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I wonder if anyone would be interested in commissions like this:

  Lofty by Farthingale An Enthusiastic Little Pony by Farthingale  Bow-Tie by Farthingale  Stardancer by Farthingale  Dainty Truly by Farthingale

I do them really quickly, usually within 1-2 days, because working on paper is easy on my body. All pieces are more or less A5 in size, done with a blend of pens and pencils. Given the cost of materials and high quality of the paper (I use pretty thick gsm to prevent warping), I wouldn't be able to basically give them away. Plus they're full colour and really pretty. So I'd be asking $15 more or less (depending on if you're wanting a lot of background detailing, and if not I'll just do something cute with the character's name).

As an example of a more complicated piece, which would put you closer to $20:

In terms of a physical delivery of the original item, it can be arranged, but you'll at any rate get either an HD scan or photograph of the image, depending which method best shows off the colour and shinies.

You can contact me here, on my tumblr ( or my email farthingale(at)gmail dot com.
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Here it be!

I'm just posting my favourite things I draw there, and only in the past 5-6 months, so there's a lot of excitement but not a lot of content. But it links to my art tumblr ( if you were wondering), so that's fine.

So... give it a little read, a little looksy, if you feel inspired to click the happy button, I thank you very much! :heart:
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Over the past while, I have commissioned a number of illustrations of the characters of my book, Cipher Horizon. Some illustrations are still pending, but I'd like to share the pieces which are up already, and add to the list later.

Oscar (vocals)
Kit (drums)
Danube (lead guitar)
Hannah (rhythm guitar)
Ophelia (bass guitar)

<da:thumb id="529332575"/> <da:thumb id="541728394"/> <da:thumb id="525163418"/>
Kit, Oscar, and Danube and Ophelia by kaifuu

.Commission: Farthingale. by Martina-G  .Commission: Farthingale. by Martina-G  .Commission: Farthingale. by Martina-G
Oscar, Kit and Hannah by Martina-G

- Commission - The vox - by mukuro-sama - Commission - The drums - by mukuro-sama - Commission - The guitar by mukuro-sama - Commission - The bass - by mukuro-sama - Commission - The rhythm - by mukuro-sama
Oscar, Kit, Danube, Ophelia and Hannah by mukuro-sama   

Ophelia by LazchtOphelia by Lazcht Commission: Danube by Limboplus Danube by Limboplus
::commission:: Farthingale by OmnirhythmOscar by Omnirhythm <da:thumb id="528848925"/> Oscar by KiLin7

Commission: Hannah by Lio-Sun Hannah by Lio-Sun Kit and Oscar by HellLemur
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Midna The Herder by Farthingale Happy New Year! ( chibigu style) by Farthingale Igu Underworld by Farthingale HiKoMi PuriKura by Farthingale Applejack Duke by Farthingale
It's time to freshen up my commission info!

If you're looking to purchase art from me, I hope the following will make it quick, easy and fun!

What does she offer?
* Full scenes * Comic Pages * Character designs * Various style options * Chibi * Anthro & quads * Fanart and OC

What are the colour options?

Commission Colour Options by Farthingale
Tier 1: Lineart→ Black and White → Shaded Greyscale
Tier 2: Basic Shade Basic Shaded Colour → Full Colour

Each of these colour options do not have a set price; they affect your quoted total after you describe the shape and size of the artwork you desire.

What will it cost me?
No single commission is the same, so your artwork should fall inbetween the following amounts, as per its complexity, number of characters, size (dpi/dimensions) and style.

* Lineart: $8 - $50 (a single character all the way to a busy scene of awesome!)
* Colour: $10 - $100 (a basic shade all the way to something that will make my head explode for weeks!)


Basic Shade is a fun style of colouring which throws just a few light tones in a single palette onto lineart. It's a cost-effective way to get some colour in your commission without breaking the bank.

Single Colour shading by Farthingale

Do you make comic/ graphic novel pages?

Yes. Yes, I do. :)

Greyscale comic page by Farthingale

Can I get a sketch?

I don't usually sell sketches (it feels unfinished, and I hate unfinished!), but if you're itching for one for whatever reason (eg. maybe you want to practice inking someone else's sketch lines), let me know and I'll quote you, like... $4 per character or something. :)

Do you do anthro/ furry commissions?

I have for many years! Like, vintage 2002 or something, baby!
Anthroslide by Farthingale

Can I get a discount??

If you're a returning customer, for sure I'll work something out! Ordering a series of pieces, totally! Choosing a subject that I love love love to draw? Not for certain, but pretty good chance!

Please comment in this journal, note me, or email at farthingale @! :heart:
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OK this is my last act of generosity for the year. Three month DA subscription, but this time with a stipulation: sub goes to the best answer to my question!

Answer either:

A) What is your favourite dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and why?


B) What is your favourite exist†trace song and why?

It's that simple! You've got until Tuesday to write your answers, and I'll choose within the first hour of the 31st, South African time.
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I'm going to buy the holiday special sub+free sub, so who wants? First person to comment (that is an actual watcher of mine!) gets it. ^^
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I've been here for a while now, and I check back fairly often, and these days, even submit fairly often -- at least more regularly than past years. So I do wonder where all the Watchers went.

Are you all like me, and when you get here you freak out at all the stuff in your DevWatch and just don't go through it? I think I need to scale down on what I'm watching so I don't have to do that, I'm sure I'm missing good stuff. And yo, hey, you guys might be missing something good I do! (Unless you're not, and the thumbnail is good enough to tell you you're not interested, and hence the lack of view count.)

What's up, yo?
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Hulp plz!

I hate when I Google my head off and still can't solve things. I hope someone can shed some light on these issues.

Question 1: In the 1995 Sega arcade side-scroller Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter...

Solved by :iconcorny-eel: !

Question 2:In Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, in the Lake Hylia Lantern Cave, there are two beamos, and once deactivated, you can drag them. Beaneathe them, in the cave floor, are slight circular indentations in the floor, as though in some kind of esoteric pattern. In Zelda, whenever you can move an object and it reveals something, it's meant to be used. But these holes in the floor make no sense. I tried putting items in them or using weapons against them... but nothing.

I will be very grateful should anyone be able to solve this for me!
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So... thus far we have voted on the following aspects of our new character:

Gender: Female
Age: 26-30
Height: Average (5'4" - 5'6")
Skin: Pale coffee-creamy
Body Type: Strong, sturdy figure with no exceptionally prominent features, but clearly feminine. Muscle equal to fat.

Hair: TWO-TONE (Base level colour: Celtic Red | Highlights/tips/tones: Metallic Gold)
Length and styling: bum / thigh length and wavy/curly.

Accoutrements: Decorative facial marking in the form of a complex/ ornate bindi.

Now then, let's delve into her personality, shall we?…
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I had a pretty decent birthday. :) The bank tried to ruin it for me, by messing up two of my stop orders than charging me penalties twice on 'bouncing' that shouldn't have happened, and which they still haven't explained to me. But apart from that... and the fact that we couldn't go to yoga because my instructor chipped her tooth and couldn't talk to instruct... it was a good day. I did some chores to get ready for my weekend's event, and I had a lovely dinner out with my partner. Great great lovely food, and even brought some home to enjoy later on sandwiches. :3 Probably going to wrap up the evening with some anime, Star Trek or Q.I.

Thanks very much for the birthday wishes, everyone!

Oh and PS, if you haven't voted in the hair poll yet, for the new OC we're ALL creating together... please do so, as I have another tie!
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This is a slightly scary thing that puts me amongst the 'seniors' segment of the bulk of social websites. If I stay too much longer at GaiaOnline, I'm going to officially need the forum designation of "creepy old person" in comparison to their younger-than-advertised teenaged population.

Don't get me wrong, I love teenagers, I think they're fascinating, wonderful and creative, and that's why I love working with them. Having said that, though, there's only so many times you can go up on stage wearing the same gear as they do before you start to feel a bit silly when you see the photographs afterwards.

Is anyone else in the 28-32 age bracket that watches me and my stuff? How does it feel to be doggedly walking the path to the internet equivalent of old fogydom?

On another note, I will be gladly accepting your tributes and tokens on the 3rd of August; no gift is too small, and you will all gain +15 karma for your contribution to the Gross State Happiness of Rowenaland, as well as an optional magic/ intelligence bonus.
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Just an idea that came to mind, since I'm doing so well right now getting through commissions, and I've seen others do this before successfully:

I'm opening up keyword based sketches. Basically you give me the character you want sketched for a flat fee of $5. However, at that price I'm drawing the character in whatever pose or outfit I feel like (within reason, I mean having looked at the ref I'm hardly going to put your pirate in a gimp-suit).

Then, for every $1.50 you add onto that, you buy a keyword. Just one. Then add another $1.50 for every additional keyword you want, as many as you'd like.

So you could give me:

Midna ( $5)

= $11 of Midna skating on the ice at Snowpeak, wearing a purple skating dress and grinning gleefully.

You see? Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I thought so too.

I'm opening these on Friday, so comment if you'd like to be first on the list.

To my standing commissioners: these won't interfere with my larger commission project schedule, as they will be done in free time before activities where I'm AFK mostly. Though I may well also do some with the tablet.
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I wanted to make a journal entry to highlight the two very different and equally amazing recent commissions I received for my Farsingeru artbook project.

The first is by :iconrally-ae:, who long-time watchers may remember as the winner of my 'Geru + Utena cast member contest a number of years ago. This was her entry:

Utena - Contest entry by rally-ae

Looking through my files, I realised that I was most keen to own more of her sweet, intimate artwork, and she was kind enough to make space in her busy schedule for me! The over-arching sense I get from Carmen's work is peaceful playfulness, a sort of wonderful valhalla of adorable redheads frolicking nude in whimsical duvets. And with that in mind, I asked if she would design for me an image of Geru merely relaxing with her latest girl, enjoying a quiet afternoon, in between the adventures and the passionate trysts. And I was not disappointed.

A moment by rally-ae

I gave Carmen mostly free-reign when it came to the other woman, only stipulating that I was interested in something exotic with a dark-skinned redhead, as I was thinking of Hyrule's Gerudo tribe at the time. The cool and careless emotion of the scene makes me relaxed just looking at it, and the use of vintage-styled textures and a sort of messy effect in the use of negative-space white lines really makes for an unusual and classy effect.

The second artist I would like to showcase is Hungarian artist :iconmau-acheron:, whose spicy, fantastical artwork led me to request an illustration from Interlude: Gypsy Girl.

COMMISSION: Farsingeru by Mau-Acheron

In the richly scented warmth rolling off the girl's neck, she could not for the life of her remember the gypsy's name. The oil bottles lay half empty on the cinnamon and burgundy carpet now, having had their contents dripped onto and massaged into the lightly muscular flesh by the pale, gloveless hands of Farsingeru. Already she was forgetting more than just names; with blessed relief, she dully realised that she was forgetting the clearer memories which plagued her in her frequent sobriety. The air felt like blankets, more and more folding in and over so that the young gypsy's sloping canvas home became a sultry cave. Her eyes lazily swept over the oils, then to the colourful liqueur bottles with their swirling names that she could not read. Very soon her gaze met with the slender fingers of a raised hand which reached back to caress her cheek and jaw.

"Where are you taking me, Gypsy girl?" She had lowered her face and was murmuring into the dusky woman's neck, her lips lightly brushing the skin. Her head was far away, a full galaxy at least, and only her hands knew any logic. Through lips that felt thick and heavy, she mumbled: "I think… Eventually… I'll have to come down."

I think you'll agree she's captured the scene amazingly. From the rich, sensuous colour scheme to the languid forms and hanging, painstaking details of the tent, it's a masterstroke.

If you're curious about my thoughts in depth on these pieces, please scan through the comments on each page, where you will also read many deserved acolytes from others. I hope you will consider Carmen or Barbara for your commissioning needs, they are sheer quality at work!
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In January of next year, I will be releasing my first ever graphic novel -- or to be more precise, I will be featured in a graphic novel containing work by a small group of South African comic artists and writers. I have decided to challenge myself by drawing something large and difficult: a sort of personal reminiscence on the part of one Frth En Geil.

Anyone who knows my work very well (and even those I'm not sure will know this), may know that "Farthingale" is a spanning concept, much like Michael Moorcock's Hero "Elric", whose look, origins and stories differ, but whose principal essence is the same across various worlds.

"Farthingale" has the following aspects:

* "Rose Farthingale" -- The protagonist of 'Large Glass', a fiction I wrote in my first year of university.

* "Farsingeru" -- An adventuring woman with a taste for the dandified and the daughters, set in a fictional bucolic past.

* "Frth En Geil" -- A weapon for hire, either as killer or protector in a somewhat post-devastation future, where the world has returned to a sort of 19th century situaton.

* "Farthingale" -- A sort of 'prime' entity, which I use to refer to myself, as the source of the various entities.

For visual reference of the first three characters, here is an old commission by the brilliant AnnieMsson :

Farthingale X3 by AnnieMsson

In the graphic novel, I have, for various reasons, given the personage of Farsingeru the name of Frth En Geil, though nothing else has changed in her story.
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Now, as you know, I do a fair amount of commissioning at certain periods of the year, so I've gotten used to the different kinds of applicants for projects, which people to avoid based on various warning signs, where artists either over- or under-value their work... and having finished commissioning once again, there is something about the process that annoys me, relating to my subject bar.

Let me start like this: When you start out in the job market, sometimes you pad your resume a bit. I was lucky enough not to have to in the teaching market, but I know it's sometimes necessary when you have no experience and no one wants someone with no experience. So fair enough, you add some things you know you can do but, up until this point, no one has actually, truthfully paid you to do those things. Fair enough, you know your skills, it's all about convincing the client that you're the wo/man for the job.

This is not so easy in the art world, because we have this thing called Portfolios. The struggling artist trying to get work cannot simply say: "Yes, I know there are no dragons in my portfolio, but I assure you, I'm really good at them!" Okay then, if so, why aren't there any dragons in your portfolio? In the art-hiring biz, a picture tells a thousand CVs. If you're so good at them, draw one. Spend a day or ten. It's worth it if your client is offering thousands for a dragon triptyche, isn't it? Telling a client rather than showing them sets you both up for disappointment and frustration.

As well as being upfront about your abilities to the client, there is also the matter of listening to the needs of the client. A client who firmly lays out their vision of what they want from the project does not want an artist showing up, offering to do something entirely different, since that's the artist's style, after all.

It's like Charles Schultz trying to draw Modesty Blaise; it won't make the client happy, and it would be odd in the context.

If an artist doesn't understand all of the keywords in the client's brief, then it's their job to Google it before they claim they can meet all those specifications. Client wants chiaroscuro? How thrilled will he be when you assume it wasn't an important keyword and give him cell-shading?

So ultimately:
Be true to your own abillities, and sell yourself for what you are. Be proud of your own style, and don't try to convince a client that you're something that you're not, since that won't do either of you any favours. Find the job that's right for you, rather than trying to twist a job that isn't for you in order to make it fit you. You'll be happier in the end. And so will the client.
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EDIT: Closed! Thanks so much for all your interest, I have in fact selected two artists, despite the best judgement of my budget.

I'm looking for one more artist to do Farsingeru art this month. I have already hired two out of the three I'm looking at for June, so if you're interested in adding your skills to the collection, please post here.

This is the old journal with more info:…
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In terms of commission, the list is as follows:

1. Claire -- Character Couple -- 10%
2. James -- Fifi -- DONE (w bonus clr); 2nd drawing (?) -- 0%
3. Clare -- Cat Star Wars -- DONE
4. Cassandra -- Utena fanon -- DONE

In terms of personal art:

5. Amusing fantasy world version of Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack (human & harpy) -- 50% coloured
6. History of Hyrule calendar entry -- rough-rough sketched
7. The Zant & Ganondorf "I am Disappoint" comic in colour, with small line fixes -- 25% coloured

8. And of course, my Frth En Geil graphic novel short story. On which I have pencilled 4 pages as of tonight. 4 out of... 16, I think! I have until the end of July.

Any preference here, guys? Where should I go next?
And I need more commissions, please. I'm out of cash and so my emoticon is Tense.
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Lovely Genie Farthingale Lovely Genie Farthingale Lovely Genie Farthingale

Avatar Art -- Cash/points prize to the value of $30 & an $8 sketch commission.



Farthingale Gaia Avi Contest by RebeccaMorton

Thanks very much for your hard work! And thanks to the other participants too, I appreciate your efforts.
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As many of you may have seen, I uploaded my new commission info, with a wide variety of examples of my work, spanning from tradition to digital, manga-style to Western comic styles, various types of character and colouring style. There are old and new examples, but over all what I think is some of my best work.

I have never had a bad experience with a commissioner, as we work together to decide what it is the client really wants to see in the commission, and how I should best go about achieving it within my personal style habits. I work with dedication and am motivated to look for research and reference when I don't fully know a topic or form.

Please consider me for your future commissions!

Midna The Herder by Farthingale Revolutionary Griffin Sniggles by Farthingale The Joker - traditional psycho by Farthingale Commission: Star Paws by Farthingale Applejack Duke by Farthingale   Legend of Melolune: Twilight Aero by Farthingale Farsingeru and Citrine V2 by Farthingale
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Here are the complete quotes, songs names and authors! Now you can go and watch the videos on YT (while YT still allows people to view videos of published content.)

1) "I don't want your love to BRING ME DOWN!" -- 'I Don't Want Your Love', Duran Duran.

2) "And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to SWAP OUR PLACES!" -- 'Running Up That Hill'. Kate Bush.

3) "We're on a road to nowhere! COME ON INSIDE..." -- 'Road to Nowhere', Talking Heads

4) "I was sitting in the morning at the diner ON THE CORNER." -- 'Tom's Diner', Suzanne Vega

5) "Oh we're halfway there! Oh-oh, LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!" -- 'Livin' on a Prayer', Bonjovi

6) "I've got it bad, you don't know how bad I've got it. You've got it easy, you don't know WHEN YOU'VE GOT IT GOOD." -- 'Wouldn't it be Good', Nik Kershaw

7) "Well it's a world gone crazy, keeps a WOMAN IN CHAINS!" -- 'Woman in Chains', Tears for Fears. :heart:

8) "She said, come on, baby, I've got a license for love. And if it expires, PRAY HELP FROM ABOVE!" -- 'Rebel Yell', Billy Idol ( OH HELLZ YEAH )

9) "As long as we're together, the rest can go to hell! I absolutely love you, but WE'RE ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS..." -- 'Absolute Beginners', David Bowie.

10) "The language of love slips from my lover's tongue, cooler than ICE-CREAM, and WARMER THAN THE SUN." -- 'Who's That Girl', The Eurythmics

Huzzah, my cronies.


Complete the lines, without looking at other comments or Googling! ( Just remember, anyone can Google, but only YOU can prevent forest fires!)

Bonus points for naming the artist and track.

1) "I don't want your love to ______ ______ _______!"
2) "And if I only could, I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to _______ ______ ______!"
3) "We're on a road to nowhere! _______ ________ ________..."
4) "I was sitting in the morning at the diner ________ ________ ______."
5) "Oh we're halfway there! Oh-oh, _______ ______ ______ ______!"
6) "I've got it bad, you don't know how bad I've got it. You've got it easy, you don't know _____ ______ _____ ____ _____."
7) "Well it's a world gone crazy, keeps a _________ _______ _______!"
8) "She said, come on, baby, I've got a license for love. And if it expires ______ ______ _____ _____!" ( BECAAAAUSE!)
9) "As long as we're together, the rest can go to hell! I absolutely love you, but _______ __________ __________..."
10) "The language of love slips from my lover's tongue, cooler than _______, and _______ _______ _____ _____."

I feel generous. Best answer gets a prize. Art or points, I'll decide later! ;p