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Jessica Alba

By fat-jedgfx
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latest. took me a day. hair is soooo time consuming
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really really nice work !!
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greenhood-kanno's avatar
woooooww really great job...
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dam you made her look gooooood
vicz26's avatar
the hair looks fab! :)
fejao's avatar
That's AMAZING!!!
Mr-FunnyFace's avatar
Amazing piece dude! The best vector i've seen in a while! The hair is fantastic, and the bold colours really pop out the pic too. Wow, I could look at that hair for days...
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nice, you do your hair strand by strand?
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im doin 1 of her now & its so hard gettin the hair right. any hints/tips?
fat-jedgfx's avatar
pretty much just be really patient... it gets really annoying but just stay patient
nfroustis's avatar
alright thanks. do you start from darker/base hair then work your way up to top/highlight hair?
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Amazing work! wow, I really have to learn how to vectorize hair like that.

I have to :+fav: this.

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jesus...i can only imagine how long that hair took.

looks AMAZING though. no doubt...
DjAnDiZZy's avatar
A day? This would take me a year! :D
And about the hair, did you do every little strand one by one?
fat-jedgfx's avatar
yeah it strand was done one by one. and thanks! :D
DjAnDiZZy's avatar
Oh okay :) I thought I was mad or something :D
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i gotta give a perfect score for this! =)
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wow O___O very wonderful *_*
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Wow... The hair is awesome... I like the way you shaded the skin too...
Pictogramme's avatar
What a hair ! Maybe you should one day write a short-tut for that hair :D
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