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warhammer ultramarine take 2

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after many months i decided to give this piece a try again, so im planning to finish it , this is a part of the whole illustration, ill post the completed one , when im finished :P , did this while waiting for some flat colors
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Awesome Ultramarine Honour Guard!
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Whoa! I love how much you detailed it! Amazing. Plain amazing.
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An ultra-ultra marine?
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chimpinxProfessional Digital Artist
Great work, I like the camera position alot. Also good work with the details and lighting.
Check out my Chaos General if you like [link]
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FreemindtheoracleStudent General Artist
One of my 3 favorite chapters of Space Marines...keep up the awesome work. Perhaps you could do a Luna wolf one next?
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matt ward can go fuck himself. Graham McNeill can bang whichever celebrity he wants and I'll pay for it.
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Exellent Honour Guard. Although he would be armed with ,"a blade of Ultramar," a master crafted relic power axe, not a sword. Sod the pickyness, coz it's still banging artwork.
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Sev808Hobbyist Photographer
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Courage and Honor....and awesome drawing talent!
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apocalypse101Hobbyist Writer
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V1ke0r General Artist
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I generally no like this type of games, but this draw it's so awesome and very well done, I officially impresioned.
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QliffHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, just awesome!
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This is so epic. The Ultramarines are my favorite, second only to my own Chapter, the Imperial Paladins
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Excellent piece, detail is key to getting honor guard marines down since their armor is meant to distinguish them. I'm going to assume that this is Ancient Peleus since he's holding the 4th Company standard. I can't wait to see the completed piece.
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May the emporer be with you!
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Fucking MASSIVE, tons of detail and gaudy decorations - exactly what a space marine is supposed to look like. SWEET!
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mind if i use this for something cool? i will give you credit
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fux yeh son EPIC!!! We MARCH FOR MACRAGGE! and we shall KNOW NO FEAR! for the Emperor Protects!
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Sael-arHobbyist Digital Artist
We March for Macragge!
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