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Good Work - A Jogan/Stuart Trio Fic

"When did you become so pigheaded?"

"When you became so self-centred!"

"Ah shit." Derek threw down his pen as the sounds of arguing came closer and closer to where he had holed himself up in the common room all day. "Will there ever be a time when I will get any peace?" He looked up towards the ceiling, clasping his hands together as if talking to a deity. "Because I would really really appreciate it."

"Self-centred? All I ever do is think about you!"

Suddenly, the doors to the common room were flung open and Derek dropped his hands to his lap.

"Fuck you." He hissed to the heavens as Julian turned on Logan, jaw clenched from the Warbler's last sentence.

"What?!? Why the hell are you thinking of me?" The actor threw his hands up in the air.

"Sorry Derek, we didn't see you there, we'll take our idiocy somewhere else!" Derek mimicked as he slowly gathered up his belongings.

"Because I worry about you!" Logan bit back venomously which clearly made his sentence hard to believe.

"Oh no!" Derek punctuated his sentence by slamming a book shut. "Don't mind me! It's not like I was revising for an English midterm which I have tomorrow! Oh no! I was just doodling poodles over here!"

"What in mother-fucking-Mary's name gives you the right to worry about me?"

"I like poodles…they're fancy." Derek mused as he calmly mopped up some coffee which had sloshed out of his mug when Julian had kicked the table with his previous question.

"What, so I need permission to care about you?"

"To stay or not to stay…that is the question…?" Derek said dramatically under his breath on his way towards the doors as Julian laughed incredulously before he spoke again, his voice rising.

"No! You need to care about me TO CARE ABOUT ME!"


Derek paused by the doorway, still going unnoticed by his friends despite the fact that he had just walked directly across their lines of vision.


"Okay! It appears that the question has been answered for me!" Derek spun around, closing the doors behind him and leaning his back against them as he observed Logan's mouth opening and closing like a fish before he managed to sputter his next word as Julian paced backwards and forwards before him.


"YOU AND YOUR DAMN BLINDNESS TO WHAT IS STANDING RIGHT THE FUCK IN FRONT OF YOU!" The brunette grabbed a book that had been left on the coffee table and hurled it across the room, watching as it landed with a thud in a flurry of pages. Logan didn't even flinch.


Julian's eyes widened in disbelief and he stormed forwards invading Logan's personal space and shoving his face in that of the singers so that he could feel his breath on his face as he whispered disbelievingly.

"Me?!? I'm the one who doesn't care about anyone else??" He laughed once humourlessly, throwing his arms in the air again before he poked Logan hard in the chest, causing him to take a step backwards as Julian continued his rant. "Pot calling kettle black isn't it?? Where was I when you were fawning over Blaine??" He paused momentarily before he continued calmly. "Helping you. Where was I when you broke up with Blaine? Letting you cry on my shoulder." Logan sneered at Julian and that was when the actor snapped and began to spill out a torrent of words. "WHERE WAS I WHEN YOU FELL FOR KURT?? RIGHT FUCKING BESIDE YOU, YOU COMPLETE ASSHOLE!!!!! I'VE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU BUT WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN WHEN I NEEDED YOU??" Logan involuntarily stepped backwards at Julian's vicious outburst but he had barely opened his mouth when the brunette cut him off with his answer "NOWHERE IN FUCKING SIGHT!!! SO IT'S NOT A FUCKING SURPRISE I TOLD DEREK ABOUT THOSE LETTERS AND THAT I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU INSTEAD OF TELLING YOU!!! BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T THERE TO BE TOLD!!!"

Julian was breathing heavily by this point, his chest heaving as his face was mere inches away from Logan's so he saw how all anger drained from his face along with all colour and Derek who was still standing by the door took the mention of his name as his cue to leave, ducking out the door before Logan could turn on him as Julian backed away, eyes wide and looking as if he were about to throw up.

"What did you just say?" Logan spoke very quietly.

"Oh my god." Julian said thickly and covered his mouth with one hand as he reached behind him with the other to grip the arm of the couch as his legs buckled and he folded to the floor, his back against the couch as he pulled his knees up to his chest.

"YOU WHAT??!!" Logan, red faced and breathing heavily, yelled at the shaking actor.

"Oh god no." Julian said in horror as his wide eyes looked anywhere but Logan's face. "No. It wasn't supposed to happen like this." He choked out, stumbling to his feet as tears began to sting at his eyes. He tried to leap towards the door but Logan wasn't having any of it.

"JULIAN!!! OH NO YOU FUCKING DON'T!! GET BACK HERE!!!" He gripped Julian's wrist and, making a split decision he tugged him back towards him.

"LOGAN!!! LET GO OF ME!!! LO—mph" Julian's eyes widened impossibly further as Logan's hands came either side of his face and the Warbler meshed their lips together desperately. Julian made a shocked noise in the back of his throat and his hands went to Logan's broad shoulders and—although his entire body was screaming at him, his mind was calling, his long neglected heart was yearning for this kiss—he pushed him away with all his might.

Logan stumbled backwards, a look of complete hurt and confusion on his face. He didn't even see Julian snap his arm back. He definitely didn't see Julian's fist heading towards his face.

Logan only knew of Julian's attack when the actor's fist crashed into his face with an extremely audible 'crunch' and he went hurtling towards the floor, his hand going up to cradle the left side of his face as a red hot spike of agony penetrated his head and he was momentarily blinded by it as he lay sprawled out on the ground in shock.

"HOW DARE YOU?!?" Julian screamed, ignoring the dull ache in his right hand…the ache in his heart however was harder to overlook as the tears finally won and spilled down his cheeks. "I WILL NOT ST—STAND HERE AND BE P—PITIED BY YOU!! YOU CAN F—FI—FIND SOME OTHER M—MORON FOR T—TH—THAT! YOU DON'T HAVE TO P—PRETEND THAT YOU COULD EVER L—L—LOVE ME B—BACK!" He sobbed, stumbling to the ground as his legs gave out on his way from the room. As he stood and finally managed to cross the room, Logan stood also and pulled Julian by the back of his blazer into the circle of his arms and Julian's mouth was assaulted again by the very same that had claimed his own not one minute ago—and now he was not feeling anymore willing to reciprocate which he showed as his hands went to grip Logan's biceps as he pushed with every ounce of strength he had left and he let himself breathe a sigh of relief when Logan withdrew...momentarily.

Logan did not withdraw by force, nor did he withdraw for more than a few seconds, his forehead remained pressed against Julian's despite the actor's struggles his mouth inches away from that of the actor's as he spoke his next words.

"I've been in love with you for years."

And then once more he pressed his lips firmly against Julian's, his heart beating furiously.

Julian's eyes were wide in astonishment, his mouth was unmoving and his mind was whirring. But most of all his heart was pounding, it felt as if it were trying to beat itself out of his chest and fly away; all weight had been lifted from it, and as Logan's soft lips caressed his Julian felt completely weightless.

Slowly, as if the motions of kissing were foreign to him, Julian let his mouth be manipulated by Logan's as his eyes slowly dropped shut and the hands that were gripping the singer's upper arms tightened as he pulled the taller boy closer to his body.

He felt Logan smirk through the kiss but Julian couldn't have cared less.

Because after three agonising years, three years of the repeated feeling of heartbreak being inflicted upon him, his ache was finally soothed.

Derek poked his head around the common room door and felt a smile spread across his face.

He looked up to the ceiling and grinned.

"Good work."

He then closed the door quietly and plucked his phone from his pocket.

"I wonder how much a poodle costs…"
A Jogan/Stuart Trio fic i wrote :)

kattklb101 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
total fangasm.
and loving the Derek in this.
AmeliaRH Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
SQUEEEEE. *fangirls*
fashionnightmare12 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha xD I know right :)
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