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My Bio
My name is Farraj, and I am a programmer.

My experinse covers many fields but my passion will and always be game design and programming.

I don't do art, so I'm always looking for new friends to make games with ^^

Hope we get to work together.

Cheers :)

Favourite Movies
Too many to count
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Games
MGS(s), RE(s), FF(s), ICO(s), action, strategy, puzzels, etc...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, PS3, PSVita
Tools of the Trade
C++, and my brain
Other Interests
Japanese language+culture, working out, self defense
Update: May 30 Uploaded a bit of an old video on our youtube channel. It shows the first time viewing the assets in the game. You get to see Teer-sa in White Stage. ------------------------- Well, I guess it's time to make it official. For those who've been watching, two colleagues and I decided it was time to make our first official commercial game. We ran out of excuses not to do this anymore :P We had the skills, passion, budget and dedication. We just needed to stop being afraid :P Fare.is.Fare Games was formed. It's based on the (only :P) thing we all agree on: Its 'fun' as long it stays 'fare', no matter how far you push it. And a
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DragonBlossom is moving forward and needs more members on board. You would think dA would have a way to repost other work and journals :/ This is the Game Leads journal: And this is the journal that got me on board: If you are are interested, please contact !Arkenova (https://www.deviantart.com/arkenova) Cheers :)
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Update 01/06/2015: Yes, appernatly I commsion for free now :P The only reason I added a commission rate so to strike out the ones who aren't serious about their projects/dreams. I didn't want to come back to inbox filled with requests from ppl who don't know the first thing about games, or gaming for that matter (you'd be surprised :/) I guess I was aiming to high >.> Ah, who was I kidding? I'll help out just because you ask :P I just wanted you to stop asking every 10 seconds if I was going to charge you even after I've told you a 1k times that I was helping for free (yeah, you know who you are :P) ---------------------------------
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Hey, Farraj ! Remember our Project? nebelstern.deviantart.com/art/…  XD man. It has been a while! 
I recently re-played it on my new laptop. It ran smoothly with not even a bug / glitch ^^
It's still so much fun.

I wonder if a remastered version for smartphone app would be cool... XD we could sell it...
Thanks for the watch
Im not fix it the one that ive did the jump thing before sorry man.No, I disagree! 
Hello there, I remember you! Gosh you are a genius, I'm used with programs because my college asks for it. But i never made a game. What's it about?
Wow thanks ^^ I hope that opinion doesn't change when the game comes out :P

The game is an action fighting game that introduces a "different" mechanic that blends deep strategy and last second reflexes.

The game will feature a 3x3 multiplayer (the original mode), story mode and co-op.

We're aiming for a demo release in the next 6 weeks. We're hopping we won't face any serious delays till then.

Thank you for your support :) we hope you will enjoy it.
It's there a way to test the demo, for free? I would love to see what you've done guys. It sounds awesome. I always wanted to make a game, but didn't knew programing, and now when i know a bit, I'm full with exams and projects for college and beside it.
I hope anything goes well for you. Good luck!
And no problem! ;)
lol, you don't need to know programming. You just need someone in your team who can program :P

We're trying to get the demo out as soon as possible. The demo will be free of course.

Development wise, we're only missing the custom made fighting animations for our characters. We're trying to get it done as soon as possible.