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Big Al - Vocaloid - digital painting

I did this for my daughter. Merry Christmas, Brat! A Big Al who's not cartoony or feminine!

Is anything ever really finished? There are always things that need to be improved. I've never painted a person before and you can really see the learning curve. The torso was first, moved on to the face and the hand was last, where I finally got some concepts down. So, it got better as the work progressed. Never give up!

I'll admit the clothes need work but I had no single reference, just a million different photos that were...well, not that close. So I fudged a lot. (Why couldn't this guy just wear a toga?)
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COOL!! I love it
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thats how he would look if he was real well •w• damn
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(Hey Brat, I'm not gonna tell 'em I painted him first, THEN constructed the pants and shirt on him....and he's sitting like that... on my hard drive....)
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Oh wow! I honestly thought it was cosplay from quickly glancing at the thumbnail!

this should be the box art. at the very least inner sleeve or b side.
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Woah, I thought it was cosplay first!
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Realistic drawing Big Al, I thought this was photo at first! Typing is suddenly not my forte.. *Puts a big red APPROVAL stamp on it.*
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...*massive nosebleed*
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...dude... this is amazing...
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