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deatwahtch warhammer 4

warhammer pic for ffg
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An Astropath, an Arbites, a Rogue Trader, an Ecclesiarch, and a Tech Priest walk into a bar...
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amazing work. love the details
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I love the look for the man with the bolter almost looks like the very first version of a space marine before everything starts heading sifi like
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Got a lot of love for the Games Workshop art style. Great work :)
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Congratulation! Easter Egg find you :meow: :iconjajkoplz:
war hammer love
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Amazing work! Love the details!
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This is an awesome group picture. Well done!
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Esta bien chingana esta ilustracion, la vi en su fb pero no tenia el placer de verla en su totalidad. Excelente!!!!
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T'is supposed to be Eisenhorn?
Isn't that a Rogue Trader related image? An Astropath Trancendant, Arch Militant, Rogue Trader, Senechal and an Explorator?
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Fantastic characters, great stuff!
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Tremendous work.
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one on the coolest picture in the manual. I happened to look at it for long :)
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wow! i like that big Mechanicus guy!!:D
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