a church from a horde of Trolls and even an Ogre.
Was able to fight his way out of Qliphoth.
Has killed more than 1,000 Demons.
Punched Griffith in the mouth.
Has a traveling party with him, after the Band of the Hawk was sacrificed.

    Aladdin: There's manly, there's awesome, there's admirable, and then there's men like Guts! Born in the most horrid way possible from his mother's dead corpse, think that's bad I assure you were just getting started: After being found by a traveling mercenary band he was adopted by the camp leader's girlfriend Shizu, until she died of plague when he was 5, then he-

   Guts ( Stops gripping Dragon slayer and slams his hand on the table) Hey! We're here to talk about my battle capabilities, not my past.

   ReDante: Woah, a bit touchy there aren't we Hasselhoff.

   Gut: In more ways then one.

   ReDante: Man, you must be a killer at parties.

   Red hood: You got one thing right reboot man, and with Gut's physicality any party would be crashed in a blink!



Striking Strength should be around the Multi City Block range.
Lifting Strength should be around Class 5.
Stated that his first blow would often break through the helmet and head of armored soldiers.
Can effortlessly wield his Dragonslayer with the mildest of ease.
*The Dragonslayer should at least weight around 600 lbs.
Even as a child, can wield a sword too heavy for most kids to handle.
Effortlessly swung his sword over two hundred times one handed.
*His sword had logs attached to it so they could weigh heavier.
Has often killed men with casual hefts of Dragonslayer.
With a single-handed swing, was able to cleave through a man and heavily damage the ground beneath the blade.
Decisively struck down Bazuso with two powerful strikes.
*Was able to cut through his waist and split open his armored head.
**Bazuso was stated to kill thirty men and slay a bear while unarmed.
Was able to throw an armored man without much trouble.
Blocked strikes and, eventually, shatter Samson's flail.
*His flail was able to shatter boulders and stated, by Casca, to shatter swords.
With his right hand, was able to punch a hole in the wall without trouble.
Upon using Dragonslayer for the first time, was able to severely wound an Apostle and send it through a wall.
Stabbed through a door that was four times thicker than the average.
With a single-handed swing, was able to bisect an armored soldier and decapitate the horse.
Can lift and swing Dragonslayer using only his mouth.
Without much effort, overwhelmed Zondark.
*Zondark can strike through walls.
The aftermath of his Dragonslayer swings has often been compared to cannon fire.
Strong enough to punch armored heads into mush.
Casually shattered Serpico's sword with a single strike.
In a blitz, was able to cut horses and armored men in half.
Charged and slashed through several armored men without trouble.
As shown above, was able to choke out Wyald's Apostle form.
Sliced off the trunk of a Makara.
*A Makara has been said to destroy small buildings and wipe out a fleet of ten warships.
Lifted up an armored knight, who was impaled on his sword.
Was able to stagger one of Mozgus' disciples with a headbutt.
Sliced off the arm of Mozgus' disciple.
* This specific disciple can pull apart pillars and throw them.
Busted armor that was said to remain unharmed even after a rockslide.
Lifted up a seemingly 2 ton Mozgus and threw him over the edge;
Even at his Apostle form, Guts threatened to decapitate Zodd's head off.
Was able to burst right through the roof of a building.
Can slay and slice open an Ogre.
*An Ogre can casually walk through a building.
Easily sliced through hordes of trolls.
Cleaved through a group of Alligator Pishacas.
Physically contended with Wyald.
*Wyald can punch through falling boulders and lift up trees without effort.
Can handle the recoil of his Hand Cannon without hassle.
*The first time he used the weapon, the recoil was strong enough to dislocate his shoulder.
Sliced through a heavily armored soldier and the pillar behind him.
On two occasions, has traded blows with a held back Nosferatu Zodd.
*Zodd was able to severely plow through the side of a mountain.
Smashed through a wagon and several crates.
During his second encounter with him, was able to stagger and push him back, Guts was even able to kick a sword into him.
Despite having been worn out with his fight with Rosine, cleaved through five armored men with a single strike.
Easily slashed through reinforced stone pillars with a single slash.
*In other translations, the pillars have been said to have iron cores.
Was able to cleave through several accursed wagon wheels.
Wiped out a group of apostle-spawn in a single swing.
*Said apostle-spawns were seven times stronger than the average man.
Cleaved a large debris of a pillar with ease.
With several strikes, was able to wear down the hide of Mozgus' Apostle form.
*Mozgus' hide was able to shrug off a strike from Dragonslayer.


Durability should be at Multi-City Block level.
Has extreme tolerance and endurance to pain.
Had enough stamina to fight and kill over a hundred men, while mortally wounded in one night.
Survived Bazuso shattering his helmet.
Shrugged off getting shot at by arrows.
Was able to parry Zodd's strikes with the use of his longsword.
Survived being clubbed and sent crashing to a pillar by Zodd's Apostle form.
*Zodd's Apostle form can rip apart demons as big as him and plow through mountains.
Blocked strikes from Samson's flail.
Survived being struck around by the Snake Baron;
*The Snake Baron was strong enough to send him through walls and buildings.
Hid in fire without any trouble.
Was willing to let Rosine stab him in the arm so he can get closer.
More than willing to jump into a fire to burn away any apostle-spawn.
Blocked Rosine's supersonic charge with Dragonslayer without any recoil;
Survived being struck by Mozgus' disciple and being sent flying to a big pillar.
*Was able to withstand this hit again.
Survived crashing into a bridge.
Despite his condition, was able to block Azan's boulder shattering strikes;
Had no reaction when he was getting flailed and whipped by Farnese.
No sold Casca stabbing him in the abdomen.
Withstand being thrown and struck through large columns by The Count.
*The Count was able to rupture neighboring structures just by mere movement alone.
Survived being rag-dolled by two Apostle-spawns.
Blocked a projectile thrown by an Ogre.
*An Ogre was able to throw a wooden pole with enough force to collapse a church wall.
Blocked a javelin, which was thrown with equivalent force of a cannon.
Survived getting struck by Ganishka's lightning bolts.
*Which are strong enough to nigh incinerate Apostles.
Survived plowing through Ganishka's lightning mist form.
Withstood Zodd's Apostle form charge into him.
Stood up after being sent flying to a wall after he halted a charge from one of Mozgus' disciples.
Traded blows with Wyald's human form.
*Doing this, they were able to rip apart armored men around them.
Lived through getting smacked with a tree.
In their second encounter, a struggling Guts was able to trade blows with Zodd.
*Guts has said that keeping up with his attacks were rattling his bones.
Withstood the flames of Mozgus' God Breath.
Was able to survive being charged through a wall by a Makara.
Before the Eclipse, survived several attacks from Wyald's Apostle form.
*Wyald, in this form, can rupture the ground and strike Guts with enough force that he ricochets around trees.
Survived a thousand strikes from Mozgus' Apostle form;
*A single strike from Mozgus was able to collapse large, human-sized bricks.
As shown above, survived being stabbed through the cheeks.
Survived a long fall down to a lake.
Was largely unaffected by being around a forest fire.
Has lived through getting thrown around different buildings by a Makara.
Survived getting hit and launched by Grunbeld.
*Grunbeld is far stronger than the average Apostle, bust through castle gates, and downed a war elephant with one blow.
** He also hit Guts at supersonic speeds;
Withstood the recoil of his Cannon Arm.
Grabbed and held Serpico's blade by his right hand with no trouble.

Speed and agility:
Untitled by grinderkiller1
Movement Speed should be around the supersonic range.
Reaction and Combat Speed should be around Massively Hypersonic.
Deceptively quick and agile.
Intercepted two chakrams at an incredibly close range;
Can swing around Dragonslayer like a blur.
In his younger years, kept up with the more experienced and quicker Griffith.
Moves and fights like a tornado;
Can leap surprisingly high into the air.
Traded blows with Nosferatu Zodd in rapid succession.
When fighting Bazuso, was leaving afterimages with his strikes;
Reacted and overcame Silat's attack.
Was able to cut several logs before they can fall on him.
Blizted through and chopped down a horse and several armored men.
Was able to catch a crossbow bolt.
Reacted to and wiped out a group of Kushan scouts with a single strike.
*Isidro has stated that the scouts wiped out a group of knights in the blink of an eye;
Was able to turn his head before Rosine could stab him in the forehead; Seen above
Intercepted a projectile that went through buildings;
Was agile enough to dodge a group of Kushans attacking him.
When he fought Boscogne, the spectators were unable to see their weapons;
Traded blows with Wyald in blinding speeds.
Blocked crossbow fire with the broadside of Dragonslayer.
Was able to rise from a crouching position and stab Dragonslayer into the ground before lightning can hit him.
*The feat itself was calced to be around Mach 318.
Should be at least superior to Serpico.
*Serpico can dodge lightning without much trouble.;
Dodged a Makara's shockwave projectile.
Appeared as a blur of black when he slayed a group of Apostle-spawns.
Can casually dodge sword swings from Casca.
Reacted and caught Serpico's sword with his bare hands.
Can casually dodge arrow fire.
Blocked Rosine's charge, which should be around the Hypersonic range.
Can easily move faster than eye.
Before the Eclipse happened, has kept up with Wyald's human form.
*Who can blitz and impale a guy on a clock tower while he was tied up.
**Making him at least Mach 22 with no effort.
Caught swings from Casca when he wasn't trying to fight her.
*Who is an experienced war veteran 
Goes completely unnoticed when running by people.
Easily blocks Faster Than Eye strikes from Zondark.
*With one hand each; As seen above
Can dodge sword swings from soldiers surrounding him.
Has taken down flying enemies going at supersonic speeds.
Caught two discs flying at him at the same time.

    ReDante: You sure your human, cause this is some freaky shit right here?

    Fateful: Yep he's human alright he's just been pushed to the physical limit of our species enough to do stuff such as; casually bust through supernatural foes with ease using a 600 pound sword, survive anything that's not an instant kill move, and can react to lightning from a sitting position!

    Red hood: Man, you could give Bats a run for his fortune!

    Guts: How good is he?

    Red hood: Well he's trained all over the world to fight in every martial art imaginable, including multiple weapon types. He personally trained me to just so ya know.

    ReDante: Heh, sounds like a guy with to much time on his hands, especially with you there to bog him down.

    Red hood: And to much money to worry about little punks like you, least I had a dad to teach me!

    ReDante: Fuck you!

    Red hood: I don't swing that way!
    Aladdin: Let's move on to Hut's skills now, hurry!

Abilities and Skills

Master Swordsman
Untitled by grinderkiller1
Has been fighting for most of his life.
Was able to clash blades with Griffith on two occasions.
*The first bout, while Guts lost, showed he can more than hold his own while Guts decisively beat him in the second.
Even as a child, competently used a sword that was deemed too heavy to wield for him.
Can kill some apostles and men with casual hefts of Dragonslayer.
Outfought Silat twice on separate occasions
As show above, fought roughly evenly with Zodd in their second encounter.
*Zodd has slain entire armies by himself and has over a lifetimes ( 300 years or more) worth of combat experience.
Even at a worsening condition, was able to fight Azan with Dragonslayer.
Was able to dispatch a group of Kushan scouts with a single swing.
Was able to teach Isidro how to swordfight.
During the Eclipse, killed demons with only a blunt sword.
Even with a dull sword and his opponent having superior armor, was able to outfight him.
Has slain Bazuso the Thirty Man-Slayer.
Was considered by the Count as the greatest human swordsman.
Held his own against Grunbeld, who can take on 3,000 enemies, in the Berserker Armor.

Tactical Genius and Pragmatism:

Was the former Raiders Captain of the Band of the Hawk.
Always seems to know the right tools for the job.
Is capable of spotting weak points no matter how painful it might be to reach them.
More than willing to exploit enemy weaknesses and faults.
*Even jump through fire or even let himself get stabbed just to get an advantage.
Was able to utilize Dragonslayer against lightning.
Can adapt to unfavorable situations.
Stabbed a well armored noble in the eye by using the crossguard of his sword.
Hid in a pile of dead bodies to surprise his enemies.
Was able to lure several apostle-spawn into a barn before setting it on fire.
While hiding in a fire, was able to use Jill as a lure to Rosine, so he can strike her down.
Able to utilize his Cannon Arm in ingenious ways.
*Such as utilizing it with Dragonslayer or manipulate its trajectory in a way which would allow Guts to attack an enemy from above.
Completely pragmatic when it comes to fighting.

Indomitable Willpower:

Has lived through wars and The Eclipse with only his luck and will to win through.
Will do anything to win the fight.
Was able to cast away vengeful spirits possessing him.
Has denied and suppressed the Beast of Darkness.
*The Beast of Darkness is the manifestation of the darkness within Guts' soul.
Can continue fighting even if he has been stabbed, slashed, shot at, thrown around and everything else in between.
Fought off wolves after falling off a cliff when he lost the will to live as a child.

Fateful: Seeing as the sword has been his main weapon throughout his entire life Gut's has become one of the greatest swordsmen In fictional history, having gone blade to blade with multiple swordsmen of great renown including Zood who has over 300 years of combat experience!

    Aladdin: He's also rather cunning in combat having been the leader of a raider group and used the difference in air pressure to get out of a sea monsters mouth, but most amazing of all is the guy's willpower; I mean he's been living in hell for almost his whole life, got his soul branded by demons as a sacrifice, and saw his lover get raped while in a pool of his bands blood...getting his eye gouged out.

    ( The Magi runs to the bathroom to throwup)

    ReDante: Wow, guess you had it rough to uh man, at least my torment was centered on me.

    Guts: Then we may be more similar then I realized, not that it matters anyway.

    ReDante: Ok Buddy, but when the gun's to your head remember I gave you a chance to walk away.

    Guts: It'll be in the only hand you have left.

    Red hood: It's unusually funny that you should bring up guns, cause arsenal is up next!

Weapons and Equipment:

DragonslayerWield by grinderkiller1
A completely massive sword standing at 6'6 and weighing up to 200 to 600 pounds.
Stated to be made of the ultimate steel.
Has been laughed off as impossible to use for a normal man.
Was made to specifically slay dragons.
Has often sliced through armored men without trouble.
Broad enough to be used as a shield.
*Can take crossbow bolts without trouble.
Withstood several attacks from Mozgus.
As a result of being tempered by the malice of the thousands of the dead, has gained the ability to harm the astral body.
Can slice through ethereal bodies.
*Meaning it can bypass conventional durability.
Was able to take several supersonic charges from Rosine.
Was largely unaffected by Mozgus' God Breath.
Withstood Schierke's Fire Wheel without visible injuries.
*Which was able to vaporize a giant water snake.
Sustained several, rapid blows from Nosferatu Zodd.
Was able to dissipate Ganishka's Lightning Mist form upon striking his weakspot.
Able to conduct and withstand Ganishka's lightning.

Prosthetic Arm:
Untitled by grinderkiller1
Replaces Guts' left arm after he lost in the Eclipse.
Increases Guts' punching and lifting strength by a fair amount.
Can punch through human heads and steel swords with no trouble.
The hand hides a small magnet in order to better handle the Dragonslayer.
Durable enough to withstand Rosine's stinger;
Houses multiple long ranged weapons such as....

Cannon Arm:
Cannon by grinderkiller1
Often used as a surprise attack.
Can severely weaken or even one-shot Apostle-spawns strong enough to contend with Guts.
Just the recoil alone could dislocate Guts' shoulder when he started using it.
Guts can still use the Cannon when he uses the Berserker Armor.
Was able to go through a giant wicker man with a single shot.
A single blast was able to go through a sea monster's mouth.
While in the Berserker Armor, has able to blow up Grunbeld's flamethrower.
Severely wounded Rosine with a single shot.
Blew apart a Makara's skull.
Can set an entire barn on fire.
Can be used to propel himself upwards.
Has enough firepower to one-shot a female demon.
He still has to maintain it's gunpowder and the cannonball itself

Repeater Crossbow:
Crossbow by grinderkiller1
Mounted on top of the prosthetic arm.
Guts' most useful long range weapon.
Fires via simply turning a crank.
Can eject arrows strong enough to launch someone's head into a wooden pillar.
Strong enough to push back an Apostle's human form.
A knight was afraid of what Guts' crossbow did to his fellow knights.
Can severely damage trolls.
Guts has been accurate to shoot the arrows into eyes, necks, and even the side of the head.
Its new model can launch a quasi-Apostle into a rocky wall and slightly fragment it.
*Said Apostle can shatter Guts' spine if not for his armor.
Can take down hordes of human soldiers and monsters with ease.
Like the Cannon Arm, Guts has to maintain it's ammunition.

Miniature Bombs
Miniature bomb by grinderkiller1
Used by Guts in his journey to the Tower of Conviction.
Has short fuse of three seconds.
It has spikes attached to them to latch onto the opponent.
Was able to disfigure a Quasi-Apostle's face.
Blinded a Makara because of the explosion.
Was able to blow open Mozgus' armored chest, which was difficult for Dragon slayer to do

Throwing Knives
Untitled by grinderkiller1
Guts carries at least five of them in his pouch.
He can throw this with extreme accuracy.
*As seen in the image above, threw and hit the eye of an Apostle.
Can be used as a distraction weapon or blind enemies.

    Red hood: Oh man, does Guts have some fine weapons for any battlefield, first off his is iconic Dragonslayer which is easily the biggest sword I've ever seen weighing in at over 200-600lbs, if that's not enough it's wide enough to block projectiles, and has bathed in so much demonic blood that it can cut the astral bodies of anything!

    ReDante: Okay I'll admit that's pretty fucking cool!

    Aladdin: Gut's also has a metal arm to replace his old one that has a magnet to help his swordplay, but it's usefulness doesn't stop there by a long shot, it comes equipped; with a crossbow that can pin apsotales to a wall from a good distance, a cannon that can one-shot those who are on par with Guts, some cherry bombs that can blast off armor to strong for Dragonsalyer to cleave through.

    And throwing knives.

    ReDante: That cannon arm is the most interesting to me, how'd you get that?

    Guts: From a friend, and no you can't have one.

    ReDante: I didn't ask that bastard!

    Fateful: But all this pales in comparison to Guts most powerful weapon, or should I say armor.

Berserker Armor
Berserker Armor 03 By Lutherniel-d5subu5 by grinderkiller1
Guts' trump card and, unarguably, his strongest weapon.
Allows the user to surpass their subconscious limits.
*At the cost of their own life.
Can also cause temporary insanity.
Makes the user completely numb to pain.
Will continue fighting until the last of his blood gushed out.
Can use his Cannon Arm even in this state.
* Showing some remaining intelligence 
The Armor takes on the appearance of the wearer's "inner beast" when entering the Berserker mode.
*Guts' inner beast takes the form of a hellhound.
It gives him night vision.
Reinforces his broken limbs and bones together.
Heavily increases Guts speed, durability, and strength drastically by at least 5-6 times!
* Should be around town level now

    Red hood: Geez, and I thought my gear was insane but that armor tops it if not in power but just pure intimidation!

    Aladdin: Oh Red, that suit does more then look good, it also has some strong mythical residue on it that makes Gut's capable of doing stuff he couldn't do before, and enhances his abilities to insane levels!

     ReDante: Oh yeah how.

Uberserk V031c271p020 by grinderkiller1
His slices are stronger than a cannonball shot.
*As show as he busted through Grunbeld's shield.
Was able to clash with Grunbeld's Warhammer strike and overpowering it.
Magnifico stated that Guts, in this state, is much more powerful than a warship.
Can push around the colossal Grunbeld.
Easily butchered and sliced up an Apostle.
Was able to butcher a Makara with ease.
* Who can destroy fleets of warships with ease
Was able to take on a group of Makaras and wipe out one with a single strike.
Lifted up the mouth of a Makara
* Who are as big as warships
Damaged the armored hull of a ship.
Cracked and sliced through Corundum encased skin of Grundbeld in his Apostle form.
*Grundbeld claims that his Corundum skin is harder than steel;
Lifted up and held up a falling mast of a ship.
*The mast was around 30 tons.
Slices through a waterspout.
* That could destroy a warship
Caught Apostle Grunbeld's tail swing, at the cost of breaking his leg.

lCqHtDY by grinderkiller1
Took hits from Grunbeld in his Apostle form.
*Grunbeld, in his base form, was throwing around Guts with no problem.
Doesn't feel pain in the armor.
Reinforces his limbs when they were damaged.
Had no problem when his legs were shattered when he caught Grunbeld's tail.
As shown above, survived.. that.
Survived being in the middle of a giant blast that vaporized a Water Snake.
The armor pins down the bones with spikes and barbs.
Can twist and straighten broken bones the correct way.
Guts continued on fighting when he had three broken ribs.
The user will keep fighting until every drop of their blood is gushed out.

Untitled by grinderkiller1
Can leap and jump around like a rabid wolf.
Has dodged lighting much easier the before.
*Easily Massively Hypersonic+ to sub-relative in reaction speed.
Reacted to Grunbeld's warhammer attack.
His speed was enough that Grunbeld had a hard time keeping up with him.
*Beforehand, Grunbeld was able to swat Guts aside without trouble.
Run at speeds well above Supersonic speeds.
Can run up to and slice down a waterspout.

Guts: That's how.
    ReDante:............What the fuck!
Fateful: Allow us to explain, Guts's Berserker armor enhances his abilities by at least 5-6 times allowing him to life up multiple tons, bash through warship destroying monsters, and pretty much not feel any pain in this form while being stiched back together like a ragdoll!

    He's also blitzed lightning timers!

Guts: That pretty much covers everything about me, what about the drifter.

    Red hood: Well we'll find out more about him, right now.

I+freaked+the+fuck+out+man+ 85abb6c07427db38650919 by grinderkiller1
Still human
Other than his fists, Dragonslayer is his only melee weapon.
Long ranged weapons require reloading.
Is constantly in danger of losing his humanity to his inner beast.
Berserker Armor DOES NOT give him a healing factor simply extends his endurance.
*The not feeling pain thing is not as good as it sounds.
Using the Berserker Armor weakens him overtime due to his bones being not as good as they were.
Will do anything to gain an advantage.
*Even injure himself in the process.

    " I'd rather fight for my life then live it,"-Guts


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I'm a up and coming young artist who is looking to make a name for himself while experiencing and learning from others! “Intelligence work has one moral law—it is justified by results.” -John Le Carre, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. ( 10)

I've been fortunate to come on places where the question isn't why I did I do it? The question to me is always, why didn't anybody else do it before me? Those are the ones I scratch my head about.
-Todd McFarlane

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When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot.
What are the Beats -- the major events/turning points in the story? Sketch those (rough) and lay them out. Does the story still make sense? Time for in-betweens -- how do the peeps move/act from beat to beat? More roughs.
Example. Lifeguard at the beach - swimmers - victim. Lifeguard saves the day.
Beats: Beach overview (intro/setup). Establish lifeguard. Introduce swimmer. Big wave. Crowd response. Lifeguard acts! Drama in water. All flop on beach. Finale.

And you've got something with the beginning, middle, and end. Stuff and add diversions/accents to your heart's content. Your collection of roughs and betweens will lay out your story, so all you have to do is decorate them.

I figured when I saw: "That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors."

I also just want to add something to this:
"When writing, it helps hugely to begin with the end in mind. You've got the characters and situation in mind -- how does it conclude? Ok, now how do they get there? Now you've got the plot."

While I do agree, I also disagree.
As an author myself, I've seen, more often than not, that while having an end idea in view is a good idea, it's never best to lock in that ONE idea.
As I've stated before: let your characters surprise you. Let them grow. Real people are always changing, so, to make your characters real, let them grow as well. The end may not be the same as you planned.
By not forcing them to end exactly the way you have already planned, you have given them the ability to become 'real' people.


My Comic Series! :webcomic-universe.deviantart.c…


You want my advice though mate? Write what you want to see written. That's what I've gathered from personal experience and talking to other authors. Think of your favorite book, if there were any qualities you felt that book was missing, write something with those qualities. And definitely do not write something just because people will be interested in it, if the story is not from your own heart and soul, it won't be any good. Never write because people will read it, write because you want it to be read. "In Heaven, there's a library, and one of the aisles in that library, is dedicated to all the books never written, don't let your story be in that aisle."-Ryan P. Freeman. Writing is something special, you have the power to create, everything you write is your world, you make the rules, the physics, the chemistry, everything is yours. That's what differs us writers from the artists on DA, while they create one picture that shows a snapshot of an incomplete world, we complete our worlds, flesh out the details, the readers see it all. Write the world you want to exist, it's your's to create. So, write what you want to see written. That's the best advice I can give you mate. Good luck!-…

hehe rate me by SunnyCatArts2023

( Also if you cannot find some of my works look in the journal section as deviantart loves to troll me with this making some of my literature into journals prank, well joke's on it here's a sample of what's there Childhood innocense vs adult lust:prelude!!  

     Aladdin: Why are we doing another prelude when the one we are doing currently is not exactly done yet we only have the first few parts.
   Fateful: Because that one will take a long while to finish do to all the creatures the TF2 crew have to deal with in the wastelands, but also because this Brawl gets my interest as of now.
  Red hood: Anyway what happens when children get ready to explore the sexuality of the adult world in a more violent way, and no I'm not talking about BDSM or masochistic pleasures.
  Aladdin: But let's see what happens when a robot child  gets the " quality time" with a female witch who is a good bit rowdy?
  Fateful: Well let's get this prelude started beam'em in! Also Thanks to and for the bios!
    ( Megaman and Bayonetta get beamed into the mansion)
and What is life to you? Find your purpose!   
Hey it's ladger back with another introspective/philosophical piece if you want to check out my other look here:
 anyway I just wanted to talk about this for a while now, but got caught up in other things namely drawing and martial arts but reading this from a retiring vs debater/artist:
really got me thinking about some parts of life we take to lightly, to heavily, ignore, give control to others, etc. And before I go yes I understand not all things, people, experiences, or anything for that matter are equal.  It all really just depends on who your talking to, what they believe, their culture, living environment, etc there are really to many ways to ponder in this subject so I'll get you all started smoothly!
Before I go on it seems fair too say no one can ever truly tell you about life's great wonders nothing can prepare you for it and the best way to do it is to just

Eye witness testimony and personal experience are unreliable as evidence to prove extraordinary claims. Our senses can be fooled, our minds can hallucinate or misinterpret. Everyone knows this, of course, but we treat it like we treat the notion that dogs can be dangerous: it only applies to other people, never our own pets. My Fluffy would never bite someone!…

sure~ this may not be what you expect to hear, but dont show your drawings to just anyone. alot of people are really discouraging and will make you only see flaws in the work you were just so proud of before showing them. Be proud for yourself and don't let others' opinions get to you. you'll start doubting yourself and the quality of your work will decrease. trust me, once you do that, your drawings will get better so much faster. Also, draw for yourself and for fun and not to impress others. When you enjoy what you're doing, it shows up in your art ///// : / yeah and I'm definitely speaking from experience. once I stopped showing negative people, I wasn't as hard on myself when I made a mistake, i was always motivated to draw, and I was in a good mood when i practiced. And I say it's always good to work on anatomy, but even with that, don't be too tough on yourself. If you look closely at the professional manga and anime artists, like if you look behind all the fancy color and extra detail, you see that they have a lot of obvious anatomical mistakes, like, a lot. So as long as you are confident and feel positive about what you were able to do, people wont look at your art for accuracy, but for the the amount of creativity you put in it…
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    Raiden: Alright, the combatants are set! Let end this debate once and for all... Finally!
    Makoto: After all these years, right? Get pumped, because it's time for a DEATH BATTTTTTTTTLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
    --- --- --- --- ---
    Beerus' Planet...
    On the green surface of the lower part of the oddly shaped planet, an odd creature lay on his side with his head resting on his hand, looking out over the river. His skin was purple, he had the long ears and face of a jackal, and his tail waved around randomly. He wore very little to cover his unnaturally thin body, but he at least had baggy blue pants, a black stripe with white and orange diamonds in front of them. and pointed shoes along with a black and blue pad to cover his shoulders.
    He may have looked a bit silly, but he was still of great importance. For he was the God of Destruction himself, Beerus

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A Note to SJWs, LGBT+Phobes, And Many More by Foxstar241 Anti-Police Brutality by Mintaka-TK There Are Actually Legit Reasons Why You... by Mintaka-TK ''LOOK AT MAH CUUUUUUURVES'' by Mintaka-TK Is There Such a Thing as an Unbiased Source? by Mintaka-TK Say fuck no to government censorship. by XxLady-RussiaxX I Am Not My Country... I Am My Own Individual! by TheArtFrog Safe Spaces Are Far From Safe by TheArtFrog (I Understand This, Being an Anime Fan) by Mintaka-TK
Education Is Far More Effective Than Coercion by TheArtFrog Refusing To Question Your Beliefs Is The Worst Sin by TheArtFrog Again, An Age Gap Isn't Always Creepy... by Mintaka-TK Believe it or not by LadyRebeccaStamps
Quit While You're Ahead Before the Rot Kicks In! by Mintaka-TK I Believe in Dragons. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Blue Moon by EmpathicDesign Please finish conversations by A3G15-XIII Discrimination Is Utter Stupidity by TheArtFrog HUMANOIDS being bestiality? Idk... by Little-rolling-bean Today I learned that: the word "lord" is derived from the Middle English period, and originally was spelled "hlafweard", which translated to "bread guardian", referencing the feudal lord's position as being in charge of feeding and keeping his subjects healthy, in exchange for their loyalty. See "loaf" (hlaf) and "warden" (weard). Shortened and warped by the process of time, "hlafweard" becomes "hlafard" and eventually "lord".…

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Which Naruto Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Emotional Instability by Mintaka-TK Not a valid art block excuse by achthenuts Mere Punishment Doesn't Reduce Crime by TheArtFrog Disagree With Views. NOT Facts! by TheArtFrog
Linguistics, man Sexism Works Both Ways by TheArtFrog Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right by TheArtFrog Privacy is a Right (Stamp) by TheArtFrog You are Not Entitled to an Ignorant Opinion by TheArtFrog Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Unable To Think Stamp by StampBandWagon AmericanDreaming posted a status
The most frustrating thing I encounter on deviant art isn't disagreement, crazy beliefs, trolls, etc. It's people who don't understand the point being made (no matter how clear I try to be), and then respond to some phantom argument I never made, or position I don't hold. People occasionally ask for clarification, which I'm happy to provide, but more often, they just go into full outrage mode. Let's Get Started! Class 1Class is in session. So you're either new to drawing, or you've been drawing for a while and you're having trouble. :iconcrydesuplz: Maybe it's the anatomy, maybe it's the pose. Well we're here to help. :iconyeashplz:
Follow along and take notes. Don't forget to sketch along with the videos.
How to improve fast:
Now for some anatomy:
Homework: :iconwhatwhereplz:
Post a link to your homework (If you decide to do it) in the comment section along with any questions. We're here to help :iconairpunchplz:
Nikola Tesla - humanity's need of invention by YamaLama1986
Small Breasts Still Matter by Aclianna Saiyan pride stamp by war-armor Atheist Doesn't Equal Satanist by n0-username Say It With Me! :DI am not my foot size.
I am not my finger width.
I am not my eyebrow length.
I am not my eye colour.
I am not my hair colour.
I am not my skin colour.
I am not my genitalia.
I am not my sexuality.
I am not my ancestors. 
I am not my friends.
I am not my family.
I am not other people.
I am not the music I listen to.
I am not the fiction I read.
I am not the fiction I write.
I am not the games I play.
I am not the films I watch.
I am not my personal preferences.
I am my actions.
I am my ideas.
I am my ideals.
I am my world views.
I am my personality.
I am my merits.
I am the content of my character.
I am an individual.
I am me.

:thumb641494714: Seize This Day stamp by katamariluv Stay Positive bottlecap by katamariluv No matter what, stay strong...Whether a bad past, too much stress, health problems, bullying, friends leaving, betrayal, drama, or anything else bad happens...
Don't give up or give in. You're not the only one to face these things and never will be. We all faced simmer things and survived through it. Don't bring more harm to yourself by treating your skin as paper and cutting it or trying to kill yourself. Life gets better and it's not just a saying. It's said because it's true. That those who say it has experienced problems or pain. Life doesn't remain one way forever. Sure bad things may have happened for years and years, but look at your age now and compare it to how long you can live...
Do you really think those terrible things will follow you forever? That life will stay it's bleak shape forever? Tell me...

Do you really know? Or...are you guessing? 

Life will be hard. No doubt about it. And yes, it will continue to get harder from here. But it won't be hard  where it can't be


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