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Alright so tonight i wanted to do something different and explain what this universe is.

So first of all just know that this takes place 10 years after Ben 10000's timeline. So a few years after Max's retirement there was a huge invasion run by Vilgax and the highbreed and a new guy Uranor (from Atomix's species). This was one of the most tragic  moments in human history, millions were killed and disappeared. Max sacrificed himself to kill Vilgax and the some of the Highbreed once and for all. Uranor disappeared with most of the highbreed. After that Ben fell into a deep depression disappearing with no trace, the last we've seen from him was on the ground arm less ready to give up. After the invasion no one saw Ben Tennyson in 10 years presuming he's dead. Without Ben 10 around the world seemed defenseless from more off world invaders so a bunch of young new heroes started to step forward (Zarda, Deadflame, Five Star)

Kenny's story is he doesn't believe his father is dead because there's no evidence that's true. He makes it his goal to find him and take him home using the Omnitrix and his Chrono Spanner suit. Right now he is 24 years old and in charge of a team of off world heroes still on search for his dad.

Yess i updated him, it's been 10 years
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:drool: nice work! (and hot too lol)
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i was literally thinking that while designing him “he’s gotta be a fine piece of art lmao”
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ROFL he totally is. LIKE OMG. (so kinda wish he was in my literal ass lol) 
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Interesting. While Spanner was not my Favorite Character, But Kenny was back during the days of The Original Series and Alien Force, I was thrown for a Confusing loop.