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May 31, 2018
Farumir Works presents - The Wendigo by Farumir
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Farumir Works presents - The Wendigo

I'M NOT DEAD!!! JUST BUSY AS FFFFFFF*************CK!!! Pure rage

Behold! My newest costume character; the Wakefield Wendigo! (also plays Krampus at Christmas time lol)

See? Told you I was working on new monsters, hence why I've put werewolves on hold for a bit. This one was very fun to make and actually the quickest, completed in just under a month including the sculpting and rubber mold making.
This one features the following:
Bullet; Red Moving jaw,
Bullet; Red Entire skull glows in the dark,
Bullet; Red adjustable headband and chin strap enabling the mask to fit almost all size heads,
Bullet; Red excellent vision through eyes and nose,
Bullet; Red long hair accents at the back of the skull and down the spine of the neck,
Bullet; Red New Velvet/suede feel ears thanks to new flocking machine I have!
Bullet; Red New extending silicone tongue!
Bullet; Red New Interchangeable horns for easier packing & transport, and for when you fancy having goat horns one day then fancy having antlers another day!

I shall be releasing a special commission-pricing poster soon as well as making an important announcement on my journal later! So stay tuned!!! Icon - Fox News

Photography (c) Rick Jones (
Wendigo mask (c) :iconfarumir:

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© 2018 - 2021 Farumir
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Very nice work!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
Farumir's avatar
Thank you, that's awesome! :D
Johnithan's avatar
That is awesome!
Vannjaren's avatar
Ah wow, this is so cool - not only does the skull look fantastic and like realistic bone, but the other features that come with this are simply fantastic - interchangeable horns (SUCH a cool idea), lots of flexibility with the sizing, extending tongue, and velvet-effect ears - I don't know how flocking machines work but that sounds like it would give a really nice effect for short fur - great work indeed, this is beyond cool! :love: :heart:
Farumir's avatar
Thanks, the detachable horns idea was actually my friend :iconunoraccoon:'s idea, my main worry at first was the packing of the mask without breaking anything so I made the horns so that they screwed on and off and then later realized that this new feature will also allow me to change the horns if I feel like using different ones. ^^

A flocking gun is a small hand-held tool too so it's easy to carry around and handle, and very easy to use, you just need the correct glue and to wear gloves and static bracelet to avoid zapping yourself (the electric current it uses makes the tiny hairs stand in one direction).
Vannjaren's avatar
You're welcome - and that was indeed a really cool idea, I'm surprised I haven't seen it before - I think you're really on to something! ^^ :D

Ah, that is pretty cool indeed... I have a friend who's making a realistic feline quadsuit, and it might be useful to tell them about this - thanks!
UnoRaccoon's avatar
Looks amazing in person too!!
Farumir's avatar
You should've seen it in action at Horrorcon last weekend! :D
UnoRaccoon's avatar
Horrorcon looked awesome! I wanted to go but couldn't afford it unfortunately, hopefully next year! :)
Farumir's avatar
There's another two on in Manchester I'm going to october and november. ^_^
UnoRaccoon's avatar
Ah cool! I'll look into those, I went to the Liverpool one in October last year, it was small but still really fun :)
faithengine's avatar
Holy Crap Girl! What a stunner. I was saying just yesterday how your work is better than the vfx on the movies I've been watching. Great work.
Farumir's avatar
Thanks, I'm hoping this mask will become popular as I'm very fond of it myself. :)
HellzEntity's avatar
Soooo awesome!
It's made on a resin blank, isn't it?
Farumir's avatar
Sure is, the horns are actually cast myself from real Spring Boc horns (a type of Antelope). The ears though are made from very thin sheets of EVA foam.
Kage-Bushi's avatar
That's looks amazing!!!
Can't wait your next work X3
Farumir's avatar
Well it's the next one that I'll be making a special announcement about soon enough. :)
Kage-Bushi's avatar
I hope it is existing!
Bracey100's avatar
That is one nicely executed costume!
Farumir's avatar
Yes the Rake Morphsuit I bought and old halloween witch-fingers I repainted really works well with the mask. ^^
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