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Its Been A While by Fatal-mantis85, journal

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while rediscovering my favorite neopet veteran artists, i had the great luck of stumbling across your work again. your characters, music choices, and art had a massive impact on me as a child, just as you did for many, many others.

i think it speaks to your reach and ability that people are still dropping comments here nine years later. its very sad to see all the art tucked away, but hey, i did the same thing! i sincerely hope you are doing well today.

So I recently re-discovered some of your neopets art and it got me feeling all sorts of emotions... I felt obliged to quickly write something here.

Fatal... thank you for everything. Your contribution to the art community truly left a lasting impact on many of us. To this day, I still think about your art from time to time. Like others, I have many fond memories of browsing your art and especially your petpages, and discovering a love for original characters, storytelling, and digital art along the way.

I would have never found these passions had I not found you and a couple of other skilled artists on neopets, honestly - you folks were really ahead of your time with the illustrations and worlds you created with your own characters. Thank you so, so much for those times... I hope wherever you are, that life is treating you well, and that you are happy. 💖

Also, does anyone remember anything about the backstories of any of Fatal's neopets back in the day (Shacar, Akansho, Acardis, Captayn,Inferno etc)? I've been especially nostalgic over the stories as of late, they used to inspire me all the time when i was younger, but unfortunately, i can't remember a single thing regarding their stories; only some of the music and art that Fatal had at the time. ;__;

Sometimes I think that Aura was destined to be an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. A large part of the people I see who are professional designers started with neopets and had fatal mantis as their main inspiration, her drawings had an enormous charisma and seemed to have a life of their own.

I would like to know If Aura is fine and living a good life.

I would also very much like to recall her stories, characters and drawings, because unfortunately I also remember very little of their stories, especially because my English was not so good at that time.

I only remember Shacar and that she woke up on the beach one day and had no memory of her past and that she was found and rescued by Akansho. and the Captayn and Serraona who were lovers, but I don't remember anything else besides that, unfortunately.

Aura was an excellent person and amazing artista and had a wonderful musical taste too!

I also wanted a little help to see if anyone remembers the name of the song that played on Kahlidah's page, the magma draik.

Me and my mom used to love that song and have been looking for it for many years.

It seemed an african song with drums and a female singer with a choir of children singing in the background, but I'm not 100% sure about the details because it's been years. any help to find out what song it was will be very welcome! ❤️

Like many others, Fatal and their art and stories on Neopets were a great source of inspiration to me when I was young. Those days are long behind me, but I feel nostalgic for the art, and wish I could see it again. I understand that Fatal has chosen to take it down, but if anyone has access to the neopets art that was available in the past, please contact me. I have absolutely no desire to post it on the internet or plagiarise from it, I'd just like to see it again. It's a precious childhood memory for me and I miss it.

All the best in your endeavours, Fatal-Mantis. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and so many others.
I know it's too little too late...
But I wanted to lay this here... Somewhere. Perhaps you'll see it one day.

You inspired me to create.

I don't know how old I was, exactly, but I know I saw Shacar at the beauty contest on Neopets and that I wanted to be just like you. I wanted to draw as beautifully as you did. I even made my most common username inspired by yours! (If my DA username is enough to prove that point.) 

I'm sorry that thieves, and people generally being toxic made you shy away from neopets, and shy away from Deviantart. It really upsets me that you were pretty much my artistic Idol as a child and that the wrong kinds of fans of your work pulled you from both mediums. Every time I was upset I thought to draw, and improve, because I knew perhaps I would become as great as you were some day.
You even inspired me to role play...! The stories that you seemed to craft with your characters, their ideas made me want to write. I remember a piece you did of Akansho and Shacar flying through the clouds on one of your pages, and Nightwish's song, "Walking in the Air" was playing.

I still love art, and I think I'm pretty good now...
So, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you so, so much, for everything you've done. I really hope you're still out there, creating beautiful artwork, and sculpting wonderful stories.
Hi. I know, I'm late. I'm pretty much sad to see that my favorite childhood artist is gone, but I can understand her reasons. I hope she is doing well with her life. I hope she will not abandon her passions. She was really good, in drawing. 

PS: I wanted to know if someone knows the classical song on Shacar10 homepage, before it was gone ?
PPS: Sorry, my english is bad, my mother tongue is french. 


hi i realize its been like two years but were you thinking about Times Scar from Chrono Cross?

that shit was sure a jam/still is