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Published: April 19, 2013
Okay, I’m getting a bit fed up of cluttering my Journal entries up with answers to common questions about commissions and trades (my journal’s only meant for announcing new stuff I have on offer as well as updates to my policies plus listing the prices of my works), so I’ve decided to make this special FAQ to answer all the most common of questions that I get asked.


Questions about commissions:

:bulletyellow: “What can you make?”
Right now I make mostly 2D drawings colored in either photoshop or traditional media such as copic manga pens, and DIY parts like claws, jawsets and wolf-noses (noses of a wolf only though, I don’t make noses of any other animal), but I can also make costume partials such as gloves, tails, latex static masks (no moving jaw) and now resin masks with moving jaw along with props to go with some costumes (see gallery or journal for examples). I am NOT OPEN FOR BODY-SUITS, FEET OR LED LIGHTS at this time, as I have not completed my own body-suit yet, so I do not want to get customers' hopes up and offer to sell things I cannot make. I have started making moving-jaw SNARLING (That's right you monster-lovers, snarling not panting or smiling lol) werewolf mask commissions (and will maybe make some premade masks for auction on halloween).

:bulletyellow: “How much do you charge?”
I’ve listed all the prices for my 2D work, claws and wolf-noses on my journal, prices for my large scale work like my costume partials and props however vary depending on how detailed you want the product and what extra features you want (glow-in-the-dark paint, scars, jewellery and feathers etc will cost extra) so the prices of say masks/gloves/tails or props would need to be discussed in a deviant note or in an email.

:bulletyellow: “Do you charge extra for special paints and or repaints?”
Yes I charge an extra 20p for multi-color paints and or glow in the dark paints because some colors like GITD and silver/gold/bronze/sparkly/etc especially, are hard to obtain and are a bit pricey, but I do NOT charge extra for black or white or grey paints! E.g. if I have a set of ten white claws already made and a customer wants them black, I'll spray-paint them black with added purify-seal free of charge. So if I already have some claws on hand that are not the color you want but you're in a rush and you don't want to wait around for a new batch to be made; don't worry! It won't cost you an extra 20p for black/white/grey paint.

:bulletyellow: “When would I need to pay?”
For ready-made products: I will give you three days to send me your paypal's email address and 14 days to pay for the commission once it's ready to be shipped, but if you've still not given me your paypal account's email address after three days or paid me after 14 days; I will have to resell the commission to somebody else (and the chances of accepting a commission-request from you again will be very slim, as I will only work with serious commissioners).
For requested commissions: I will ask for payment before working on your commission, however to pay for the materials needed to make large-scale projects like props and gloves/tails/static masks you would need to pay me a deposit of 20% of the full payment before hand (but you don’t need to make any deposit at all on 2D drawing commissions unless they cost more than £30) and then I'll send you an invoice for the rest of the payment upon the completion of the commission. With Moving-jaw werewolf masks however I will require a 50% of the payment as deposit for moving-jaw werewolf masks are the most expensive products I make.
I will upload photos of the commission's progress into my gallery so that you can see how it is being made. Once payment is received, the finished commission will be immediately posted to your address the next day if not sooner (excluding weekends as the post offices closes while I’m still at my job on Saturdays and of course there’s no post on Sundays).

:bulletyellow: "Do you start work on commissions as soon as asked?"
Nope, and I don't know any commissioner who does to be quite honest. I do not start working on anything until paid, especially not costume or any practical commissions. So before you suddenly shout out "hey can I have a mask/drawing/etc?!" please make sure you have the money ready first, no point in saying you want a commission but not having the right budget for it.

:bulletyellow: “Can the deposit be refunded?”
It depends on the circumstances. If you want the deposit refunded just because you’ve changed your mind and don’t want a commission anymore then I’m afraid the answer is no, because the whole point of the deposit is to pay for the materials and equipment to make the product so if I’ve already used the deposit-money to buy the stuff to make the product with then I can’t give it back (this is why you need to be absolutely sure before committing to pay for a commission). The deposit will only be refunded along with the rest of the payment if the item you receive is faulty or broken.

:bulletyellow: “Do you do refunds or replacements at all?”
If the item arrives at your address damaged or if the product is faulty in any way then yes I will issue a full refund or send you a replacement whichever you prefer, however I will not issue a refund or replacement if the product has been altered in any way (e.g. repainted, stripped of fur/covered in fur, eyes and or teeth replaced, etc) or deliberately tampered with. You also have 30 days of purchase to ask for a refund or replacement (however you won’t get a refund or replacement if the only reason is because you’ve grown bored of the product after only wearing it a few times), after 30 days of purchase is up you will no longer be eligible for a refund or a replacement even if the product is damaged or faulty (so if it is damaged or faulty please email me straight away, don’t leave it until it’s too late).

:bulletyellow: “What method of payment do you accept?”
I will only accept payment through paypal since I sell a lot of stuff over seas plus it’s the fastest and safest way to pay. However if you are under 18 you must have your parent or guardian pay for the commission for you (you need to be 18 or over to have a paypal account), please take note that I will not accept a commission-request from anybody who is under 16 years old.
Also I cannot stress enough that I only do business with SERIOUS commissioners, so you must be able to make a deposit-payment before I start working on the commission and have the right amount to pay for your requested product upon receiving the invoice for it before the invoice’s due-date. If you cannot pay before the specified due-date then I will have no choice but to sell the product onto someone else (the deposit will not be refunded if this is the case).

:bulletyellow: “Do you ship abroad?”
For the millionth time YES. In fact a majority of the things I’ve sold have gone to customers in America and Canada. The price of postage to places abroad depends on the distance from the UK to the customer’s location and on the weight of the product, e.g. claws and wolf-noses only cost £3.80 to ship to the US and Canada. So again you must be serious about commissioning me, because I can only give you prices for the postage & packaging of large projects after weighing them at a post-office (which means the product needs to be made first).

:bulletyellow: “How much is e.g. £1.00 in my country’s currency?”
I can give you a rough estimate but I cannot give you an exact price in your currency until you’ve actually purchased the item because the currency exchange rate changes everyday, so I can really only give you the accurate price-conversion on the day I send you the invoice (which will always be after the product has been completely finished).

:bulletyellow: "Do you always accept commissions all the time?"
I reserve the right to refuse commissions for reasons including but not limited to: 1) the design of the requested product not being consistent or compatible with the type of work that I can make, 2) the commissioner is being rude, difficult, unclear, or has made threats or otherwise acted in an unacceptable manner, 3) the requested product is or depicts something that's illegal or I find offensive, 4) I don't have any available slots at the time of the requested commission left, or 5) personal reasons that render me unable to work for a while e.g. serious illness or injury, family or friend's funeral/birthday/wedding/etc, overtime at my job, out of the country on vacation, taking up another higher education course, or dying (obviously), etc. If in the event that I'm absent for a very, VERY long period of time without explanation; please find my page on facebook (seriously I'm not that hard to find on Facebook with a name like 'Francine Woodward' in the UK with a werewolf mask for a profile avatar) and contact one of my family or friends - NOTE: only contact people in my facebook friends/family list when absolutely necessary! DO NOT start harassing anybody in my list if I'm only absent for something like 1-3 months!


General questions:

:bulletpink: “Do you do free requests?”
No. Not anymore, so please don’t ever ask me for one.

:bulletpink: “Do you accept art-trades?"
I’ll only trade for something of equal value (e.g. a standard wolf-jawset for a resin wolf-nose and set of ten claws since they are usually both the same price) and of equal quality (meaning if it’s just a standard 2D art-trade then I’ll only want something that’s worth making a trade for, so I won’t trade a highly detailed drawing I spent a week making for something ridiculously crappy like a quick doodle with a crayon on a scrap of lined paper for example). I won’t trade costume/prop work for 2D work and I won’t trade 2D work for Literature work (since I’m perfectly capable of writing my own literature). I’ll also only do trades with people I trust such as artists with respectable reputations on DA like TwistedTerrace or muttleymark etc and friends…and no this does not mean that constantly messaging me with random friendly-chats, sending me funny links, asking me to play online games with you, or other ways to suck up to me will automatically get you on my friends list just so that you have a better chance of getting an art-trade with me; because it will NOT (acting like a ‘pal’ without any real intention to become my friend will only annoy me).

:bulletpink: “Do you do points-commissions?”
I am no longer doing point commissions since requests for them from me were very rare and people who did commission me for them in the past got annoyed that I put the paying customers first before the points' customers. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I really do need money more than DA points (which in my honest opinion don't really serve much useful purpose...)

:bulletpink: "Why aren't you replying to my comments on your work?"
There are a number of reasons why I might not have replied to some comments on my work - 1) if it's only one sentence or only one word e.g. "awesome lol" then I'm not going to reply to that because...well, other than 'thanks', what can you reply with to that? Single sentences or single words are not great conversation starters if you want an actual response from me. 2) you're commenting on very old works that I drew when I was still in school such as my old werepyre art, I won't be replying to comments on really old stuff anymore because my skills have vastly improved since then (and quite frankly I've lost interest in AdventureQuest, Werewolf/vampire hybrids and Tsubasa Chronicle, and lost interest in them a VERY long time ago). 3) Your comment is poorly written to point where I can't even guess what you're talking about. Yes I understand if English is not your first language so forgive me if I cannot understand your comment for I really do apologize for that...but for those who are more than fluent in English; don't be lazy and don't try to type like a hipster or baby, write like an educated adult! Not everyone speaks 'chavvy phone text talk' (and pretending that you can't type because "I'm an animal and I don't have thumbs" is the silliest reason I've ever heard, and I've actually heard that reason 4 times in the past on this site). 4) Your comment is either offensive or completely irrelevant to the work's actual appearance and or depicted topic/message, of course I'm not going to reply to something that's either rude or got nothing to do with the deviation, if anything I'll either hide the comment or report it if it's serious enough. 5) You're spamming. If you are advertising anything at all e.g. another artist's page or a different site, or if you're just trying to shove your own work in my face (which plenty of people have done to me in the past); that's spamming. Any spam I find on my pages I always report, so be warned. 6) I am really REALLY busy with either a huge project or a personal life situation, when this happens I will most likely eventually reply to you once I'm free to check my Deviant notifications again. And finally 7) You're trying to role-play with me. Now let me set this record straight right now: this again falls under my second pink-bullet answer above, I only role-play with friends who I've known a long while or friends who have supported me for a long time, and I only do role-playing in DA notes or DA chatrooms...I will not engage in role-play with strangers and will especially not do so in comments as it wastes a tremendous amount of space on my deviation pages.
With all that being said, when you comment on any of my pages and if I don't reply to it, check it to make sure that your comment is not doing any of the seven things I've listed in this answer.

:bulletpink: “Do you ever have anything already made for sale?”
As a matter of fact I do; since a lot of my costume-commissioners are furries and monster-cosplayers I’ve opened up a new account on furbuy.com and the Dealer's Den website to sell premade claws and wolf-noses along with a new ebay account for selling general things like clothes, toys, DVDs, collectables, old witchcraft stuff from my goth days, etc. I’ll be providing links to my ebay, Dealer's Den and furbuy accounts in my journal and this FAQ’s Artist’s comment, so be sure to check those regularly for any new stuff I upload for sale on those accounts.

:bulletpink: “Will you make costume-partials of my pokemon/digimon/Link/Naruto/My-Little-Pony/etc character?”
This is a definite no due to the copyright laws. I cannot legally make and sell anything that is the copyright of a branded franchise like Pokemon for example, unless you have secured the rights to have a costume of such a copyrighted character made. Besides, I am a horror/werewolf-artist not a furry, I’ll only produce realistic and or scary costume-partials so please don’t ask me to make anything cartoony such as the dreaded ‘My Little Pony’ style (man I seriously can’t stand the new ‘brony’ fandom).

:bulletpink: “Can you draw my character from a role-play group I’m in?”
This kind of falls under the copyright law again…if the role-play group is an original creation you or your friend’s made on DA or some other site, then yes I can but only if you have your group-founder’s permission for me to draw it first. If the role-play group is something copyrighted though like Werewolf Apocalypse or AdventureQuest Worlds etc then no I can’t unless it’s an art-trade.

:bulletpink: “I’ve seen some of your little animations on DA and your youtube account, will you be making anymore?”
Hopefully, it’ll mostly be animations from my university studies for now though, 2D animation without flash takes ages and I can’t do anymore stop-motion animations until I make a new toy and or find a new way to use my first toy Chipper that doesn’t require too much movement. Plus I need to buy a new green-screen since my cameras seem to be useless at capturing good quality lighting and background.

:bulletpink: “Do you do animation and or 3D model commissions?”
l have opened a few slots for 3D models, however I will need to purchase 3D Studio Max first before I offer animated models on commission as well (my student version of 3D Studio Max has now expired).

:bulletpink: "Since you're not open for body-suits, would you sell your werewolf suit after you're done with your movie project?"
Absolutely not. The costume is tailored to fit only me so it wouldn't be wise to sell it to just about anyone, and besides I've put a lot of work into it so the chances are that I won't be using it for just one project alone (I now take jobs as a werewolf-actor for Halloween parties or Haunted attractions such as York Maze's Hallowscream that opens every year).

:bulletpink: "How long does it take to complete your commissions?"
Hard to give an accurate estimate really. Tails are done within a week, gloves vary depending on how you want them (e.g. with or without pawpads and sleeves) but past gloves with sleeves and pawpads have taken up to a month (I do everything by hand without a machine). Masks take roughly around 4 months, but I cannot say how long 2D work and props take because it varies depending on what media or materials I am using to make them. Again these are only estimates, the actual length of time to make may be longer or shorter than quoted.

:bulletpink: "Do you do rush-orders?"
No because when I work all by myself with little space and a tight schedule with other stuff besides my art, the chances of me completing anything for a set deadline is 0.

:bulletpink: "Will you accept a 'challenge' to make a completely new project for lots and lots of money?"
My answer to that is a big fat NO...I can't and won't promise to make something that I don't have any prior experience making nor the materials for it. I work all by myself, I don't have any staff helping me, a large project would not be a case of 'it'll be ready in a year', I've not even finished my own werewolf project and I started that nearly four years ago! And throwing 'lots of money' in my face will not change my mind, rather it will annoy me. Don't think that the promise of a large budget will help persuade me or any other artist; because no matter how much money you throw at us, if we can't make it then we won't make it, not for a deadline especially. It's that simple. We won't just suddenly take on the task at the sight of a big cheque when we don't have the time, experience or staff. And artists who do foolishly take the money and abandon their studies and or other customers without any experience prior to the project, will not produce anything of high quality in such a short time-span; but instead will only produce an absolute mess due to the lack of know-how and time...and I'm sure none of you want that, do you?

:bulletpink: “How do I contact you about commissions and trades?”
You can send me a note on DA or you can email me or talk to me in person on skype (I’ll only give out my email and skype username via DA note though, just for privacy-protection reasons).

I hope this new FAQ of mine has answered all of your questions, if you have any other questions you’d like me to add to this FAQ list just let me know in a comment on this page or in a note.
But if you ask me any one of these questions again even after writing all of this; I will just give you a link back to this page, I will no longer keep repeating myself about the same old questions over and over again, so please be sure to really read all of this carefully before contacting me about a commission in the future. :faq:

Thank you. ^_^
© 2013 - 2020 Farumir
(EDIT: I've added new information about what I can produce; resin masks with moving jaws will be available from me after I've finished all of my university work but I'm not open for pre-orders yet.)

Finally, my own FAQ for all those who have the memory-span of a goldfish keep forgetting how my commissions work and such.

This took me all night to write, so please for the love of god READ IT BEFORE ASKING ME ANYTHING! :please:

(Oh and in case you're wondering what York Maze Hallowscream is, you can check out the website here: www.yorkmazehallowscream.co.uk… and take a look at videos of us in action on youtube.)

here's my furbuy account: www.furbuy.com/seller/Lycan_Cr…
my Dealer's Den account: www.thedealersden.com/auction_…
And my ebay account: myworld.ebay.co.uk/farumirwork…
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