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The Magic of the Lake 2

By FarStar90
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This is the second elaboration, please tell me which you prefer.
The first elaboration is here: [link] :)
I've seen that the colours of these photos, view with firefox and with acdsee are slighty different; so the result on firefox isn't exactly what I wanted.

It's a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image and I've used Photomatix Pro.
The mountains in the background are the three Lavaredo's peak (le Tre cime di Lavaredo) in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.

Far Star
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I'm trying to do some HDR with a cracked version of Photomatix, but it's not working out for me. This inspires me to keep at it though
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I asked permission to use this photo around 9 months ago!

Amazingly the article has just gone up - [link]

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Woah, I remember! Better late than never! :)
(Sorry for my huge late to reply)

Far Star
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you were featured in my journal
hope you don't mind!
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Very lovely. With the fog it almost seem magical...
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I am writing for Phototuts+ and would like to feature this HDR.
A link to each piece and your name would be included in the article.

I just need permission from yourself. I need a reply by Friday really.

Cheers Peter Sawyer
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Have you published the tutorial? :)
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Hey, not to sure about the date. There been some hold up due to the fact that they had quite afew negative comments on the tone mapped articles. So good chance it will be held off for a month or so.
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I'm honored by this, you have my permission :)

Far Star
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I'm so jealous, this is a beautiful shot :)
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You know, if you turn this picture to the side you can see a woman in a dress.
Also, I like how you emphasized the sun in this picture. It gives it more... meaning. It also drags the focus around the picture.
^-^ I really like it.
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Ahah I have never seen the shot from this point of view XD

Thanks for having expressed your opinion! :)

Far Star
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^-^ You're welcome.
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chiedo scusa per gli errori, cime non pale! mi erano saltate in mente le pale di san martino :P
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wow... io preferisco di gran lunga questa!! sempra molto iù pulita come immagine, rispetto l'altra che però haqualcosa di più mistico; questa ha di vantaggio il netto distacco del colore delle nuvole. splendido! mi piacerebbe vedere l'originale.
certo sono sempre splendide le tre pale di lavaredo, però da quel lago non le avevo mai viste!! spelendide..
complimenti veramente.
potrei sapere il nome del lago?
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Grazie per aver espresso la tua critica, sono contento ti piaccia! :aww:
Detestando le foto cartolina, ho cercato di prendere nel modo più originale possibile queste montagne così inflazionate dal punto di vista fotografico.

E' il lago di Misurina. Se lo serchi su Wikipedia c'è una foto con un'inquadratura molto simile alla mia foto, con persino l'albergo alla sinistra!
Se ti interessa comunque posso passarti in qualche modo l'originale (anzi, le originali).

Se vedi nella mia galleria ci sono diversi scatti raffiguranti le Pale e le Tre Cime con questa tecnica ;)
Grazie ancora! :wave:

Far Star
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misurina! ecco mi ricordava un posto già visto, splendido!
complimenti ancora, ora vado a vedermi le altre.

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I prefer this one more ;]
And OMGosh I love this photo soo much!
You have my compliments!
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Thank you so much! :blushes:

Far Star
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I vote for this one as well. Some of the colors are easier to see here where in the other they hardly show...

Very beautiful; I do love clouds and mountains and lakes...whee~
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Thank you very much! ;P

Far Star
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