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An introduction of sorts.

Not new to dA at all. Use to and still go by Nekktar. 
I RP and have ran several groups in the past. One of them was a ATLA group, and the last two were Wolf RP groups. 

I recently started running my own sticker business so my time is divided between college, work, my sticker business and family/social. But somehow I find the time to RP and draw. Mostly trying to be a wannabe background artist but I’ll only ever be a hobbyist. 

Anddd that’s about it. 
My discord is Fatal #1744
Samael Sawbones- Loner

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 Samael “Sawbones”

Meaning: Hebrew for “Venom of god”
(Inspired from the Archangel Samael

Nickname: Sawbones or Bones
Theme song: Abodah by Sheku Kanneh-Mason

Species: Wolf
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/his/him
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual(?)
Relationship Status: Single and Not interested/Looking

Pack: Loner 
Tasks: Healer/Hunter
Religion: None

Immediate Family :   
Parents: Alarth (Deceased) & Solsa (Deceased)

Extended Family :

Affect Rolls :  Mild-Moderate

Build :  An average sized male with a medium build on him. He is still agile with enough muscle to hunt and possibly get away if need be. 
    Height :    30 inches
    Weight : Healthy

Coat :   Samael is a pale grayed wolf with large dark patch on his back that tapers off. His underside is painted white that extends to his tail. 
Eye Color :  Amber
Scars :   A small 4 cm scar over the top lip of his muzzle on the left side.

Voice :  Konstantin from “Rise of the Tomb Raider”

Personality :    
He thinks himself as being morally correct. That he is the one to be judge of someone else choices and even their life. He is stubborn in this way due to this and can be hard to reason with at times. He's prone to go into a bit of rant or argument as well. Otherwise he does not usually associate himself with those he thinks poorly of if he doesn't have to. 

He will get revenge not matter what. He is not the type to do wrong to. Bones will go out of his way to make sure that the drawing board is even. He believes in fairness so he only thinks its fair that a playing field is even or there is a tit for tat. Though this can be his downfall if he were to meet a bigger evil than he can handle. 

He is loyal to himself most of all but if he were to find someone or a group that he actually holds respect for, he would be the utmost loyal to them. He himself is not very trusting but if one can show that they are worth his time and attention then he will make it known. Being quite deceitful himself, it can be hard for other to form a bond with him. 

Bones has no respect for many so therefore he doesn't feel the need to be truthful. He is even dishonest to his own patients those that trust him to heal them, yet he will lie to some. He will hide truth to his own advantage but mostly so that it will harm others. He does this mostly with those he thinks are not worth another breath in the world. But he will lie and hide from even those that he deems worthy of life but it is only to protect himself or reputation if that is the case. He is very conscious about his reputation in the forest.

As a hunter and a healer he limits a lot of his talking and exchanges it for listening. He likes to listen to the patients about their gossiping or woes which allows him to hear other events going on in the forest. He has a keen eye for how an individual acts or body language. 

He is self aware to an extent of course but otherwise he plans his actions and next move. He is not one to be spontaneous and if he is it is out of emotion. Otherwise he plans things accordingly so that it can spare him the consequences or actually reach the results he wants.

Sawbones expects the worse before sees the best in others and in situations. He is overly cautious about what he says to really anyone until he is aware of what kind of character they have. 

    Likes :  Hunting, gathering herbs, quiet, justice, fairness,
    Dislikes :  Wrong doing, malicious/bad intentions, squirrels, pack life
    Motivations :   The death of his parents and will to live on in their names.
    Goals :  He strives to weed out those that don't deserve life. Those that do wrong to ones that can't help themselves. He wants to balance out the world. 
    Other :  
-He tends to have allergies from the herbs that he gathers. Common to hear him sniffling. 

- He seems worn out most of the time.

-It's not odd for him to laugh when something isn't funny, or at the worst time.

Pre-Group History / Backstory :  
Born from two loners he was a litter of one. Adored by his parents he lived with them in the northern part of the area. They taught him everything he needed to know to be a loner. They also taught him the perks and woes of being in a pack. ”Knowledge was power” is what they instilled in him and that he should rely on himself and not on others. They both poured their all into the pup and tried to raise him in a real and just environment away from the hardness of the world. But the family’s world was far from perfect. Though they were loners, they lived on shared territory.

A crew of wolves that ‘struck a deal with them’ forced them to hunt for their crew in exchange for protection. “As long as everyone is fed ,everyone is safe” was their rule. For as long as Samael could remember he always hunted for himself and plus one. His parents were not fighters and being that large packs occupied land nearby, becoming traveling loners with a pup in tow was not ideal. The plan was to stay for the protection and leave once Samael was old enough. 

What was suppose to be their last winter in the deal was also the harshest. His parents weren’t able to uphold the ‘rent’ of the shared land. The crew didn’t take too kind to the fact that they could not uphold the deal and made them work harder, most times not allowing the family to eat at all. When Samael and his parents tried to escape, it was evident that the protection that was offered was no longer guaranteed. Angry words lead to angry teeth and Samael was left to bury his parents as well play servant to their killers. 

He knew nothing else but this land and with the threat of being killed, he stayed. Either the harsh winter would kill him or they would. 

They kept him around not only to as their hunter but also as their healer. His parents had did the same and passed on the knowledge of herbs and aliments. For two years Samael lived this way, all that time to think of how to get his revenge. How to avenge his family and wondering why such wolves existed in this world? Why want it that good wolves died and evil ones lived long? He didn’t know that there was not a balance in the world he thought he knew. And for him to make it even, he planned to become that balance. He believed in no god or higher beings. He believed in what he knew and that was what set him free. 

It was easy once he thought of it. Putting a poison on the fresh kill that the crew ate which made them sicker and sicker until one morning he woke up for the first time truly alone. 

As a young adult with not a lick of fighting skill he planned to be a traveling healer. He couldn’t stay in the land his parents were buried and having lived in with the crew he wanted no part in a pack. So he traveled for some time, helping others until he was somewhat known to be the local forest healer.

Locals call him “Sawbones”. He actively helps with his knowledge in healing but what most don’t know, is that he believes he is helping more than just the individual but the world. He doesn’t save just anybody but in fact he kills off the ones “that the world doesn’t need”. If he truly sees evil in a wolf, he treats them so that they never become well. A necessary evil perhaps, but the lack of knowledge in others, locals think his patients just die.

“Samael did all he could” they would say and thus his reputation remains intact and well.

In-Group History :    

-Samael resides on the new map in the forest (D7). He’s made a permanent den there in the last year and has several herb gathering areas he regularly is seen at around there.

Relationships :    N/A



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