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Manic. more mspaint shit. nothing too special =P
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looks cool. Like old school video games :-)
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he's amazing....
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I DIDINT use this I used a lineart that I found on DA
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[link] So you stole the unfinished one instead. You still never asked for permission, and therefore it's still theft.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
not too shaby for MS paint. great job
Blinklight's avatar
Awww, he looks so adorable! You did a great job :3
StarlitSkvader's avatar
Hedgehog beefcake? o.o

Well done - Manic is one of my favorites. I really like how you drew his eyes. (The uni-eyeball, it drives me mad...)
fate-of-death's avatar
manic is amazing. i dont care how much anyone wants to bash Underground xD
uuuuuugh the uni-eyeball >.< even my sega style doesnt have that anymore haha
thanks :3
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Interesting style for a Sonicverse character. I kind of like it!
fate-of-death's avatar
yeah i got bored of always drawing sega-style. thanks!
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He looks awesome......................... *is reminded* Crap!!! ummmmms which version of him do you want? or do i have creative license?
fate-of-death's avatar
closest to sega style would probably be easiest, as im guessing more humanish would be harder w/ duct tape. and you are definitely free to some creative license xD just keep the hair and identifying features? <3
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yeah, he's such an adorable character >3<
Catieownzjooall's avatar
you've improved!

he's so cute <3
fate-of-death's avatar
aww thanks

i know, isnt he? XD
MableFable's avatar

Haha! Whoa! Mani~c.

Havent seen Sonic Underground in forever... haha..
fate-of-death's avatar
xD i have every ep on my comp. its silly, but i <3 it.
MableFable's avatar

xDDD lol! Nice!
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*eats cake * nom nom nom
ish tasty :3
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