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Like the sun or the air
Does anyone care?
No one cares for a leaf, a rock or a tree
That it is how people seem to feel about me
I feel lost, alone
Always left to be on my own
Does someone love me?
And where is he?
Why aren’t I loved with someone by my side?
Where is that one guy?
Why have I been alone for so long?
I can tell you this, it doesn’t make one feel strong
Lack of love does leave quite a void, such an empty hole
One that seems to eat away at my soul
I know someone’s out there but how long will it be?
Where is the one who will see the real me?
Sometimes I wonder as people look at me
What do they see?
I'm not like all the others, not just another one
Not just one of many under our moon and sun
Please show me that I'm wanted, show me I matter
Show me that I am one and not just a part of the bustle and chatter
Hold me close, I want to hear your heart, to hear you breathe
I want to know that I'm the one you need
I want to feel alive, I want to be with you
Tell me please that you want to be with me too
another from a lonely time in life...
© 2005 - 2021 fatalbeauty01
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