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I wanted to aim for that kindof album-covery style that you see a lot in things like sandman comic front covers.

Layers rock :) There were lots here - the dollhead (hugely scaled up, I could have smoothed the edges, but that just makes it more "digital", which is a kindof effect in itself, so I kept it), the skull (different parts of the scull were scaled variously to fit with the proportions of the dollface), the eyesocket hilight, the red petals, the blue petals, the random particles...

I made three brushes, two for petals, one for random particles. The petal ones were made from a couple of images I found on google image search that had petals in.

I'm not happy with the iris but then it was just stuck in because I wanted a placeholder until I can find something better to glow in that eyesocket - I kindof ran out of inspiration there. I'm unsure about the semitransparent nose. But I had to choose between no nose, a solid nose, a sharp cutoff in the middle of it, or a semitransparent one. The latter was easiest. :P

After all, this was just a proof of concept pic, took me an afternoon at work a couple of years ago.
I explicitly release this image to the public domain. Enjoy :)

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