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I haven't really put much on here I realized. I'm extremely pleased with how far my art has progressed. I'm not going to say I'm good yet but I'm getting there. There are a lot of talented artists out there and I hope I can someday call myself one. I started working on a Flash-oriented news site by the name of I'm his newest contributor, working on posting news about collectibles, action figures and stuff. It's only been barely a week but I'm really enjoying it. I unearthed a juicy little tid-bit that once I get approval from the author I'm going to post it. All in all things haven't been amazing this year so far but they've been pretty surprising and interesting. Oh and btw does anyone out there know what the best graphics tablet that I should pick up is? I think it could go a long way towards improving my work. In any case you all have a great February. And check out if you get a chance.
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