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wh40k Space wolves

a old warhammer pic i did for ffg, and yes these are space wolves :D
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Little did they know, the ork’s severed head released spores throughout the entire continent and after a couple of years they had several dozen ork raiding parties to deal with 
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What's in fenrisian ale?
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SM1:"look what i got bitches i got a Ork head what you got!"
SM2:" i got a chicken leg......does that count...half a point?"
SM1" sweet emperoni on a side of bologna suck
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Of course a Space Wolf would bring that to dinner...
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"Bjorn, did you have to bring that to the table?"
"It's not getting on the food, so what's the problem?"
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The manliest of marines.
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Also known as Space Vikings ;)
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Gloin, how many times have we told you? No orks head at the table. You can show later.
The last guy to the left be like: "Da fuq?"
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our beloved WEREWOLFS VIKINGS :3
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That is highly unsanitary!
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Ah, sitting down to an appetizer, I see!
They wouldn't have looked more like Space Vikings if they tried.
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Damned savages! Stench of their ignorance is stronger even than their personal stink!

No matter, they shall be dust soon enough.

~ A Thousand Son
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ha ha ha, space wolves sure know how to party and spend time!
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The guy on the far right is having none of it.

'Damnit Rogvir I said NO HEADS AT THE TABLE'
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Woot Spacewolves.
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This is one of the many things I love about the Sons of Russ.
this picture is so swag
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Now how many times have I told you Fred. No ork heads at the table.
but its not an ork head, it's my new lucky mug.
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this is one of my favourite artworks,but i have a little criticpoint:
space wolves are known for their festive,friendly and comradely character,so why are only the 2 in the back giving me this feeling? especially i wonder why the bloodwolf looks so grim?
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