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It was movie night in Windsor house.

Boys were collected in the common room, blankets were strewn everywhere and students chatted excitedly.

There had been one allowance in this movie night, that if a boy wanted, they could invite one student from another house over to join them. So students from Windsor, Stuart and Hanover were crammed into the small room, piling on top of each other as Wes and David went through every DVD that any boy from Windsor had in their possession; they had counted more than 100 DVD's and had somehow narrowed it down to 10 and were now taking a vote.

Charlie and Justin sat next to each other on the sofa, watching the arguments begin over how a vote was unfair; Wes however, was waving his gavel at people and proclaiming that he was going to decide, whilst David sat with his head in his hands, groaning from the effort.

"Oh for God's sake!" Kurt burst out, standing from where he had been settled between Blaine's legs and climbing over the masses of bodies to reach where Wes and David stood.

He observed the choices and with a quick movement snatched them all up in his arms.

"Hey!" Wes complained. "You must respect the gavel!"

But Kurt simply walked over to the television and, making sure that no one could see, he put a DVD into the player and ushered everyone back to their seats.

As music began to play, conversation died down and everyone waited excitedly for the title sequence.

A loud cheer of approval and a few groans went up amongst the crowd as the menu for 'Tangled' came up on screen. Kurt nodded in satisfaction before moving to resume his earlier position.

"I love this film." Justin mumbled to himself, a small smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.

Charlie just smiled and watched as the film began.

As they watched the lanterns rise into the sky, Charlie threw his hands in the air.

"Ugh I'm hungry." Charlie announced, standing up and making his way around the sofa.

"Me too." Justin agreed, manoeuvring so that he was sitting on the back of the sofa and twisting around to hop off the back to the opening tune of 'I See The Light', just as Charlie tripped on a stray pillow and fell into Justin, knocking them both to the floor, one on top of the other.

"Crap, J, are you alright?" Charlie asked quickly as he pushed himself up onto his arms so that he could look at his best friend.

"Ow." Justin said breathlessly.

"God, sorry Switzerland." Charlie said apologetically.

"It's fine Chaz." Justin assured him, moving to sit up. Charlie made a small noise and sat up as well. But he didn't move off Justin.

So as Justin sat upright, Charlie ended up awkwardly straddling his best friend's hips.

Justin looked up into Charlie's eyes in shock and Charlie looked back with his eyes wide. The Windsor opened his mouth to apologise, but the words died in his throat as his gaze lingered on his best friend's kind blue eyes which he had never noticed were the exact colour of the Larkspur's Charlie had on his windowsill upstairs; they just so happened to be his favourite flowers.

Now, as they watched each other, things started to change in the air around them.

Justin's breath hitched in his throat as Charlie's brown hair fell forwards into his searching eyes and he lifted his hand cautiously to gently brush it away, he did not miss the shiver that passed through Charlie's body and his heart sang from the reaction; he watched as his breathtaking cornflower eyes slipped shut, leaning into Justin's touch, moaning softly as Justin ran his hand down the side of his face and Charlie's hand came up to rest on top of Justin's.

Justin had to remind himself to breathe as he leant forwards instinctively; he gently slid his free hand around Charlie's waist so that he could pull him closer.

Charlie opened his eyes slightly, watching in anticipation as Justin's lips came nearer to his.

Their foreheads rested against each other first and for a few seconds they simply breathed each other's air.

Charlie's mind was a whirr of questions; most of which were about his sanity.

But as Justin moved his hand under Charlie's shirt and his fingers splayed out on his back he let himself get lost in the moment.

Justin wasn't thinking; he couldn't allow himself to, or he might loose the rush he had now; he had never felt like this before in his life, no girl or guy had ever made him gasp for breath with just a look.

But he would have never guessed that Charlie would be the one to make him feel this way; the way that, all his life, he had dreamed he would feel like when he was with the one he loved; the passion that boiled under the surface, the intimacy in every action, no fear, no trepidation, just love and actions which proved that love.

So he moved forwards and sucked in a quick breath when his lips brushed hesitantly against Charlie's.

Charlie felt his heart hammer in his chest as he processed what had just happened.

But Justin leant in again, planting a firmer kiss on the Windsor's lips and revelling in the moan Charlie let loose.

Charlie couldn't stop himself, he snaked his hands into Justin's hair, tugging on it gently as he pressed insistently into the second kiss, pushing Justin down so that he was lying on the floor and Charlie was lying on top of him.

And neither man was complaining.

Charlie pulled back for a second to catch his breath which had been knocked from him by that kiss. But Justin moved to latch his lips onto his neck making Charlie shudder in pleasure.

"Justin." He whispered his name as if it was a prayer and let the Hanover roll him over so that their positions were reversed. Charlie arched off the ground when Justin bit gently on the flesh above his adams-apple and he dug his fingers into Justin's hips, arching his body upwards involuntarily and Justin made a strangled noise in the back of his throat.

"Oh God." Justin heaved out.

With a grunt, Justin moved suddenly away from his neck, and kissed Charlie full on the mouth.

Their hands ran over each other as they deepened the kiss, Charlie's tongue traced the line of Justin's lips and the Hanover opened his mouth willingly, feeling it run along his sensitive teeth and nibbling on the muscle gently as Charlie put his arms around Justin's waist, pulling them together. Justin's hands went to the side of Charlie's face, pulling him up into a kiss that gentled and became so tender that both boys had to pull away to breathe. Justin was straddling Charlie's lap now and as their eyes locked onto each other Justin ran his fingertips over the features of Charlie's face, memorizing them more than he had in the years of their friendship.

"Chaz." Justin whispered hoarsely, Charlie simply ran a finger down the side of Justin's neck making the Brit shiver before he leant forwards to nip and suck at the skin making Justin throw his head back as he moaned, absently moving against Charlie who reciprocated eagerly.

Justin suddenly put his hands on Charlie's shoulders and pushed him hard so that once again, he was lying horizontally. Then he pounced on him, kissing him to within an inch if his life as their legs tangled together behind the sofa in a room full of their schoolmates who looked up to them and who thought of them as their leaders.

The two prefects were lost to the world, nothing could ruin the moment which wrapped itself around them.

Phones belonging to the Windsor's all around the room suddenly burst into life, ring tones blaring out amongst the crowd.

Charlie was too engrossed in Justin that he didn't feel his own vibrate in his back pocket and neither Prefect heard the DVD cease to play.

"What the—?"

"Did you guys just get a very cryptic text from The Caterpillar?"

"Yeah," there was a shuffling sound, "what does he mean, look behind the—OHMYGOD!"

Reed's head appeared over the back of the sofa and disappeared in the same moment as he clasped a hand over his mouth.

"Reed?" Kurt asked worriedly, and everyone in the room, after hearing Reed's quiet exclamation rushed to lean over the back of the sofa, mouths dropped open and people gasped.

"HOLY SHIT!" Wes cried, and this cry was enough to distract the prefects who broke apart, staring up in horror at the people looking down upon them.

"We did not see that coming." The twins said in awed harmony.

Kurt and Blaine shared a grin.

"We did!" They chimed and Kurt dissolved into a fit of giggles, Blaine following soon after.

Meanwhile, Justin and Charlie were stunned into immobility.

"Guys?" David hopped over the couch and waved a hand in front of Justin's face; he didn't move, so he moved on to Charlie; he just stared back blankly—his mind was screaming out that Justin was still straddling his lap and he was…extremely aware of their close contact. "Guys I think we may have shocked them into a coma."

"At least they're in a…comfortable position." Wes grinned evilly.

"WE HAVE TO GO!" Justin cried out, snapping out of his frozen state, dragging Charlie by the hand and hauling him from the room to the sound of catcalls and cheers.

Justin ran with Charlie up to the Windsor prefect's room, shutting them in with a slam as he leant against the closed door, breathing heavily.

Charlie, who had been flung into the room by Justin, sat down on his bed, simply staring into space with his eyes wide and panicked.

I kissed my best friend.

Slowly, Charlie chanced a look over to Justin only to see that he was looking right back at him with a similar expression; one that said 'What the hell just happened?'

But as they looked and looked, their gazes became softer and before they knew it, Justin was pushed up against the door as Charlie's mouth attacked his eagerly.

"Can you hear anything?"

"No, because there's someone whispering in my ear—oh wait! IT'S YOU!"

Charlie and Justin pulled away, resting their foreheads together as they sighed.

I kissed my best friend.

Now Charlie couldn't help but rejoice at the feeling that was coursing through him.

They grinned simultaneously at each other, doing a silent countdown as Charlie reached behind Justin to wrap his hand around the door knob.



"Three—" The two prefects jumped away from the door as Charlie ripped it open.

"Aaah!" Wes, who had previously had his ear pressed up against the door, fell forwards and flat onto his face with David stumbling to fall on top of him as they landed in a heap on the floor.

After a grumbling by Wes and a few well placed smacks to the head, David stood, and, seeing the death glare sent his way, he promptly ran from the room.

"I'll miss you Wesley!" He called as he slid down the banister.

Wes sat up and slowly his eyes climbed upwards to see Charlie staring angrily at him with his arms crossed; Justin was giving him a similar look.

"Dead. Meat."

Wes heard those two words and sprung form the room, Charlie and Justin shared a look before racing after him.

They followed him down the stairs and in to the common room once again. Wes took shelter behind Kurt who was patching up a graze on Reed's knee. So Charlie, who had been in the lead stopped abruptly not giving Justin enough time to halt and therefore, the Hanover smacked into his best friend and they crashed to the floor in a pile of arms and legs.

"Shit! Chaz are you alright?" Justin asked as he moved his weight off the body beneath him and rolled the Prefect over.

"Ow." Charlie worked out and Justin laughed breathlessly, earning a grin from the bulk on the floor who reached up to twist a loose piece of Justin's hair around his finger.

"This is too cute!" Kurt squealed, clapping his hands together in glee.

Both Prefects were lost in each other's eyes and paid no attention to the grins or calls of encouragement which sounded around the room.

"Guys! As cute as Alice may think you are—"

"And looking at his expression, that is 'very cute'—"

"We haven't finished the film!"

The twins whined alternately and after a bout of eye contact, that left both men breathless, they returned to the sofa, hearts beating in their chests as they hesitantly leaned in towards each other.

Justin smiled as Charlie rested his head on his shoulder and he put his arms around the prefect and taking Charlie's hand gently in his own.

The movie started up again, and the last verse of 'I See the Light' played out of the speakers.

Charlie felt shivers run up his spine when Justin sang the last few lines of the song as he buried his face in Charlie's hair.

'All at once, everything is different, now that I See You; now that I See You.'
Just a little Chustin drabble i wrote :)

Song is - I See the Light

All rights go to CP Coulter who owns the characters.
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That was reallly cute. And I loved it. So much
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