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United States
Hey there, my name is Chris

Started out when I lived in Montana and now I live in Texas. It was a great wake up to really make me stretch my limits with creativity and helped me to learn a lot with such variations as scenery.

I basically grew up in Montana. Lived there for 16 years until late 2006 when I moved down to Texas. Then March 2008 I moved back to Montana and March 2009 I moved back here.
Hello everyone!

It has seriously been forever since I have updated on here and I sincerely apologize.  Let me fill you in on what's happened in the past (wow that long?) 7 months.  

Due to some personal issues I was not able to get on deviant as much as I would have liked. Hopefully those things will be able to be resolved in the future, but as of now my time will still be fairly limited on here.  In March I got a new job as a pharmacy technician! :lol:  It's been an adventure.  There are lots of ups and downs but it has some good potential and is teaching me a lot.  Probably the thing I hate most about the job is how much it cuts into my time of being able to take photos.  I miss going out to do photo shoots terribly and am hoping to be able to fit that into my schedule more very soon.  Going out to a sunset with just my camera really felt like it completed me and missing that in so long has been very hard.  Once things finally slow down a little bit I hope to get back out there and start pushing that shutter button like crazy.  

Things have changed a bit in the college department as well.  I had originally planned to go into photography, but I had multiple people (plus the many things I read online) tell me not to go into it.  For several reasons: because it's something that can be learned through personal experience...okay so maybe one main reason.  As much as I loved it, I wanted to do something else that I also loved, which was physics.  Math and science have always fascinated me, so I'm hoping to eventually get my masters (and maybe doctorate eventually) in astrophysics.  Everything's up in the air, so getting back to school will take longer than I'd like, but it will happen.

In the mean time, I would like to thank every one so much for their support.  While I was away, you guys sent me up to 410 watchers :)  Can't tell you how happy that makes me!  So until I can get back out there with the camera, here are the photos I took for my final photography project.  The concept was, "Feelings of Jellybeans".  Each one tries to convey a different emotion from something that is emotionless.…

Hope you guys enjoy them and have a great Summer!



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MaxK-W Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy Birthday!! :la: :happybounce: I hope you have a great day! :hug:
PrincessAlbertSwe Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Professional Photographer

Hello there! Hi! 

Am the founder of the photography group ExcipioVita, witch is a newly founded group that needs that little extra kick to get going. 

Right now am looking for new members, contributors and maybe a co-founder/administrator that will share your work in the galleries and help out rising new members.

You are most welcome to join us or just stop by and submit some photos if you so like.

Hope to see you there! 


Regars Alfred P

misshayes Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
awesome port!
frubafreak17 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Chris! I was remodeling my room and came across the envelope and photos you sent me way back in the day for my painting, and I put them all over my room, and now I ended up on your page... I hope you've been okay :)
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