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Sunset Pearl by FarrenGrimwarden Sunset Pearl :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 12 0 Silver Blue and Black Pearl by FarrenGrimwarden Silver Blue and Black Pearl :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 7 0 Pink and Purple Pearl by FarrenGrimwarden Pink and Purple Pearl :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 3 0 Jade Pearl by FarrenGrimwarden Jade Pearl :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 2 0 Rainbow Diamond by FarrenGrimwarden Rainbow Diamond :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 4 3 Rainbow Pearl by FarrenGrimwarden Rainbow Pearl :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 6 3 Mottled Raindow Pearl by FarrenGrimwarden Mottled Raindow Pearl :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 3 0
The Celtic Singer
Birth name: Ailish Aine Seanlaoich
Nicknames: Aili (Only by Slenderman), Aine (Only by BEN Drowned)
Creepypasta Name: The Celtic Singer
Modus Operandi: causes her victims to kill themselves
Weapons: her singing voice
Gender: female
Species: Song Elf
Age: N/A as she's immortal but looks about 16
Birth year: 1350 (start of the rennaisance era)
Hair color: soot black highlighted with copper, bronze, and gold colored hair
Eye color: bright green
Skin color: pale
Nationality: Irish
Height: 4'6
Weight: around 50 pounds maybe
Body type: slim and delicate looking
Notable Appearance Details: has patterns on her skin that look like music notes and lines of music. These markings are prominent on her stomach, chest, and back. They appear on her face and hands when she's doing magic.
Personality: soft spoken and polite to her friends
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Relationship status: probably dating Slenderman
History: was born in Ireland and grew up there and then started traveling all over the wor
:iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 0 0
The Blacksmith
Name: Crystal Morrissy  (only Slenderman actually knows her birth name)
Nicknames: Crys (Only used by Ticci Toby), Blackie (Used by EJ and LJ), Blacksmith (Used by everyone else in Slenderman's mansion except Slenderman), Morrissy (Used by Slenderman when they're around the other creepypastas)
Creepypasta Name: The Blacksmith
Modus Operandi: crushing her victims head to conceal their identity then removing their kidneys and draining all their blood so she can use the iron to make new weapons
Weapons: Sledgehammer and hunting knife as well as various other weapons that she made herself
Gender: female
Species: human
Age: 16 (only Slenderman actually knows her age)
Hair color: natural hair color is a silvery blonde but her hair changes color a lot
Eye color: natural eye color is a bleached out blue color but her eyes change color a lot
Skin color: pale
Height: 5'8 (only Slenderman actually knows her height)
Weight: 110 (only Slenderman actually knows her weight)
Body type: small and
:iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 0 0
Birth name: unknown
Nicknames: unknown
Creepypasta Name: Prima
Modus Operandi: dances her victims to death
Weapons: none
Gender: female
Species: human (maybe)
Age: looks to be about 18
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: pale silver
Skin color: so pale it's almost transluscent and seems to glow in the dark
Height: 4'6
Weight: 90 pounds (maybe)
Body type: small, slim, and graceful
Personality: quiet and usually polite to everyone but her victims
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Relationship status: single (probably)
History: unknown
Job: ballerina
Likes: dancing
Dislikes: men who are rude
How they became a Creepypasta: she danced her first victim to death when she was about 14 but won't say why she did so
Famous Quote: dance and dance for me till you die
Talents/Powers: can lure people into her dance and then compel them to keep dancing till they die of exhaustion
:iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 0 0
Crystalline Knight
Birth name: Aurae Soliania Celaena Morrona
Nicknames: Aurae (Used only by Ailish), Soli (Used only by Splendorman), Celaena (Used by Slenderman and Sexual Offenderman), Soliania (Used by everyone else in Slenderman's household)
Creepypasta Name: Crystalline Knight
Modus Operandi: beats her victims into a pulp (so descriptive) then encases them in clear, colorless crystal. Removes the arms and legs of her victims using a clear, colorless crystal sword which is always left stabbed into the ground in front of the crystal her victim is encased in
Weapons: her fists and crystals and swords made of clear, colorless crystal
Gender: female
Species: Crystal Elf
Age: n/a as she is immortal. Looks about 15.
Hair color: pearl white with natural highlights of all sorts of different colors, fading to soot black at the ends
Eye color: amber
Skin color: very pale. some would call it a very pale ice blue
Nationality: unknown
Height: 5'0
Weight: 100 pounds
Body type: small and slim and delicate looking
:iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 0 0
Armored Elf (sound of Flint shouting)
Birth name: Flint Marir
Nicknames: Flin (Used only by Trenderman. Attacks anyone who tries to use it if they aren't Trenderman.)
Creepypasta Name: Armored Elf (There is much shouting at the television and anyone if the news or someone calls him this. Trenderman calms him down very quickly.)
Modus Operandi: beats his victims to death with his bare (?) hands
Weapons: his fists
Gender: Male
Species: Gem Song Elf
Age: N/A as he's immortal
Hair color: very dark blue
Eye color: steel blue
Skin color: light blue
Nationality: unknown
Height: 7'0
Weight: unknown
Body type: slim but athletic. Often goes around shirtless much to Trenderman's chagrin.
Notable Appearance Details: Has deep blue crystal formations growing on his skin. Mainly on his hands, back, sides, along his cheekbones, feet, his back, shoulders, upper arms, and the back of his neck. Crystals on his body are smooth like armor. He can make the crystals on his body turn into a suit of armour at will. Can also make the crystals go un
:iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 0 0
Doll Collector
Birth name: Sonora Edwards
Nicknames: Nora (rarely used)
Creepypasta Name: Doll Collector
Modus Operandi: abducts girls of all descriptions. takes pictures of them while they are still alive. Strips them naked and shaves their heads. Kills them. Dumps their bodies in a town after a few days with pictures of the dolls she made to look like them. Never takes men.
Weapons: unknown. There is usually blunt force trauma to the victim's head. The weapon has not yet been identified.
Gender: female
Species: human
Age: 18
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: no specific eye colour
Skin colour: pale
Nationality: Specific nationality unknown
Height: 5’0”
Weight: unknown
Body type: thin but ridiculously strong
Notable Appearance Details: various scars covering her body and polychromatic eyes
Personality: quiet but can be scary. when someone insults her doll collection she gets a creepy grin on her face and glares at the person for a while. Also, threatens to add them to her collection.
:iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 0 0
Lemony Lime by FarrenGrimwarden Lemony Lime :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 4 0 Pastel Nightmare by FarrenGrimwarden Pastel Nightmare :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 2 0 Sofia's Jewel by FarrenGrimwarden Sofia's Jewel :iconfarrengrimwarden:FarrenGrimwarden 4 0


Fan art: CatDog by Missangest Fan art: CatDog :iconmissangest:Missangest 252 13 Teen Lily - February Vote Winner by Zummeng Teen Lily - February Vote Winner :iconzummeng:Zummeng 604 21 A Little Alone Time - January Vote Winner by Zummeng
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A Little Alone Time - January Vote Winner :iconzummeng:Zummeng 355 19
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On hiatus for a while due to having my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I can’t sit at my computer for the next few days
I am a very happy bean! I finally got a new drawing tablet! WOO!
If SunlightSparkle90 posts any SSMU work, know that it's stolen
If any SSMU dollers has the base edits from Xavs-pixels and the templates from deviant-girl-amazing (who completely wiped her account off the face of deviantart) could they please send them to me? any other front view SSMU templates (not the original front view bases) would also be helpful because I have been having many many computer troubles lately and have lost my entire SSMU base and template collection which I had built up for close to a year or so as a result of these troubles. It would be wonderful to have some help during this time so I can get back on my feet with my dolling because I have a few personal projects that I was working on before losing all my data from my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
Girls should be beautiful
Girls should be skinny as heck
Girls should have wide hips
Girls should have big breasts
Girls should be quiet
Girls should keep their mouths shut
Girls should keep their opinons to themselves
Girls should be polite all the time
Girls should be weak and wait for a man to save them
Girls should stay home and know how to cook a giant meal for their husband when he comes home
Girls should date men
Girls should want and have children
Girls should act all ditsy and daydreamy and flighty
Girls should always be cheerful
These are all things a girl has to be in order to be called perfect

Girls should not be loud
Girls should not be chubby
Girls should not be terrible at cooking
Girls should not be unattractive
Girls should not be smart and focused
Girls should never be sad
These are things that cause a girl to be called imperfect

I am beautiful
I have big breasts
I stay home
I can cook but I don't do it as often as society says I should
I do not date men
I do not want children
I am smart and focused
I am not skinny
I am smart
I am chubby
I am loud
I speak my mind
I won't conform to society's norms
I can stand up for myself
I hate being saved
These are the things that make me perfect in my own way. I am perfect the way I am. If society says I'm not perfect I say they can just leave me alone because despite the scars people can't see and the things that society says makes me imperfect are the things that I say make me perfect and I don't care what society says.



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