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this is the colored version of the spawn image of :iconpant:

hope you like it

sorry for being out of updates, but i have been doing so much stuff that i cant post yet :(
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i really love this piece, it is super delicious!

kidding aside, i really love the rich colors in this piece, the way they m ake the image seem chunky and i love the way you work with paolo.

there really are only a few core things i see that could have made the image pop, or help it pop. the first thing i notice is how many highlights you have on his chest and stomach, there are a lot of highlights for your eye to look at, and when that happens you kind of lose the appearance of the actual form of things. to fix this, you could have either pulled down the values of the many highlights, or just held back and shaded them more softly and less round, or less shiny/reflective.

it's hard to give you a critique on certain things, because i know pant is particular and i'm sure many things here were his asking, so dont worry about that if it gets mentioned.

the second thing i see is his cape, the parts behind him have a really bright rich shade of red, but the top of his cape by his shoulders are really brown, and almost the same shades of orange the fire is. a little too similar that beyond the green of his eyes and cape around his neck the rest gets lost. it's sort of the same thing with the chain, i think perhaps (and this bit isn't objective) that you should have made it darker, closer to your blacks.

thats really all i have to say, recap is watch how you use true color, or lack thereof, and hold back on highlights a little so you can breathe as your eye moves throughout the picture.