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Roxas Stainglass




I`ve been working on this one for quite a while now. As I started KH2 I noticed that Sora got a stainglass just like the princess`. I kept playing until *SPOILER WARNING* Sora joined with Roxas and said " Guess my summer vacation is over" *END SPOILER* I felt so bad for this character that I had really started to like soooooo I thought he deserved his very own stainglass (I finished the game first to make sure I wasn`t steeling something already done by square)

Here Is Roxas with his 2 keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion and the 4 characters/things that afected him the most during his... short life. Namine, Axel, Sora, and a Dusk. I originally wanted to put Hayner, Pence, and Olette, but I didn`t know how exactly to fit them in. In the background is twillight town (to sora`s destiny islands) and around the border is the shuriken he has as a zipper (like sora`s crown thingy)

Hope you like it!

Edit: Because I`ve been asked this often I`ll put it here and hope that somebody reads it. I didn`t put Xion because I first drew this in 2006. Also she is too big of a Mary-Sue for me to take the time and change the Dust to her character.

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*Roxas is property of Square
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I really like how you did this!
Also, I had no idea that was a shuriken! :O
I never noticed until now. :facepalm:

I also like how you explain why you didn't have Xion there, however I do not think she is a Mary-sue because for one thing in the end she turned against Roxas and for another thing she lost the keyblade, exhibited signs of weakness, fear, self-doubt, and also ran away more than once, and so to me she seems like just another girl with problems trying to fit in and find a destiny. Of course, if you think she's a sue, then okay, but I think people should give her a little more slack, especially since she didn't even live that long, you know?