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This is Erin Fayr also known as Streak. He is actually on Spanner's team and the story behind him is he had a rough childhood, he was kicked out of his own home at the age of 8 forced to live on the streets. He's been living on the streets for about 4 years by stealing and side line jobs. Around this time of history scientist are working on something related to what the rooters were doing. It is highly illegal though for supers to exist (secret identitys are a big thing in this timeline) so they were keeping it secret. Their goal is to try to further evolution by giving humans alien abilties. Young Erin broke in looking for the lab looking for a place to sleep for the night and being fascinated by all the lab machines he started to snoop finding a pyronite hooked up to a machine being held prisoner for experiments. Begging for help Erin tried breaking him out, accidentally breaking the wrong thing which caused a weird explosion destroying the lab fusing the pyronite and Erin. The cops showed up with Streak on the spot with him being a pyronite the police suspected it was his doing and tried arresting him but they escaped. So Erin has the ability to transform into a pyronite kinda at will but also whenever the pyronite feels like coming out. So it's two minds in one body.

This is also a redo of this weird drawing of mine:
Man On Fire by Fatdooman
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