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Outfit Design: Vahss

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hello look i drew Vahss and his outfit redesign! this means nothing to y'all because I never posted his first design here, but i did a complete rehaul and I did that for a couple reasons. firstly, the green is more indicative of his character and slots into Ataerun symbolism very nicely with him loving plants and being the resident Plant Guy.

second, because Vahss is a border world kiil’rah, he grew up in a culture where Ataeru and Kiil’n core fashions bled into each other, helping to influence the otherwise unique border world fashion.

Which is also why he doesn’t get an Ataerun outfit vs a Kiil’n outfit, because the culture bleed is enough that he looks Weird but not That Weird (and also because Vahss is too stupid to wear something more appropriate as he heads deeper into Ataerun territory)

And lastly, the mask and cowl are common for both kiil’rah and mozu who don’t want their species recognized and is a general symbol of “I’m not here to cause trouble I am just here to anonymously go about my business” in both the Kiil’n and Ataerun empires.
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